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Terrorist Threats - Ab-Soul feat. Danny Brown... wth

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 03:41 PM
The point of making this thread is really just to bring awareness to the craziness that is today's music...

So... a little while back I was surfing Youtube and I found an interview between ICP(Insane Clown Posse) and Danny Brown. They were talking about ICP being on some "watch list" and that the government considers them a gang. Danny Brown was being all sympathetic and what not... wasn't too bad of an interview. I still think they're all idiots... but it's whatever, make money... and don't let the money make you, right?

After watching the interview, I figured... "Why the heck not? Lets go see what this Danny Brown is all about." That's when I found this little gem lol.

It's kinda like Nas meets old school B.O.B., in a strange way:

Key lyrics provided below video...

In an ironic sort of way(in regards to his interview with ICP), I'd say that Danny Brown is the one that deserves to be on a watch list lol.

***Ab-Soul*** lyrics, Danny Brown didn't say anything intelligent lol.

WisExplainh I could see out Haile Selassie' eye
Maybe my sovereignty would still be mine
If all the gangs in the world unified
We’d stand a chance against the military tonight

The Haile Selassie reference is awesome, but it quickly shifts gears to... lets get the gangs together and go against the military.

Babylon, Babylon
Out my window all I see is Babylon
On the news all I see is Babylon
And all *****'* do is just babble on

I put that on errythang
If we could link up erry gang
And *****'* is willing to bear the pain
We’d put the White House lights out today
We mobbin' like we the black KKK

Now Ab-Soul gets a little conspiratorial:

Dear Barrack
I know you just a puppet but I’m giving you props
You lying to the public like it ain’t nothing
And I just love it, I hope it don’t stop
I seen an image of Hitler in the picture
When the twin towers dropped
Peep the concept
You’ve got progress, you’ve got congress
We protest in hopes they confess
Just proceed on your conquest

I wonder how far you have to go, as far as making claims... to be found on one of these "lists". I'd say that Danny Brown deciding to participate in this song, just made it.

I mean cmon, it's a basic call to arms, suggesting that if all the gangs unified that the US military and the White House could be taken out.

Gotta love that freedom of speech...

Since I'm bringing ATS some music, I'll toss in another song that I recently found that I'm sure many on ATS will enjoy.

It's about individuals that spoke for freedom and so forth... that were "Blown Away"
ya know, lincoln, jfk, martin luther, bob marley... so many others


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