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Revisiting the case of Dr. David Kelly

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by Rising Against
really fascinating thread. when i think of all the lives that have been affected by the events of 9/11, it really distresses me that the crime has not only never been solved, it has really not been seriously investigated. i can't claim to know his state of mind, but usually people with such high ethics and principals, don't have such fragile egos to the point of killing themselves rather than standing up for what they believed was right. (IMO). when it was mentioned that his daughter was getting married in the near future, i was reminded of debra jean palfry, who was found hanging in her elderly mothers shed, right after saying publicly that she would never commit suicide.

to "move forward and put these things behind us" just seems such a disservice to the family members. i will never get past that day until i know definite answers and those responsible are off the streets.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 08:10 AM
From southendleaks website:

The ownership of Harrowdown Hill plays a very important part in understanding what happened to Dr. David Kelly on that fateful summer’s day back in 2003.
You will find no mention of it in the mainstream media or anywhere on the internet. It’s as if it’s irrelevant. It’s most definitely not.
Harrowdown Hill is owned by the 3rd Earl of Plymouth, through the Earl of Plymouth estates. ‘The Peerage’ gives the Earl’s name as Other Robert Ivor Windsor-Clive.
The 3rd Earl of Plymouth’s son is the Viscount Windsor and his name is Ivor Edward Other Windsor-Clive.
The Windsor-Clives are a military family.

Witnesses have come forward to Southend Leaks, who saw the Kellys at an address in North Cornwall shortly before Dr. Kelly died. Mrs. Kelly is on record as saying they spent their time together in Mevagissey, South Cornwall, for three nights, Thursday the 10th July, Friday 11th July and Saturday 12th July 2003.

One witness reported to us how distressed Dr. Kelly looked as he bustled past, pursued by Mrs. Kelly and a young woman. The witness felt the Kellys were staying at this North Cornwall address, from where they had just emerged. Following an investigation into the property, Southend Leaks can conclusively link it back to the Southmoor area where the Kellys lived.
Because of the sensitivity surrounding the owners of the property and its location we are going to wait until Thursday before releasing these details.

According to eyewitnesses the Kellys spent some time in North Cornwall during their sojourn to the West Country. They say they saw the Kellys at a secluded farmhouse there and felt they were resident.
Dr. David Kelly was seen at Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse in Crackington Haven, North Cornwall, a few days before he was found dead on Harrowdown Hill. He was in a distressed state. He was with his concerned wife and an unknown young woman, according to eyewitnesses.
At the time Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse offered holiday cottages to rent and these were administered by Mrs. Emma de Haan, at Thameside Cottage, Church Lane, Longworth, Oxfordshire.
At the time, Andrew de Haan lived at and managed Thames Side Farm in Longworth, Oxfordshire.
Within the boundaries of Thames Side Farm lies Harrowdown Hill.

Southend Leaks have received information from a contact regarding Special Branch interest in Dr. Kelly during the last week of his life. According to this contact Dr Kelly died whilst under Special Branch’s ‘moderate’ surveillance.
Between Thursday 10th July, 2003 and Thursday 17th July, 2003 Special Branch were monitoring Dr. Kelly. The level of the surveillance was described as ‘moderate’.
Local Special Branch had responsibility for Dr. Kelly.
Dr. Kelly was aware of the situation.
The loss of Dr. Kelly on their watch was highly embarrassing.
Special Branch naturally downplayed any involvement during this time period.

Two seperate persons have come forward with new details regarding Dr. David Kelly's last day - Thursday 17th July, 2003 and we summarise below.
Ruth Absalom was not the last person to have seen Dr. Kelly alive. We have been told of a sighting of a man walking in a field close to Harrowdown Hill mid-afternoon of the 17th, whose description fits that of Dr. Kelly, although this person cannot be 100% sure it was him, having seen him from a distance. This individual told their family shortly after Dr. Kelly died that they thought they’d seen him. We have been supplied with a map and a route. Finally we’ve been informed that Dr. Kelly was indeed moved. We are told he was moved to Harrowdown Hill from a disused building in the Longworth area.
As human beings we are fascinated by mysteries. They fuel our imaginations and allow us to play detective, and for a while we become Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes. Where Dr. David Kelly is concerned the majority of us have already decided it was murder or suicide through opinion only. Once these viewpoints are established the positions become entrenched. Few are those who put ego and pre-conceptions aside in pursuit of the truth, and this particularly applies to the serious sleuths at work on the case of Dr. Kelly. The murder ‘camp’, and the suicide ‘camp’, both excluded facts that would challenge their beliefs, and in so doing failed to probe the areas that were vital to solving the mystery. That said, there are so few real facts around, and misinformation abounds, creating a difficult environment from which to draw a logical conclusion. At Southend Leaks we’ve been fortunate to receive factual information and eyewitness testimonies which have allowed us to better understand the events surrounding the death of Dr. Kelly.

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 11:34 AM
This may also be of interest to people.

Dr Richard Holmes: Suicide riddle of weapons expert who worked with David Kelly: Scientist tells wife he is going for a walk, then takes his life in a field... just like his friend

Points of interest are:

  • Told wife he was going for a walk and died on that walk.
  • Police release a statement saying this biological and chemical weapons expert had been Googling toxic substances he could use to kill himself. Something he should know about without needing to consult the internet of all places.
  • Quit his job just before his death.

I also just wanted to say that I'd never done any research on this topic before, but the Topic Creator has done a great job laying out the details in an informative and engaging manner. Thank you for giving more to read about.

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