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An ATS'r accused me of being 'blood thirsty' for saying I do 'Gods Work.' THIS is my response

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by Lonewulph

Thank you for the kind words.

I'm glad you could 'hear' my intention within this thread.

I appreciate you taking time to say something nice.
Far too often it is only those who like to tear down others who take the time to speak

That's okay. They are going to read and hear what I write with their own voice inside of their own head. If they could only have written this out of ego and selfishness...well, then they will imagine that I too could only have written this out of selfishness and ego, and thus, that is how they will hear my words inside of their head.

"In your growth, do not be afraid of evoking anger in other people. Anger is only a manifestation of their insecurity. But fearing this anger can hold you back. Anger would be merely stupid if it didn't create so much grief. Dissolve your own anger in love and forgiveness."
-From "Only Love is Real" by Brian Weiss.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by merkins

I did battle feelings of hypocrisy or 'gloating' while i wrote this. But, truth is, I've been doing things like this for over 20 years...and this is the first time I've specifically posted about it. Also, this guy happened to call me "blood thirsty" just a few short hours after i spent many hours shopping for a charity program. By no means whatsoever did i sign up for this program in order to 'brag' about it. I didnt even mention it to my wife until days later after i signed up. and rarely do my friends find out what I do on my day-to-day interactions with people.
Anyway, the 2 main reasons i posted about it were
A) To let this guy know that not all ppl who believe in God are hypocritical and selfish, so that maybe, hopefully, he could have a change of mind
B) to inspire others to remember that they too can take action, so that maybe, hopefully, he could have a change of heart.

Where do you sense that I am 'judging' others? IMHO, I am 'observing' that this man has some highly misconstrued idea of what some may mean by 'God' or 'Gods work.' I am observing that he is extremely angry. I am observing he is deeply suffering. (As most of us are, sure.)
I feel I have a moral obligation to try to explain to others how their ideas about God may be misconstrued, as they are all based on the RELIGIOUS teaching, instead of a personal, practical understanding of God. They think all who believe in 'God' are hypocrites and haters...but only because their understanding of God comes from hypocritical haters who do not truly understand the Spirit of God.
Thus, I try to show, by my own example (for who else do I know better than myself?) how I have taken the idea of God and turned it in to true charitable, practical work. But no means do I claim to be 'perfect.' But yes, I do make a conscious decision every single day to be a source of love and light for others.
I think that concept is worth sharing.

There is a thin line between judgement and observation. I don't always get it right, but I do my best.

Also...did you read anything past the first 2 or 3 paragraphs?

And your idea that if doing something nice makes you feel good then you're doing it for a selfish silly. Of course doing good things for people makes me feel good! It also makes the other person feel good! Win win situation! However, making myself feel good is not THE reason I do it: I do it because I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, want nothing more than to help other people be happy and not suffer because I know how much it sucks to not be happy and to suffer greatly.
The fact that seeing someone smile or laugh or just feel the slightest bit better, seeing them realize that someone DOES care, is incredibly satisfying. Then I absorb their energy and feel better myself. We all share energy, that's a fact of life.
When I hurt someone it makes me feel bad. When I help someone it makes me feel good. Is that really so hard to understand or accept?
I really can't imagine someone dedicating their life to helping others while simultaneously NOT allowing it to make them happy as well.

Besides, even though I understand it's difficult to talk about any of this without you thinking I sound hypocritical or like ironically selfish....

I do a lot more for others
Every single day
That i havent mentioned in this thread,
and i will continue to help others
every single day
Even if you know nothing about it.
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