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A sacred river, that runs through you...

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posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 02:04 PM
A sacred river, that runs through you...

For too long sacred and secret have been the same

In this world

Where we are bound as slaves of our own blindness

Where those who see and know are mocked



Sisters and brothers wakening
There are those, who still walk in blindness, victim or hangman, all the same...

There are many levels of shadows within this world
Layer upon layer
Fear upon fear
These makes the walls
Seemingly impenetrable
Defining the world
The big eye
All seeing eye centered
Yet where the shadow is the densest and fear fills the air the most
Is where our heart is closest to the hidden treasure
Which sets us free
First of all faith
In yourself
In Divine Mother, Father
Align, surrender
Chose love and light
There is a sacred river running through the vessel of your bodies...
It is the true expression, hidden behind the walls of fear and illusion
Hidden within a veil of forgetfulness and shallow perceptions...
From within that true river, flowing of your sacred self, eight corners makes eight gateways to freedom...
Eight leaves of the Rose of Life...
Eight leaves within YOU...
From there the shadows have no power over you...
From there you are beyond the 'eye'

If any heart awakening, carries its love and light with no shame...
Reminding our sisters, our brothers, lost within the shadows...
They too, are loved children of the Cosmos, longing to dance to the sweet music of the Stars of true unfoldment...
They too, are love and light...
Restricted from outside, from masks and illusions...
See inside out, see, know and love...

Stand tall in your true light, love and be connected
We are all of One...

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by laffoe

Always a pleasure to click on a thread title and see your words. I know it is you even before I look at the avatar. By now I know the look of your style, and I know that I will be blessed when I take in the message. And so it is again.

Now you... Be Blessed.

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 03:34 PM
Man, I really love your commentaries on reality.

Every time I click on one of your threads, it really becomes the narration behind the exact thing I'm trying to express in this moment of my life. Amazing.

Keep doin' what you do

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posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by new_here

You be blessed too
Loved friend
Remember those wings
To fly
That heart
To smile
Of One we came
From distant shores
Where love always was
The rhythm
The flow
Have taken our hearts
Now through truth
We take them back
Forever home again

Lots of love to you

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by redreemer

Thanks for your kind and loving words

When our heart awoken
Of truth
Without shame
Of who we are
Of One
Through One
We grow
We learn
The One Source
Many expressions
Like facets in the diamond
Like drops becoming a wave
We'll reach that shore
Open that gate
We'll come home

Lots of love to you, my friend

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 04:26 PM
Find that place in you
Beyond concepts
Beyond the definition of the mind
That gateway to infinity
Take the time you need
The true intention

All it takes it one drop of true love
And the river will flow

Have only love, reality do not sustain fear
Let go
From there you will see

Crystal clear
Fire free

Let the possibilities behind the restriction
The gateways of truth behind the veil of confusion

Through you
From you

Limits are a concept of the mind
Just let go

That river flow through you
Is you

The heart in the heart
The breathe within the breathe

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