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The Alien Plan for Humanity

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 05:08 AM
Absolute power absolutely corrupts. So any alien civilisation willing to give humanity such power, however benevolent their intentions may seem cannot have our best interests at heart IMHO.
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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

I'm of the opinion that even if said aliens had a reason for any "plan" regarding humans on Earth it would probably be beyond our understanding and certainly beyond our ability to react to. There are likely a myriad of sciences (and modes beyond scientific methodology) we don't even know exist. Considering our consciousness and how easily we can be hypnotized, and how little we know about our own cognition, the ways to control us are truly endless.

It seems (and I mean "seems") that something IS visiting/interacting with us that could be termed "alien." It is unsettling to realize how helpless we might be, but if "they" are malicious (as we understand malice) then we would have been easily eradicated (with a big rock from space, engineered microbe, dna tweak, mind control or death ray, etc., etc.) long ago.

The fact we haven't been wiped out (or maybe we are simulations and we were wiped out a while ago, who knows when considering capabilities perhaps millions of years in advance of ours) points to the possibility that whatever is interacting with us is benign, or at the least indifferent.

The least likely scenario is the "troops on the ground" and enslavement/erradication ideas popularized in pop culture. From our limited perpective, the most likely scenario might be benign nurturing towards a more "evolved" state. This might be done through dna, or energy field manipulation on a small, individualistic basis like the many reports seem to indicate.

Or perhaps they are bathing us in "love rays" from a transmitter on Venus... or from a love gun in their britches, who knows?

The actual "reality" of this all is likely way beyond us right now, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't speculate and try to figure at least some of it out... it just means we probably won't know what the heck is going until we evolve/grow... darnit.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 12:00 AM
one thing for sure (regarding the hypothetical alien plan from the original post)..

if thats the goal then there wont be any LR / RC (Lonely Road / Rounding Curve) type of Noctural lights scaring lonely drivers in the middle of the night.

the history of UFO phenomena are rife with lonely road encounters. Reading FSR (Flying Saucer Review) magazine encounter data is like reading a horror story with UFO replacing ghosts.

and the puzzlement of UFO researcher on what the purpose of UFO meeting people on lonely road ? just for show ? whats their big plan ? just making human think they are aliens ?

i think alien with purpose like what OP said will be more structured and organized in their approach.. not frightening lonely driver at midnight..

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by Baddogma

In my mind i see aliens having agenda, and its not incomprehensible to us. I think they use deception and stealth. and mabey abductions on lonely road are planned to mislead us down false paths.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:57 AM
Its understandable that people would not really know what they are or what they are capable of and assume that we blast now and ask questions later. My assumption on all of this is that the Aliens have been running earth for quite some time. And are shooting down others that come to investigate. I believe that We humans are a project that's been under close supervision for quite some time. I also believe that there is a great possibility that tho the race that created us may be malevolent by our understandings of morals, There is a greater possibility a race giving a more sinister appearance and responds to the name yahweh, They may also have created species of humans on earth.

More or less, il explain what we are and we we are here. We are a branch of some divine being. Don't get mixed up. Divine is a radiant spectrum that is neither light nor dark. Ego through experience and knowledge creates duality a minor observation of perception. You need to see through it as it is just but a frequency. These beings do not center themselves nor obsesses one over the other. All religions speak of balance in one shape or form but are heavily biased towards the light.

This is what is throwing you off. Everyone. Emotion is emotion and creation separation from fear is state of psychosis of fear for fear. The thing is, these weapons may or may not be effective against the intruding crafts, thats not the point. Its once they have landed. They may begin weaving and distorting time. They may influence others and use psychic fear screams on offending aliens that are inferior to those who are connected to god. God is neither light nor dark he/she it all is both. As energy can both absorb and project it is obvious that it transcends physical and thus all physical games.

Yes Humans/reptilians/whatever who ever. I doubt the thing i saw was whats in control of earth as i heard jets chasing them but they was quite powerful, shapeshifters. Black dogs black cats. They can stand too.

Now getting to why we are here. The first race created us as a beta for antigen mutation species with convergable dna strains and reproduction genes of similarities. We got to smart, found out what they were doing fought back and we were punished. Later we repopulated. they came back demanding we warship them and give them blood. Yes. Blood. Its war of the worlds. And its all true. We were created to forge antigens for them... to merge them through evolutionary mutation. They want us to develope the sacred geometric shapes hardwired into our dna and blood and they want to merge it with themseves to make them stronger. I believe. that there was a second race. That came here after the cataklysm. They saw what this race was doing and decided to do the same. Now we have some secret seeds in society that no one knows about.

Seeds to unknown ancient gods that come, and they all show one common trait. A despise of ignorance and uncontrolled fear. They absolutely dislike the stench but love the arrogant * I told you so*. And people dismiss them as evil. Suddenly people are plagued by messages of souls saying the light will help the light this the light that. I saw this creature as both a shimming gasoline outline of an animal ebbed in darkness. The very voice is speaks with is emotion. They do not telepathically talk with words. they use feelings, Intense feelings. They are faceless as well. And as far as i know. Myself my friends and... i can't think of anyone else knows about them.

I mean... iv scoured everywhere. I see some things that just seem to happy and day dreamish to be true. I would love to think aliens are all ladiiidaa. but thats spirits in my oppinion as they portray dreams into your mind. These things are of the waking world. And the spirits do warn of them, because they understand about as much as everyone else. When you die that dosnt make you suddenly smarter and il vouch that if a psychic gets ahold of a spirit they would bull# what every they could to feed off of them and sustain their memories as long as possible.

Anyways. You can take everything iv said with a grain of salt. I speak from experience not so much as knowledge. I never see answers when i say anything. I have been a heavy experiencer. And its all about blood man. O A B AB + O A B AB - and the new blood types some discovered this year? anyways. We are their blood guinie pigs
personally i vouch for the aliens coming to earth, no matter how dark they may be.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:09 AM
and if you think about it the reason why the elite are trying to hard to push in RFID chips is because they want to know EVERYONES blood type and beable TO TRACK THEM and set them up in breeding programs they are unaware of. AKA abducting.... Various studies and injections of new RH positive strains which can be cloned.

The first sign of enlightenment is emotional flow or channeling. The ability to allow a sudden surge of emotion to wash over but not consume your actions. Aliens are highly impressed when they see a person engaging in fear and not reacting on fight or flight. They are keenly watching this because this is the turning point in humanity when an anomaly happens. When a human fights the hardwired monkey dna to react in a physical way when the soul imbuing the body fluently recives the frequencies and can understand them and attempt to shift the emotion. To remember another feeling. and the beings will pick up on that. they will then quickly change emotion from one, to another in hopes of seeing a break through in communication. Both fear and love are essencial as all feelings branch from comfortable, to not comfortable. Thats all it is. Don't label it anything else. From there you can... communicate different feelings. sadness... longing.. Joy.. wonder... I could list.. I don't know how many feelings. But each of them can be used to talk to these guys or any of them. I do not recommend trying to communicate to aliens in dreams, As you will just attract a Leech. A broken being holding onto half shattered memories that will attempt to bond with you and leech off of you. Its different with aliens, the beings themselves radiate energy they arn't a broken glass trying to fill up. there is no glass.. the glass has transcended into something different.

Anyways, all that i have had to say here explains why such knowledge is being hidden. And why we have been dumbed down. There are races trying to talk to us. And then there are the ones who are holding us. Those lonly encounters on the road. Well. its a gamble. You either have the origonals on earth... who when abducting you have expected results. But then there are the others, who the ones who control earth so desperate fear.

We are about to see a war unlike any other. And an evolutionary change in humanity. As more begin to understand emotion and that it is a lost voice. the more will come forward to these beings and pass their tests of emotion. When the awakening happens, they will come and the battle for earth will happen all over again. It will be an age of light in a battle of darkness. How can one personify a war like this from the passed? Well. When you look at all the mixed info out there. It kinda connects the dots.
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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

I saw this creature as both a shimming gasoline outline of an animal ebbed in darkness. The very voice is speaks with is emotion. They do not telepathically talk with words. they use feelings, Intense feelings. They are faceless as well. And as far as i know. Myself my friends and... i can't think of anyone else knows about them.

Are you saying Aliens from outer space are not solid ogranic beings and they are incapable of speaking in words?

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 04:11 AM
nah im saying the lesser beings are stuck having to use worm holes close to planet or solar orbits where space and time still exists as well as magnetic frequencies. Tho, beings travelling planet to planet would have to be adaptable to similar planetary Hz frequencies. You know how the supposed elevation of the earth frequency is supposed to change our brain patterns. You could only assume similar effects travelling planet to planet. They would have to come from a planet with a similar frequency as well as oxygen tolerant. So, those are the filters for physical beings venturing in and out of earth. Anything physical lurking here has always been here or is mechanical which can operate outside the laws of biology.

The aliens that frequency travel here by all this logic would be energy beings as they adapt to frequency change with ease and may possess abilities to live in different climates. This is where im drawing the line.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 04:20 AM
and its is known throughout human history that spirits have always been cryptic phenomenon that in most cases. Can have a voice, and can shout. They have been known to * talk * to people. Or talk in a dream. Assuming that a lot of these contactees base their knowledge on deep meditation and dreams. I think in some states asking for this with the power of manifestation sends a becon to any leeches that wish to feed off anyone willing to give them thought. My point is that spirits use words. And judging from the things my friends and i have seen. Non of us really heard anything speak. We only felt it. Thats the best way to describe how broken the human soul is and how lost from god we are. Its proof that we truly have lost our voice.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

I used to talk in my sleep alot. I do feel possessed.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 04:38 AM
iv learned to protect myself from those influences. I can know the difference between the 2. The one. The spirit always feels confused, angry, or lost. And it will communicate with you in both ways. Words being more powerful than feeling as the training on feeling has been dulled out. People become unaware when a being such a soul and chosen a host to leech off of. They do this because the longer they are dead the more they forget. So in a vain hope to save themselves from oblivion they cling onto us and make us weak so that they can sustain their memories longer. Im not sure exactly how long this hunt goes on for after you die, but some souls make it some souls don't. It turns into an abyss after you die and there are sharks roaming in a sea of souls. Everyones fighting to sustain themselves and reincarnate well others disintegrate and become merged with other souls.

A being who speaks with feeling and see and feel pretty much anything it focuses on around it. Thats why words become obsolete when you are enlightened is what im saying. You understand someone. something, or a method with such a degree that you channel the feelings back and forth translating thousands of *words* in seconds. Words are in most cases just personification of emotions? right? what do you feel. when you read the words individually. ( feel each word) : ( What, do , you, feel, when, you, read, the words, individually.) how many feelings did you feel? Could you possibly of said that faster with just emotion? ... take a minute and let that sink in...

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 04:38 AM
If aliens do exsist in the universe and are technologically advanced then one day, if it hasn't all ready past, they will come here at least to map the earth as part of mapping the whole universe. If they travel then they will want to know where they are going and thus would map the whole universe and if they are advanced enough probably have some kind of encyclopedia of everything in it, including all the life.


I would take the humans who have the ability to change off the earth and wipe out all the others then put the un broken ones back. Not my real life views but just responding as if I had the job to do that you said.
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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

Interesting in that your view (your reality) does concur with some esoteric info out there. The idea that we are "cattle" (both emotional/mental and physical) runs contrary to our collective ego but, sadly?, might be the truth of this enigma.

Knowledge is tough to parse when there is no common experience or tangible proof to show others. If the reality is as you see it, or even partially, then it provides an answer to why there's a cover-up as most of us would rather go back to sleep than wake up to that reality. We are, after all, so darned important.

Most who have looked at the "UFO" evidence suspect that the secrecy stems from a percieved "horrible" reality. I tend to just absorb it all and see what's next as the uncertaintly is too... uncertain.

Either way, I'm confident our reality is far stranger than we can imagine and coping with that fact is the challenge.

It does seem (and is logical) that these aliens (or some) can interact in the dimensions we view as "spiritual" and that leads right off the deep end for most... I suspect that's the reason most folks don't respond to your posts as it's far more comfy to imagine you a raving lunatic than possesing some knowledge they couldn't learn in grad school. Thanks for sharing, though.

I do hope I'm a tasty snack as that might be the best we can hope for in this existence... with the addition of our own tasty snacks, warm beds, pleasant company and sex (to make more cattle for the overlords, of course). The sad thing is I'm not entirely tongue-in-cheek as I'm a glass-half-empty sort who views the human condition as beautifully silly anyway.
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