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Native American Prophecies - The Four Signs - Grandfather's message of the possible futures

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 03:25 AM
Unfortunately "Grandfather's'" advice isn't very practical. It's all very well exhorting living a simpler life but it's not as though 7 billion people are going to start living in teepees and hunting bison and singing Kumbaya round the campfire. I doubt praying is going to help the situation. I wonder if Grandfather would approve of the Green Revolution where science basically ended famine in India and saved the lives of millions of people.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 05:46 AM
S+F thankyou for sharing.... These Four Signs are very simular to my own messages(possibilities) and are delivered in a simular way.... Given to me by an apparent victim from within the scenario but are very short. Maybe I need to spend time at the places of my ancestors........ Thankyou.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 08:40 AM
I'd venture a guess that most people have heard 'something' in the way of Hopi prophecies, or Navajo or Apache or Ute or some other Southwestern Native American group, even Northeastern or Plains Indians. And I would venture a guess, most havn't a clue or guess what the prophecy is in its story form. The characters In most stories, are told usually in the context of good or evil entities. Stories of how the World was formed, or how some Special person overcame obstacles by tricksters or negative persons/entities. Or how they sacrificed their lives to defeat some negative spirit. Most are in a form that most Westerners could not even envision, or imagine. To a Westerner they almost seem like animated cartoons, just not what we are used to picturing in our minds. And if we apply logic, they usually appear absurd. Most are metaphor and the message given with imagery quite unrecognisable to Non-Natives. Likewise, Deities and legends from India and Hinduism are quite animated and foreign to the Western way of perceiving the mental imagery contained in their culture.

Native American Shaman and popular individuals in media, rarely are depicted in real time, and the charm of their simple lives (as displayed by the media and movies) has been made to seem idyllic. But that is far from the actual life throughout the various Indian Nations. Extreme poverty and attempts by our government to assimilate them, has made much of their oral history vanish. But the medias focus on their mysticism and outwardly appealing lifestyles, have given rise to aesthetics and culture that seem in Vogue. Without being born into the culture, few can grasp their concepts, let alone form the imagery needed, it simply is not in a Judeo-Christian context that is familiar.
Once you understand this, you can make your own decisions as to the accuracy of these prophecies.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:28 PM

Originally posted by ezekielken
.......... Those who know me can see my heart on my sleeve, since a young age I have felt myself an observer, my life not really my own, my task of seeing more important than the sum of my parts. Sorrow
has been an impartial hitchhiker on my journey, with no real reason for its thumbing a ride. I have never been a great
listener, the wool seems to selectively be stuffed in my ears, oftentimes when I know that others have words meant for me. I have sometimes known that I am being carried, like a piece of driftwood in a vast ocean, and as dubious and tentative as I feel my future to be, it does feel like I will be cast upon a beach shortly. Which suits me just fine, I really never did get my sea-legs under me.

Wow! This really hit home. All my life felt exactly the same way. I feel like I'm an observer of the world around me, like a visitor to the zoo looking through the glass. I feel like I've been "preserved" or "protected" my whole life by someone or something. I'm in my 50's and (knock on wood) have never had a serious accident, injury, or sickness (that's why I picked my moniker "UnBreakable", I can relate to Bruce Willis' character in the movie). I'm not exactly risk averse or always play it safe either. I've just beeen damned lucky, I guess. Like Pink Floyd says in Time (I'm) "just waiting for someone or something to show you (me) the way".

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 02:21 PM
" Man will be given these warnings; if unheeded, there can be no hope "

but what if man, like me (and i think alot of others), didnt know those were signs

would we be doomed ?

like it says

" "Is there then no hope?" Grandfather asked.

The child spoke again. "There is only hope during the time of the first and second signs. Upon the third sign, the night of the bleeding, there is no longer hope, for only the children of the Earth will survive " "

this night of bleeding would that coinside with the bible's falling of stars ?

all these questions

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by ShotGunRum
Why are Native Americans or any other sort of "tribal" people supposed to have ancient special knowledge?

The old way lives with balances from the heart the soul rather than the mind as we more commonly do today and now we pay price for this imbalance over time. Living in balances makes one's spirit connect through quantum to spirits or to infinity, the infinite one. Special knowledge is information in energy that comes from above and beyond the 5 senses, The soul spirit is special and uses special knowledge of information. Your now dealing with quantum and infinity patterns of information it's an advanced learning curve for the soul spirit, referred as "instant knowledge" "Knowledge in the now" my own is "Knowing is faster than thinking" allows one to hunt for a new living experience in the now of life.
Now we live basically strictly in the mind, the mind is a tool for the soul spirit to realize information into knowledge realized knowledge into wisdom.
Since we live in the mind we fabricated a concept and built fabricated construct beliefs to make the concept believable in the mind. Now the mind is stuck in the concept of self and is unbalanced leads to sickness despair. Stuck in the mind allows ignorant in ignorances to run wild unaware unrealized. Separate from the energy of all things.

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

They were also tranced out on peyote, Jimson weed and other assorted hallucinogens.

posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by rapunzel222


This parallels what The Bible and Revelation says with regards to the end days and the tribulation that is to come. The message although a century old is paralyzing for the world we live in today.

These visions were given to him in 1920. So, we have had almost a century to turn things around but instead the world has become ever more selfish, ever more corrupt and cut off from anything remotely natural or spiritual. We are and have become a truly sick people from the very core of our being. We are all guilty if we exist within the very system that has lived on the selfish exploitation and rape of the entire planet, people, animals and resources.

The frustration of humanity at large and humanity on an individual basis exists between two realities. One is truth and the other is the one that denies the truth in order to continue living in the comfort zone of the devil's shackles.

Both fight one another even in realization we are apathetic, lazy and despairingly unresponsive. The fight appears to have been won by the master of apathy for this comfortable existence that divides the world. Those we live off of ensure our comfortable existence, while they suffer in poverty when money doesn't really exist.

It is only when we individually stand to lose what we love that we will make the necessary changes. So, it looks like those red skies burning up the planet are a divine date with destiny for us in the end.

What is wrong with us?
Mostly we are lazy and even though we know everything is wrong, we continue to live perpetuating the problems by continuing to live inside its system and ways. We have learned to become afraid of life and truth because we have learned to live with a comfort and ease at the expense of everything else. We have stopped being aware of how we have affected everything and what terrible consequences we are causing. We have stopped feeling for eveyrhting that we have destroyed as though it is all replaceable. We just have to go to the shopping centre and buy some more, isn't that right?

We live and change nothing by virture of living in this corrupt way and even so we just live in it through denial. This life we have in so many ways has always been too easy and what has been traded for our comfort is something we don't want to give up nor do we want to look at it.

Only a few stand apart and are willing to do what they have to in order to change their lives and by doing so change the lives of those around them. These are few and far between. Truth is, we all fail and are a part of the problem because we are the very system that is corrupt and destroying everything.

There is no doubt Absolutely how out of balance we are. We are barely cogniscent of what nature is, farming or what the true value of life is. We want meat we go to the grocery store. We don't even have the decent awareness to recognize the life that was killed for us or how it lived and/or suffered to get to our table.

We are and have become a psychopathic society cut off from nature and spirit. We are consumers and gluttony has become the norm. We can buy everything including different breasts, or physical augmentations. What a sick world this has become!

For the most part this world is utterly lost, corrupt, lazy, apathetic and prefers to have it all easy even if things are hard relatively in our own minds because of how the system is set up. We are slaves to it and cannot survive, at least not the way we have been conditioned and umbilically attached to it.

This may be difficult for many to read but it is the truth. I often think of this very thing and want to leave it all behind me, cutting myself off from the beast and its chains that are killing my soul and everything human and good in me. Sometimes I think that even if I were to die out there in the wilderness, it would be a cleaner life and more in balance. My soul wouldn't feel so dirty because of what I am attached to and maybe that is not a bad thing.

I'm trying to hold onto the beauty and the truth. It appears impossible to do so inside this system set up by lies, deception, extortion, exploitation, enslavement, rape and every other form of corruption known and unknonw. Change while still living inside the system seems impossible. You either play the game and be a good slave or you can't survive if you want to stay here. Living like this seems like the biggest contradiction ever and the two realities can't become one, but rather one must take over the other.

Please do not delude yourselves into thinking that your different because you think you are a good person. That is a trap we all seem to fall into, allowing us to continue perpetuating the very same corruptions that allow us to live in its core of denial.

It is better to struggle and survive connected to what is true with balance than it is to exist in a technological prison that promotes the death of everything to keep you comfortable and warm. We chose what is comfortable over what is right, now we will reap what we have sown. Sin has become commonplace and normal and we are too sick to even see that.

This man saw it as it will happen, no doubt about that!

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

Bravo! Bravo!

You have no idea how much your post has impacted me and made me think. You are completely right and I know the feeling. Sometimes I wake up and just want to apologize with all my being to the Earth for all the filth we're putting in her and all the senseless murdering of her children for the sakes of a capitalist and money-oriented idea of comfort and "wellbeing".

I often wonder where we made that wrong turn in our development as a species, where we take as evident and unquestionable something as value-less and abstract as money. Enough to direct all our thoughts, obsessions, efforts -indeed our very self- into making more of it, just to buy "wellbeing". To show that we drive a bigger car than our neighbor.

People like you are the reason I keep coming back to ATS. Because every now and then, these small jewels of pure wisdom float above the mud.

There are many who think like you do. We just need to come together.

I just wonder how.

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