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U.K Autumn Budget: Low Expectations?

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 09:16 PM
Because (under the masterful leadership, of George Osborne) Britain's economy is now heading towards it's Triple Dip recession:

And because our part time chancellor (he’s also Tory Election Strategist seems like an inept, out of touch, Tory Brat
demonstrated by his last budget causing a 3-6 point Labour lead to instantly develop (which as the bad news sunk into the thicker Tory unfaithful, quickly mutated into a 10 point lead where they have roughly remained since). Yearly polling info: Osborne’s Tories are on 29% and Labour now on 38%

It would be interesting to see what people’s expectations are. Here's mine...

1. Net Tax Rate…
I expect this to be higher for our nation as a whole. This is because George Osborne’s main answer to falling economic output, has been to raise the average rate of taxation. He clearly hated Margaret Thatcher (who caused so much growth by cutting taxes, revenues actually went up
Laffer Curve creator & Thatcher advisor demands tax cuts... (she was a UKIP member, before it even existed!).

He’s already identified the rich as the next target but it won’t affect those paying a few percent like Google, Star Bucks & Apple, (at least £9 billion avoided nor will he raise the Corporation Tax they (should) be paying, -not least as Osborne reduced this in his last budget. meanwhile expect Business Rates (the tax which really does destroy, employing businesses because it is based on the value of a businesses property -and thereby takes zero account of it's profits) to remain unchanged -as it's a tax which most effects lower & middle business people, as opposed to the lobbying power of his 1% class.

2. Welfare
The Poor Must Pay: Payments will be lower because (just like Labour) Osborne’s Conservatives do not believe people should do any community work, whatsoever for benefit money, regardless of the hourly rate, they could be paid.
Rather he believes in a type of communism where less money for welfare means less money for everybody on welfare –regardless of what work they would willing do to help David Cameron’s increasingly small “big society”. (I’ve always thought “pig society” did his true intentions better service!)

3. Other Tax’s & Meddling
Expect there to be some more “stealth tax” increases. But also anticipate the rates on pasties, caravans & church roofs to remain the same (on this occasion!) Hopefully he’ll introduce a minimum tax on alcohol units (although the socialist in him is probably squealing like the pig, which already constitutes the rest of him!)
Mind you: The man is a genius at destroying the Conservatives political fortunes. That, and it’s soon to be Christmas. So Christmas cracker tax anyone? “Reindeer import duty?” Hell I should get a job in George Osborne’s Treasury (would rather not go to prison though, for murdering Britain’s economy).
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