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Thoughts on the possibilty of Bigfoot in my area

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:58 PM
So this is my first real post besides my introduction one and just wanted to ricochet some thoughts around, I live in central California close to the sierra nevada mountains, we have multiple national forests around the area, I lived in the mountains for about 12 to 13 years, in a small populated town, near a couple popular vacation/recreational hotspots and I've always been fascinated with the area and the things to do and see. It wasnt a bad place to come up, so I feel the way I lived had an effect on my personality and how I came out in my adult years. A while back some friends told me about an experience they had, they knew I was interested in the subject of bigfoot, and mysterious matters in general.

Note* This is not a first hand experience I had myself, But it came from two of my best friends, so whether the credibility ends here or not I leave up to you, I simply thought it was interesting and wanted to share.

They had gone to an area of public land near Shaver Lake California and had been shooting shotguns earlier and listening to music, they werent planning on staying the night, but stayed until dark and made a little fire and had some beers, they were just talking a couple hours after shooting and were around the fire when they said they heard footsteps beyond the light in their little circle, with the steps they heard low grumbling or possibly heavy breathing, and decided maybe it was a bear or mountain lion, so they made all kinds of noise, and threw sticks and rocks, but still they heard it circling around the little camp area, these guys dont lose their nerve quickly, and are for the most part extremely comfortable in the wilderness, and they said they had had enough of basically getting punked out by something they couldnt see, they said the feeling they got was almost like not being welcome, or like they were trespassers and left.

So a couple things to take note of here, in this area, lets say from Shaver lake/sequoia natl forest all the way to yosemite national park, theres only a few "big predators" theres Black bear, which while curious sometimes, dosent really stalk around an area its interested in, from my experience they just kinda go right on in and make themselves at home.
Also Mountain lions, which may stalk around an area, but they dont have big lumbering footsteps, theyre quiet, stealthy, you dont know theres a mountain lion watching you until it strikes, and let me tell you it happens alot to hikers up in yosemite. We also have badgers in some areas but again, not really big enough to make footsteps like they heard. These animals also are generally skiddish, and avoid confrontation, even the fact it happened just hours after 12 gauges blasting all day interests me.

Also theres a big, big set of power lines that starts high up on the ridge and down into the small valley where the ordeal happened, if youve seen shows like finding bigfoot, etc, you know according to their logic powerlines are like a highway, something for them to travel next to, these run right over where the small camp site was.

So like I said just thought it was interesting and that I'd share it, if you want any maps of the general location, or anything else I can provide just let me know.

Thanks, The Fett Man
edit on 6-12-2012 by fettman89 because: Left out crucial information on my part.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 06:02 PM
Sure it's possible!!
Some hard core evidence would be amazing , I don't keep up on Big Foot stories , they are intriguing though.
They're the lucky ones if you ask me , provided they do exist , they don't have to deal with US.
Thanks for the story

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