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Booze cures blindness!

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posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 11:59 AM
Well, it did for at least this one guy anyway.

Apparently he drank vodka and it reacted badly with his diabetes meds leaving him blind. The hospital's cure; buy a bottle of high-class quality Johnnie Walker Black and give that to the patient.

Worked like a charm.

Whisky Restores Eyesight of Man Who Was Blinded by Vodka

A New Zealand man who lost his sight after accidentally mixing vodka and diabetes medication was brought back from the brink of permanent blindness by a bottle of whisky.

65-year-old Denis Duthie, a Western Institute of Technology teacher from Taranaki was throwing back a few in honor of his parents' 50th wedding anniversary, when his vision suddenly disappeared.

Doctors there immediately suspected methanol poisoning, which caused formaldehyde to accumulate in his system, leading to loss of sight.

To prevent the methanol from further metabolizing into formaldehyde, doctors administered ethanol through Duthie's gastro-intestinal tract, but there was only so much in stock.

After the supply ran dry, a staff member was sent to a nearby liquor store to purchase a bottle of top-shelf whisky: Johnnie Walker Black.

"I thought it was pretty bloody good," Duthie told the Herald, referring to the doctors' unconventional cure. "I'm alive. The hospital was absolutely awesome. Couldn't have been better."


I love a story with a happy ending, especially when it involves good quality booze.

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 12:12 PM
Well that is a pretty crazy story. Glad it worked out for him.

And I'm not gonna lie, I really thought this story would be brought to us by a certain member.......

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by chiefsmom

Not working for some. Must be drinking the wrong stuff

running with the wolves

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 03:00 PM
So, diabetes meds mixed with alcohol equals methanol poisoning? Yikes.

Did this guy learn his lesson, or will he continue to drink and then hope that they pump him full of whiskey when he goes blind again?

It's a funny story, but I am a complete tee-totaler...not because I'm against alcohol, in moderation, it's because my body treats it like a poison, and it makes me sick to even have one drink. Migraines, nausea, dizziness.

I can't have even one drink. On the positive side, my husband says I'm a cheap date....!

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