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Commandos Go Home, Not Fighting the right Fight

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posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 01:27 PM
Mt comments in another thread turned into a a Rant.
here they are. What I get sick of is the lack of understanding to balance. Also sick of Soldier Bashing...this being post:

Looking over the comments.
Seeing a lot of blame game going on.
A lot of bucket seat mid-week quarterbacking of last weekends games, so to speak.

If you dare, ponder what is active in keeping world balance in the world of Mankind (humanity)

Now a question for you bandwagon jumpers. Were the Union soldiers at Wounded Knee BlackWater?
Were the Moors that sacked Europe BlackWater?
Was Genghis Khan and his merry men BlackWater?

My point here is perspective of EVIL. Once a Partisan label is placed on something only Politicians win. They get to keep their Jobs.

I hear a lot of distraction about keeping Church and State separate. What nobody dares to talk about is keeping Business and State Separate. Now there is your Huckleberry!

I dare you in your judgement to defy U.S.GOV. Partisan job security and now Quid Pro Que bureaucracy.

Now back to Judgement of American Commandos....What do you do with an army that is made up of civilian population? Where women and children hide their men behind them. Those that see the convoy coming for miles and miles and offer their lives to stop it by standing in front of it with their body to be a Martyr.

OH! Just don't go there is the answer....ok...dont go and dont go to Syria either. I get you. I gotcha crystal!

What is a Patriot? Remember the Patriot Spirit? The Spirit that also says I wont let you Take my Brothers Life without a FIGHT!

PFFFFT! "Dont send Soldiers.... I dont want to be guilty" Yeah, Right?

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 01:56 PM
What exactly got Your jockies tangled?
Better explain in depth just too dull to get the gist of it.....
blackwater-Acedemi is a mercinary for profit killing organisation...whats to discuss?
The US Army has no business dealing with these scumbags.....


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