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Strange events concerning Dec 22nd 2012- Maybe a good idea to read this. Maybe not

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by jahlv
Lad's, with all the respect for all of you and i don't want to stamp on any one's beliefs, but no world change event will happen in this specific date in fact we don't know what happen tomorrow no one does and people o claim they know or believe something i'll happen are just delude or miss informed its just mine opinion don't try to kill me just because e have an eccentric opinion about all this subject.

So - say we (you & I, both) don't believe anything will happen on the specified date (or - nothing world-changing)...
Now - say that "something" does happen on said date...
At least we won't be in the totally-gullible dark after said occurrence - right?
I mean - if the news media/governmental loudspeakers explain 1 M missing persons in the day or weeks following...we can look back through all the threads (unless, of course, ATS ITSELF ascends, and we can't access its Search functions), and see if any of them give us some good leads on "what to do next".
Even though we were skeptics on this side of the Event...we would be "The Answer Guys" on the other...
Almost like a fresh start... I/You/We become the next generation of teachers & gurus & ga-jillionaires...

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:25 PM
double post, sry.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by Ewok_Boba

jesus, 33 pages and the op has made 3 posts total, totaly ridiculous,

this is why if i ever end up with something important to say on ats im going to do my best to get it all in the first page rather then post a bit then wait a day to post some more then wait another day,

its tiresome sifting through 32 pages just to find those 3 posts that are the entire point of the thread, which is what i have just gone through,

op, please keep posting, and please just ignore all the other posts, just dont even read them, its clear they are mostly offensive and your point in posting has nothing to do with seeking feedback, so just post and dont read, cause i sincerly dont want the assholes to demotivate you from continueing to post.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by pryingopen3rdeye

its tiresome sifting through 32 pages just to find those 3 posts that are the entire point of the thread, which is what i have just gone through,

click on "member," then click on "posts in thread"

you're welcome

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:58 PM
People always talk about Satan and Demons, If there is Satan and Demons on Earth we are that, It seems most talk of God is for the most part bull, my religion is better than yours, that is real religious To say The Buddha is a Demon. I'm sure it would be enough to bring a tear to his eye. Very Loving.
I don't believe in Demons, I would not mock them, but I do not believe in them either.
I have seen a few Demons, was not to pleasing to look at, you would have to of been there.

But if anything it seems we are the evil, hurt, that is on this Earth, those of you that know of the rising of the level of consciousness, know that at some point in that process you must turn and look upon yourself.

It would seem that anyone that would condemn another person or what they believe in is not walking in the steps that, The Creator had intended them to walk in. I'm not trying to get down on anyone, I have been around some of those guys with the turban's those Sikh's, they don't seem to condemn other belief's that much, I have seen them with the Pope, I helped build one of their Church's.

I thought the OP was a younger person except by the Avatar, I don't really think his mother is speaking with The God, if anything maybe higher version of self or something inside of her, or guide even. Maybe wishful thinking, but those picture's are like Pokemon game or something. I'm sure there are beings on other planet;s but to converse with them, what would Houdini say.
I remember a dead friend of mine told me in a dream that God was mad at me, but this was not first hand. My Father had also told me he would come back to visit if he could, he did.

Anyhow we are the Evil here, it is up to us to be the good and heal this Earth, no one will ascend this place until we fix all that we have broken.
I will also say that people that meet me, some have thought I was Satan in person, others have thought I was someone else, I do know what I want to be, what we all could be, but it's not me, me, me, it's more like we. The Christ was to of said, " Do as I have done, Become as I am ", I think that more than sums up the answers to all problems.

I will still do as I have, I talk to The Creator Day and Night, I know The Father, Mother, Lord, Creator is there, all around, all of us, but it is by Faith in the Pure Truth, that has been laid before us that we go forth. I can't put it much simpler than that, the choice is yours
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by MarkJS
no no no... you should just watch TV. Don't be God, spiritual, mankind, or universe/universal conscious.... .

And while you're watching, you can see how s#$@tty your show is, because obviously all the other shows that are advertised coming up are so great, thereby being so much greater than what you have on currently. By process of elimination, the show you're currently watching does not even rate.

i was curious about your signature so i checked out kim clement. any god that is in cahouts with nitanyahoo is obviously totally screwed up and can be safely ignored,-or you just make this up as you go along

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:12 PM
Look I'm going to set the record straight about this devil/satan stuff.

Lucifer led a rebellion, a rather large one at that, against "God" I like to think of it as the source. God quelled this rebellion, and placed the evil souls in bodies here. There's also evolving souls here, who are learning, and quickly at that. Then there's a small amount of light workers as the OP mentions. Basically, the evil souls here took over the prison, didn't learn their lesson, and gunked stuff up. According to my sources, it should be fixed soon.

That's the situation in a nutshelll. the bible was altered intentionally over the years, fyi.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:19 PM

4) Something significant will happen on December 21st, 2012. Over the last several years the Earth has been undergoing a kind of spiritual division of itself. If you can picture a cell dividing, that is what is happening with this planet. This "New Earth" will materialize in another dimension. It is up to human kind to decide whether they are ready to make this shift in their lives in order to "ascend" to this new location.

5) This unfortunately will NOT happen for the majority of those on Earth. For almost all, life will continue as it has been. After doing the calculations, approximately 1,000,000 people or every 1 out of 7000 people will make this ascension. Why? Because the good majority are disconnected from self, from God, and the Earth itself.
reply to post by Ewok_Boba

So 1,000,000 people will ascend to the "New Earth" in another dimension!

Will you be one of the million? How about me and the poster before this post or the one after, will we be part of the lucky 1,000,000 too?

You started out by claiming "It is up to human kind to decide whether they are ready to make this shift in their lives in order to "ascend" to this new location.". Immediately and sadly after that you say that after doing the "calculations" approximately 1,000,000 lucky ones will.

So what is it? If I choose / decide to make the "shift" will I ascend and what if more than one million choose to do so too?

Who picks?

Who decides?

Who and why will one person be valued over another?

I'm wondering if you'll answer this because you've already said you don't give a **** if we agree, meaning I think, whether we believe....

Thanks in advance for a reply....

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by OOOOOO

You contradicted yourself a few times but I will just go with it.

The Church does not condemn anyone, but acknowledges Truth and lies - and also knows the source of Truth and lies.

I do not have problems with any other persons beliefs. Part of my belief is that if they do not know Christ, and they worship a false God - they are being tricked by Satan for certain (because God said so) and probably worshiping a demon actively without knowing it. It would not be the first time it happened as we know, I bring up Baal again. That does not mean make war with people for their beliefs no quite the opposite actually. Do not be responsible for setting the example for another exiles sin. Regardless of faith, being good is also required.

To not believe demons exist, and also not mock them is a bad plan. You are afraid of them, yet you do not believe they exist? That plays into their hand. Further... you are actually supposed to mock them if you ever encounter one. It might not happen - but it is SOP for exorcists and for more than one reason.

Catholics hate no one, and strive to be known for our love. That might be why we do not say what we know about other religions. Our intentions are not to offend, rather to shed light. We are told to "do unto others as we would have others do unto us". If a demon is tricking me, I want to know - so if I know a demon is tricking someone I tell them. Maybe in your situation you wouldn't want anyone to tell you IDK ignorance is bliss in the Matrix
. Satan is looking to enslave us and will be allowed to come close to fully doing it before this is over (prophecy).

In fact, most Catholics have completely forgot that demons created the other religions. The Church is undergoing some technical difficulties don't worry it has started getting better already with the new Pope from what I hear.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:25 PM
Anyone just joining the discussion, I ask you to consider the following...


Originally posted by SquirrelNutz
reply to post by boymonkey74

I finally got to page 6, and saw them - thanks for the reply.

Whoopdie-goddamn-Doo! Pictures that any millions of children could draw.

I want videos of hand-jestures, or I'm calling bvll# on the whole thing.

All of a sudden, my mom's body began to move on its' own...INCREDIBLY COMPLEX HAND GESTURES... as if it was some form of sign language developed to teach physics xD I mean it was mind blowingly complex. And not only that, but she was switching between them so fast, that I could not keep up with my own eyes. SHE WAS DOING THIS FOR A FEW YEARS GOING FOR 4-6 HOURS PER DAY... And all throughout, her body was being controlled by this gatekeeper.

I think there's a saying: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Nope - not in this case, bud.

Real simple: produce evidence or bug off. This woman could have found ANY number of people to study her condition, if not the paranormal, than the clinical. Hell, just gimme an iPhone(!)

And... 2)

Originally posted by InTheFlesh1980
Back on topic. Here's a summary:

1. The OP has "borrowed" elements of other New-Age mumbo-jumbo.

2. The drawerings look like they were done by a 4th grader interested in Star Wars, Harry Potter, and shapes.

3. The OP does not exhibit the grace or peace of an enlightened individual.

4. The mental health of the "channeler", his mother, is questionable.

5. The OP continues life as usual, including work and posting on ATS, when he "knows" that the most significant spiritual event in his life, the ascension, will happen in 2 weeks. Would you hang out and get defensive with people on ATS if you knew the end of life as you know it was near?

6. Despite all this, the "open-minded" among our community still see merit in the OP and seek more "knowledge".

7. The OP seems to take particular exception to anyone questioning or contradicting him.

Again, I ask, how absurd must the experiment get before the delusional mind raises a red flag?

On a side note, I also have a SCIENCE thingy background that is very, extremely scientific-like.

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:45 PM
You could try reading wingmakers. then read about walter russell then read carlos castenada or don ruiz miguel

then the protocols of the elders of zion umm then have a look at the flatearthsociety website also check out roots of human bahaviour and then read a bit of david suzuki inventing the future you could also check out paul naudons the secret history of freemasonry.

then check out the connections between joe lewis john magnier jp mcmanus michael tabor george soros the rockerfellas and rothschilds who are all russian jews who are following the protocols of zion they control hollywood the news and economics which is based on keeping you in fear, they control many football clubs bookmakers, money speculation which soros has been proven to be involved with inside information then have a look at operation gladio look at maggie thatchers cabinet and who were jewish including thatcher and a rothschild was her consul then check out that the brighton bombing mysteriously didnt affect any of the jews in the cabinet.
the list and information just keeps on going including the surprising decision to allow the treasurer to stall on dropping interest rates allowing soros and lewis to make a fortune on the black wednesday. coincedence doesnt exist in this world I promise you



posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by jinni73

Ok...sorry OP.

We have officially turned this thread into a platform for discussion of random topics after that post. I played a part in this, sorry about that but at least I got side tracked in the middle of being on topic. I think there are about 5 separate conversations happening at any given time now.....

Do you think bankers are causing chemtrails for profit?

Don't answer that it was a joke. It also might be true who knows right?

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by NarrowGate
I did not say I don't believe Demons exist, I said I do not believe in Demons.

In certain levels of the astral plane you could probably find a bunch, but I have no need to look for them, find them nor fear them.

Any fears I have, are for the most part not something people create.

I don't remember any Devil or Hell in the Torah, if I remember correctly the Vatican, fired the guy they hired to cross reference to Torah and some other material with their Bible. Then they started to talk about aliens.

I'm sure your aware that most religions can be traced back to yoga as the tap root of their beginning, which includes Judaism, Islam and Christianity. I 'm sure your aware Christ was raised as a Essene. Another thing Christ was a Jew he was not a Gentile, no matter what has been said.

As for Italy it was for most part blonde hair blue eye people until the invasion of the Mongol Hoard, I don't know but those Romans were bad news, seems threw the Church they are still trying to control the world, with Saturday being the Sabbath, but want things to change to Sunday. Sunday is not the Sabbath it's the day of worship for Christians.
I would love to look at the information locked up in the Vatican, the library, but it's closed..

I was not to impressed with the many Pope's that gathered armies and fought battle's over who would be the Pope.

I am also aware of the reason of so many pedophiles in the Church, was due to many of them thinking they could control their perversion, being within the Church, but was not the case. The only big problem being the Church hid and tried to protect these people.
In Islam they don't have this problem, I don't think.

I read a lot of different religious book's some are down right silly but read them any how. The Koran seems different, but says much the say thing as the Torah.

Why did Constantine start the Church to begin with, wasn't it because the Pagan religion they had wouldn't work any more, the Roman people made fun of it more than anything else. Once a religion has served it's purpose you replace it.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:38 AM
Was this a secret psyop thread to draw out all the "crazies"?

Maybe I'm just being paranoid....but wait! If I'm being paranoid, then I'd fall into the crazy category and then my original hypothesis would be correct!

Either it's a psyop, or the OP is going to have one heluva surprise when he gets back. or maybe both! Like both words have "op" in them! If the OP is a subject of MK-Ultra, then he could doing a psyop without his knowledge!

I think we just entered a conspiracy paradox!

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by OOOOOO


Who brainwashed you? I will not respond to this...."post".

I am starting to buy the psy-ops theory.

edit : H2 is not a credible source. I wish people would have realized that after ancient aliens....but whatever.
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The reason the Church is covering things up is so you don't find out about the "mana machine" the aliens dropped to feed the people of Israel in the desert....DUH!!! They changed the Bible to cover up aliens, who control Rome and always have!!!!!!!!!

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by NarrowGate
Just stay on topic and you won't have to worry about it.
U funny

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:56 AM
To the OP: Glad your mom was able to overcome the obstacles she did.

On Topic: Nothing will happen on December 21, 2012. Nothing paranormal, anyway. You can quote me on that. We have seen increased solar activity so, if something natural happens, so be it. Whatever will be, will be. Just don't be gullible and expect some kind of alien landing or "spiritual ascension". New age beliefs are no more true than stone-age based religions still lingering. Its made up. Religions?...people made them up. New age philosophies?...people made them up. If there is a G-d...then it is a natural part of our universe. It isn't a being imagined by homo sapiens on earth.

There's nothing to fear. If an asteroid the size of Minneapolis hits us, the impact is going to kill most of you. If there's a major solar flare....then you'll either get cooked, or you will be living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare. There won't be any aliens or demons or goblins or witches or chakras or buddhas or jesuses. Whatever happens is going to be natural....and in all likelihood, December 21st will be like any other day except malls will be packed with last minute Christmas shoppers.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 12:57 AM
So I need to actually make two more parts, because this is a bit longer
than I had anticipated. For your viewing pleasure, my mother has decided
to take part in a video in which she will demonstrate a meditation for you
to witness, followed by a few words from her. Be gentle. She has a bad

Do not question my standpoints on this matter. Because it is irrelevant. I am not stating my opinions, but I will admit that I am unsure, and I have no idea if I am one of the selected. You can bet your skeptic ass that I will be back here the next day if it did not happen for me, but I will come with evidence if it did happen to my mother. I am not like my mother by any stretch of the imagination. She loves all, is very sweet, and patient. I do NOT tolerate bull#. Understand this. I give it to you straight, and do not sugar-coat anything. If you have a problem with my story, message me and I'm pretty confident I can answer anything you throw. Quite frankly because I've actually done my homework on the matter to its entirety, and you haven't.

Stop argument on demons please. Don't forget the purpose of this thread, which is about her experiences and their relevance to 2012.

Apparently when I said "A bending of the back here, twitch of the wrist there.." You got the impression of the exorcist. I don't blame you, you are after all completely brainwashed and fear driven maniacs. Fear not, simpletons. When I post the vid, you will get a better idea of the harmony in her movements. My mother refers to them as Mudras. Personally I don't know much about yoga, and do not pretend to know. But they are very sophisticated and elegant meditation movements which have a certain power.

I will for the sake of clarification, be as detailed from here on out as
possible. I do listen to your concerns.

So these last few months, according to my mother, she has been experiencing out of body re-locations to the Peruvian highlands for large-scale meetings with hundreds of light workers when she falls asleep. They've all been attending a sort of conference, in which beings from another plane have been instructing them on what is to come shortly. On occasional mornings, she has been excitedly coming into my bedroom and telling me what has been announced.

The light workers have all made contact with all humans involved in the ascension process. By now if you HAVE NOT been informed of this, there is a high likelihood that you will not experience anything on this day. All those who are making this journey have been training for this day for many years now either directly through light-workers, or indirectly through their own unique life experiences.

The Earth has completed its division and is now awaiting the final event to occur. This event is known to us as ascension. Some may know it as a rapture of sorts. The way it will happen is that at a specific time, all light workers across the world will enter into a state of meditation at key locations which are "high energy" or spiritually significant sites, and in unity with some kind of a powerful wave which will sweep our planet at that time, they will, in junction with the other 1 Million peoples who are at the right state of development, engulf the surface with light and together with the Earth's new form, make the shift through to another dimension of reality through what she refers to as a "Star Gate". The earth as well as a select number of inhabitants will all make the journey together almost instantly.

They told these light workers that their meditations will be complete on December 12th. Which means that she will have completed 12 years of intense meditation in preparation of this event in 12/12/12. 12-12-2012 adds up to 12. It has also been said to her that she has until 11:55pm (1+1+5+5 =12) on December 21st after her training is complete, to get together with family and friends, not to discuss 2012, but to enjoy their company, love and give them her blessings, as well as her silent goodbyes until the 21st comes.

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 01:00 AM
So unless our OP is having a really long and bad day at the office, it looks like he has let us down. Or did we let him down? Pity. I for one was listening to him carefully and looking forward to the promised third post.

But i suppose, at least this thread has spawned a number of interesting sideline debacles, ooops, I mean debates, and shown the good and not so good sides of ATS members.

The question is, whether of not we have fightened, damn another typo, I mean frightened him away. I can accept that this is a real possibility. Actually, it might not be fright, just the desire not to also have to have to wrestle in the mud. The great thing about choice is that it is ours to make. It just takes some courage and denial of ego to do this. So if we do not like what is being said, we can leave. If we do, we should listen and interact in a way that exposes fully what the OP has to say.

I believe in the approach, no expectation, no judgement. This is really tough on our egos as invariable we tend to believe we already know all the answers (and feel the need to inform everyone of this) before we have heard all the evidence. Our judgement and expectation will always alter in some way, what is being presented to us. It is almost impossible to prevent this happening. All ATSers involved in measuring anything will know how difficult it is to not interfere with what we are measuring.

So if we want to hear (like those of us who were actually wanting to hear his story - and not our own intellectually-informed, or perhaps sophomoric, judgements of his story), we need to provide the space to allow all the info to spill out. Even for those who are convinced that it is all a load of horsemanure, it must be easier to prove this when all the cards are on the table.

Did anyone note how in his few posts, the OP's demeanour changed from

I don't give two #s if you agree with me or not.


Multiple people having been given this information to spread is a lot more efficient than 2-3 people. Derp.

The link between genius and madness is often tenuous at best, so sometimes we might just be denying ourselves insights that only the free and creative thinking of geniuses and madmen (by our judgement) can bring to light. And free and creative thinking is a fragile process. I for one regard sanity as a melancholic burden that restricts truly free thinking.

Anyway, just to say, I will keep watching this thread but ............

I have just seen the OP has returned. Still, all above still applies

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 01:01 AM

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