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The Voices We Hear, Let's compare.

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 06:24 AM
(This thread can also be titled "The Voices I hear" for all those people who want to remain in the closet.)

I do believe this thread falls under "General Conspiracies", as it is indeed a General Conspiracy which I am forming here.

I read a disturbing thread earlier this morning, from an entirely different website. There were supposedly "Paranoid Schizophrenic" people posting about the voices they heard and how to handle them, and how each, individually, they dealt with them. Some specified medication, some specified relaxing music, some said simply ignoring them helped get rid of them.

However, one post extremely bothered me. Out of no where, uncharacteristically (like something you might see here on ATS.) a poster comes in and says something with jumbled mixed up letters (like you might see in a Newspaper jumble) and they say something along the lines of (except with mixed up letters in the words) "Do not battle nor question the voices in your head, because they are the authority, and you know we are not to question nor speak about the authority."

Woa... Yea, so that made me angry. So angry that I decided to make a thread on here about this.

One that, actually, I do NOT think I've ever seen the likes of! And, that, is what scared me...

In all of my ATS days of reading here, I don't think I've seen one thread with people comparing what voices they have heard.

So, this is what I would like to make this thread for.

I want no talk about anything about how to get RID of voices or what helps you get THROUGH voices or anything of the sort, make a thread for it if you want, or go to a schizophrenics help site, there are plenty of them. Too many. So, we don't need any more of that here. In fact, if you go against my wishes and begin to do this, I will be quite suspicious of you.

I REPEAT, no talk about anything in this thread OTHER than the voices we here and at the very most a brief experience of what you were doing or what you did when you heard the voice (the circumstance.)

So, now, I ask... For people who here voices (not for those of you still in denial)....

What do some of the voices that you hear say?

Don't hold back, tell your deepest, most creepiest, most "endangering" ones, if you would!

By endangering, I do mean... please tell even those voices that might "endanger" your safety with the "authorities".

I urge you to do this because I believe they are bluffing. I tell the voices to go f### themselves constantly, and they don't do anything. Ever. They're more scared of me than I am of them, clearly.

So go on, please, use quotations and let's all tell of the Voices we hear.

For example "Go to hell" or "Leave me alone" or "You're evil" ...

That's all I'm asking for here. Thank you.

Or, what's the matter... afraid the "authority" might get ya?

Got news for you. The real authority you should be scared of isn't going to communicate with you in voices in your head. So let it out, now, there's nothing to be scared of.

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by BillyS2266

i was working in a high building, it was 7th or 8th level and the windows were open. then i heard a voice saying: "jump !"
the voices i hear are mostly hostile. they are not real, because the source of the voice has no throat, tongue and lips. i think, it is a non-human entity directly interacting with the brain. the part of the brain, where the "normal" hearing is handled.

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 06:45 AM
reply to post by BillyS2266

Most people who hear voices are suffering from the affects of drug and alcohol use. Over time, it causes schizophrenia. Considering how many people are being medicated by doctors wanting to win vacations from their pimps, it makes sense that people in mass are now feeling the affects. I have a relative that is a picture of this. He has taken drugs for years and now hears voices. I know someone else who shattered their life with depression medication. After taking it, they gained hundreds of pounds and went off the edge of sanity. The original depression was engaged by drug use and drinking in the first place. The cocktail they took then sent them reeling.

Your smoking gun is likely what I outline above.

On the other hand, you have Christians like me who are influenced to love others, eat well and avoid any self-gratifying behaviors that might lead to a breakdown in the functions of the body. Because of listening to the correct Spirit (No voices in the head), I lead a balanced life and raise a healthy family who will repeat the process to keep this world together as it falls apart around us. Keep this in mind. Without those who lead lives worthy of our calling from God, this world would be left to those who I describe in the first paragraph.

How do you see the balance tipping these days as the end of civilization nears? Which voice do you suppose people should listen to?

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 06:48 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 07:12 AM
Ok this is a great subject, and I have been pondering this subject a lot lately. But if people are going to be honest, this thread will inevitably lead to your insane comments. I have lots to say so be warned this will be a long post and I need to venture off slightly but its vital to my voice experience.

I only know of two voices that I can experience in my head...

Firstly the one that comments on basically everything I do, the internal monologue, verbal stream of consciousness that you can hear? in a different way, It is more honest than the words I sometimes physically communicate. Buddhist call it "Nen nen ju shin ki" meaning follow the inner voice. Lately I have been slightly wary of it....why follow the the voice defined as ME or defined by me or just me.

It seems like a commentator mostly...but at times its really critical of me(my person)as if it is a separate individual!. Even on occasion I will do something stupid, then the internal voice will say you are so stupid, then my external voice will reply with a FU*K YOU back( that was if a specific case where I hammered my thumb).
Now my sister in on medication as she cannot sleep, and she claims she has no internal voice now, Witch I thought was impossible, I told her to stay quiet and tell me what she hears or was commented on in her head, and she claims its pure blankness.

So I looked into it, this Neuroscientist had a stroke and explains her right hemisphere of her brain shut off and her inner voice shut off, and she could see digital airwaves, and basically other dimension.

Now this leads me on to the second type of voice...witch infact got me started on examining the first voice(internal voice)I started experimenting with '___' or dimethyltryptamine (the most powerful hallucinogenic known to man) this compound it said to be released at birth,death and when dreaming, its thought to be released from the pineal gland.
Anyway it is the most astonishing thing you can do whilst alive, this is said by everyone who has taken it, including me.
Ok so long story short I visited other dimensions, spoke to aliens, experienced things you cannot imagine, literally leaves you jaw hanging(I am not here to squabble about dmt it just leads me to my second voice). Anyway I over did it, I was unaware people did not do this compound often, as to how powerful it is, and took it every night for 3 months (apparently even shamans only take it once or twice a month, but in Ayahuasca form) and on my last night of taking '___' I did a triple dose...

I fu*ked my self up I had the most obliterating fully conscious inter dimensional experience it believe you can have whilst still alive. A quick list of things that happened, Saw the tunnel you go up when you die, saw me in another lifetimes, experience timelessness, saw life in non-logical way, saw my inner mind, saw the most horrendous places and most beautiful places all simultaneously. All with the most brutal feeling coursing through my body, skin felt like it was falling off or vibrating off, spine had electric screaming through to my inner voice was trying to comment all the time still, it was also saying this is the chakra filters opening, you have gone too far now you are opened to all that is around viruses on a computer. ANYWAY that #ed me up I couldn't sleep for 5 days an hour here and there, when ever I shut my eyes I saw things CLEARLY behind my lids...

This is where the second voice comes in. So about 2 weeks later I am slowly getting back to normal, from what I am sure was and extreme case of post traumatic stress. Then I am laying down about to fall asleep, I have been lying for about 2 minutes then I hear my name shouted in my head lets just say its ROBERT! but I am always addressed by a shorter version of my name like Rob.
Now when I tell this story, people always say how do you know it wasn't someone else calling you. Well let me tell you, when you hear a voice shouting in your head, you know it! I was exactly like hearing it in real life just as loud and clear but from the centre of your head an with its own voice tone. Nothing like the internal monologue.

Then a few days later whilst in sleeping the same thing happened as I was sleeping, it shocked me out of my sleep, and I knew immediately it was that voice again. Then the third time as I was trying to get to sleep again a horrendous scream for about 2 second happened, it was like a horror movie scream and was really thought provoking. The voices only happened over about a month and have now stopped. But I can totally relate to people who say the hear real voices now. YOU, can definitely open doors or frequencies in your mind witch make hearing other dimensions possible.
I am young very healthy clear minded guy and I know I reprogrammed my brain or at least opened its doors if only for a while. I also woke up from dreaming and things where in the room with me for like 2-3 seconds a few time but I will keep it about the voices as the OP wants.

I am completely back to normal now but its been a year and my entire view of everything is permanently changed. I am sure people experiencing voices in their head really are. And I believe the inner monologue is our body not our soul. That's my opinion gathered through strong experiences.
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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by Mark Harris

Well I am going to crap on the carpet because that is what my voices said to me.

There aint nothin no one can do about it.

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 07:44 AM
I'm certain there are many other reasons why people hear voices. I've had tinnitus for some time now. Mine is a bit different. I hear the normal high pitched noises, rushing sounds, etc. In addition, I hear music, muffled voices, sports games and the occasional clear voice. Those clear voices typically say pointed things, but I dismiss them quickly or even laugh at them........realizing that it's only an affect of my health issue. I won't offer up what I have heard.

Sometimes I also think about all the radio, t.v. waves, phones, etc. that flood our environment. Just maybe, we catch some of those signals. Got metal in your teeth, again......another reason this phenomena may be occurring.

Having had a family member with schizophrenia, there is a clear distinction in their reality than compared to my own. I handle it, the schizophrenic can't.
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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 08:01 AM

Originally posted by Mark Harris

I REPEAT, no talk about anything in this thread OTHER than

You're new, I saw you churning out garbage this morning for your 20 post thread count, a few things then. Firstly you cannot demand anything in your thread and that (apart from the rubbish posts you have already offered) will not achieve anything except inspire people to troll you, especially after you offered nothing of any consequence in the rush to reach your 20 posts. That was fine in your eyes though huh? Not here though?

To your point, how about this as a reply Yes, my thoughts voices are really my thoughts voices. Are your thoughts really your thoughts voices?

Anyone whose thoughts voices, or think that, their thoughts voices may not really be theirs... need medication and seek help very quickly.

I mean no disrespect as you are a forum moderator and I don't want to get banned new and I wouldn't want you to feel harshly delt with,

But I'm serious...

Yes, your thoughts voices are your thoughts voices. Have a thought. Think Talk about something simple. That's your thought voice.

If they told you to spam for this rubbish you should probably ignore your voices. Welcome to ATS, it's a big place and many of us enjoy it so please don't crap on the carpet.

I do apologize. But, I had another account a long time ago, and after over a month of trying to get the privilege to be able to post, my account was deleted; suspiciously. I didn't even post anything offensive.

So, yes, this time, I hurried to get to it, since I've finally decided to create another account, but I've been a regular on this forum for a long time. A regular reader. You may delete all or any of my previous posts and I would be ok with that, but.. as for this one, this is my first legitimate one. I will do my best to respect the rules from this point on. I appreciate the opportunity. I've been wanting an ATS account for some time.

Anyhow, now, to the point.

No, no, those two (thoughts/voices) cannot be interchangeable with me, because... I believe the two are different. A thought, to me, is something you don't hear as a "voice". It would be like me telling my own motor functions to pick up my Playstation controller and play Playstation. I wouldn't say to myself in a voice "Ok, now I'm going to pick up the Playstation controller and then play Playstation" I would simply route the command from one part of brain to the other. That, to me, is a thought. That can also be applied to concepts, such as thinking about the universe without actual things (voices) being said to myself.

A voice, would be me TELLING myself "Hey, go pick up that playstation controller" or... "Geez it sure is a nice day out today". Using my brain's imagination to form actual English phrases, whereas a thought involves no Words/Phrases.

To further specify, by voices I do not mean Audial Hallucinations. I mean "Words" that you "Imagine" in your mind. That is all I mean.

The folks in the "thoughts" thread, which I replied, were concerning me... because that IS Schizophrenic behavior, actually having your THOUGHTS portioned is frightening. Hearing a "voice" though, to me, is much different, and can be handled more easily I'd think.

Put it this way, let's say someone else were to "think" for me to go pick up my Playstation controller.

That would be involuntary action, and scary.

(With that said, I didn't really read that post thoroughly. Let's put it behind us, please? I'll be fully attentive from the first post in this thread on out.)

I will no longer demand things.

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 08:01 AM
Schizo's usually hear self explanatory voices in their heads and that is why they are paranoid.
eg, The schizo is about to pick up a basket, the voice in their head might say "hes picking up the basket" this causes the schizo to avoid the basket, believing they are being watched.
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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 08:12 AM
The problem / cause is how one reacts to something which is completly normal. Everybody hears voices, the ones who "deny" it are the ones who understand that they are normal things which everybody experiences, so do not acknowledge it to be a "problem" - Which is good.

Talking from experience, and honestly never really wanted to talk about them - But I might as well because none of you know me in real life, so I may aswell spill the beans.

I suffered from Intrusive thoughts for over 2 years, where you would have some real #ed up thoughts about things, people can think about all sorts, a huge range of things from killing people, abusing kids, #ing family members - just anything that is the apex of 'evil'& disgusting. The thoughts I had were violent thoughts, to the extent where I had to avoid situations, to avoid the thoughts. I could be stood next to somebody, male, female child or adult and get a real urge to be violent towards them, my mind telling me to do it - forcing me, saying to me "do it, you are that person, just do it" but then me, my actual real thoughts were saying "oh my god, why am I thinking this? This is sick, im such a bad person" So the thought never led to an action, but the thoughts alone were destroying me and making me actually question if i was really this person that im trying to stop coming out. .

Anyhow everybody suffers from intrusive thoughts, but its how you react to them which makes it a problem.
I'll give you an example, and I know everybody here has experienced it. . . I think lol.
O.k so you're masturbating, and something real #ed pops into you're head, like you're mum, or sister, brother or father - a real WTF moment. Now its in you're mind for maybe 4 seconds, but you move along and ignore it, because its nothing, Its normal

The problem I had, I couldnt accept that they we're normal so when things popped into my head, I'd obsses about them, creating a huge tabboo around them and then because I did that, the thoughts would get worse and worse to the point that I couldnt go out, because I thought I would act on my thoughts.

So, in the end I seeked help, as this obsession wasnt normal. I found it so hard to talk to somebody about it without them thinking I was an absoloute phsyco, but I did and I'v never looked back. Everybody has voices in their heads, their normal - We have over 7 thoughts at one time, about different things - they can't all be good. A huge problem that brings out these, are hearing story's about murder's, peado's and gory things, they're constantly in you're subconscious. Its just how you deal with them that counts.

I'm never good at explaing things over the computer, but I hope this added some kind of substance to this thread. This is probably the only posts out of nearly all mine that has been serious lol.

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 08:38 AM
I don't hear voices, I hear thoughts of other people I think. I often go outside and ask the world a question. I find a thought comes to me which is puzzling, I don't understand it and have to research it but usually find what it means in a few minutes of research. It works outside amongst the trees, the antennas of the world. I think it is a communication with others of my kind. I also find that the interpretation is based on perception of whomever it comes from and care has to be taken to allow that their perception does not influence mine to the point I lose perspective of my morals and civility.

Who is giving me these answers that are always right. I don't know. I do not hear voices though, just thoughts. Sometimes I get many answers, all based on how people perceive the evidence which makes my research more difficult. Are the super intelligent really intelligent or do they have a better communication than others have with intelligent people around the world. I think that this is the case. You cannot interpret these things without a little research though, other wise you can jump to the wrong conclusion. I have not discovered anything this way that is not known by someone somewhere, that is why I think it is a communication. Is this communication provided through god? Possibly yes if god is a belief than the communication exists between others who believe in him, others of your kind. I have many ties with many kinds. I do not judge others, I think many need to be fixed so they can join into society appropriately. I do not like deception, I like the truth. Some want us to think this does not exist so they can remain in power. They allow chemicals to be put into our food and drinks to dampen our ability to use this communication. This is deception, this is a quest to suppress society so they can remain in control.

At all times you should not listen to this communication if it is evil, there are evil, crabby people out there. Some locations can be stronger for this communication and are tied to communication where evil people live, to go to these places can make you do what you do not desire to do sometimes. Also if we join in a group with people who think of evil things and like deception, we start to think like them, joining into their kind, creating a link to them and their kind. Is prison good, putting a bunch of deceptive and cruel people in the same place so they join this communication. Be strong, ignore evil links to this distorted communication. It is mostly evil souls of humans and not demons that forms this tie. There could be Demons, and even ghosts but there are also good beings that we can listen to. These good beings could also be allowing the communication I am experiencing. I do not know for sure. All I know is that when I ask nature a question the answer is always right and known by someone else somewhere in the world.

I thought at first that I may have known these things, having learned them in the past. How is it possible that I knew Tesla's work without ever hearing of Tesla before. How is it that I knew how to create energy from the earth that is presently incorporated into some of the most complicated technology of mankind, something so complicated that I could not comprehend it being right. Maybe I have made ties with people, I thank them for trusting in me enough to allow me to share their knowledge. I feel this is real but do not know who exactly I am tied to. I ask names sometimes only to find some of these names are real and that they are scientists of Europe. How would I have a tie with these people, how would they be of my kind. I don't know, maybe they are a friend of a friend of a friend, like on facebook.

How can I know that I am right? I doubt if I can prove this even to myself but I keep listening and it drives me to learn what they are showing me. Am I crazy? I don't think so, I think I am on line to a different sort of internet, way more sophisticated then the one we are using.

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 08:48 AM

"Do not battle nor question the voices in your head, because they are the authority, and you know we are not to question nor speak about the authority."

Sounds like HAARP or technology.

US Mind Control Patents Part 1

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 10:20 PM
Thanks for your responses, I enjoyed them...

but, like I thought, people were going to think this was a cry for help thread. One where I wanted people to help me to understand and explain voices..

However, no. I wanted us all to give actual quotations... as many as we can think of. Of voices we hear.

See, if we have a thread of experiences and quotes of voices... then we can begin to show others that it *is* indeed real. That people *do* indeed hear other people's thoughts.

Afterall, what's with the silence? What kind of pent up individual must keep such a secret? What's with the privacy, I mean... really? Is there any real reason?

People care too much about what others think of them, and it's quite liberating to stop caring (yes, I hear you as I type) about what people think of you, yet so many still care... care about something that means nothing, that being what other people think of you.

Tell me, what is it really going to matter, in the end.. or ever.. what people really think about you?

Had you given it much thought? I know some have, but others seem to avoid it like the plague (divulging too much), when really once you think about it there is nothing to be afraid of.

All those who care more than what they should about what they think of themselves are trapped in a bubble, the lot of them, by which these things only matter within that bubble. The people in said bubble, haven't been outside of the bubble, don't realize that the bubble is only a very small fraction of the universe.

The "outer" bubblers if you will, are enjoying the rest, the vast remainder of what is left of the universe after you leave that hellish bubble.

Step out for me, and let's share the voices we hear!

Don't let the thread die until we make progress.

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by n00bUK

First, i think there are a few avatars that you may want to review in the thread linked in my signature. A few of us had some ideas for you, if i recall correctly.

But on topic....i think it is important to distinguish between hearing voices, and internal dialogue. Internal dialogue is normal, everyone experiences it. It is an artifact of us being capable of vocal communication, and utilizing it to such a great degree. An interesting thought experiment I like to do from time to time is to try to imagine what it would be like to think without having the concept of language as a framework for that thought. To think without words, without the internal dialogue. I posit that it would likely be akin to "aha" moments wherre a thought just comes to you. But instead of talking it through, you examine it in an abstract way, perhaps relating to its smells or other cues.

Regardless, "hearing voices" is something different entirely. And often someone hearing voices is also prone to irrational (delusional) thought. LOL, not to say that we all aren't victims of the latter.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:01 AM
Sometimes its not a conspiracy.... Sometimes.... they are just voices in one's head. That's it. There are some fantastic pills that get rid of them.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:19 AM
I've heard my name called before, in my head. Literally heard it. It was a male voice.
Never anything as long as a sentence, just weird enough to think "wtf?"
Likely auditory hallucinations, maybe. Who really knows?
I wonder why only a male voice. I'm female.

I also know that I'm not schizophrenic.

The last time I heard "the voice", it said "hi hon". That was as I was waking up, so maybe it was a left over dream like state.

I don't question everything strange, too many strange things happen.

As far as hearing other's thoughts - I don't. I often know what my husband is thinking - to the point it's spooky - but that's a knowing, not a hearing.
Same with if I put a question out to the universe. When I have my answer, it's just a knowing. No voice.

The audio of the voice has probably happened less than 10 times through my life.
I have wondered who, or why.
But I don't really question it.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by snowspirit

Hearing your name called out is normal for a healthy mind. Especially right as you are about to fall asleep.

On a side note, the theory of bicameralism would have a wholly different take on what voices are, and how they have shaped humanity. Especially our proclivity for religious thought. And it isn't hard to swallow, either. The argument COULD certainly be made that human literature, from its oldest to current, has shown a march towards a unified mind, away from bicameralism. The earliest writings are rife with people who heard God. And, ust like it is today, "god" turns out to be us.

ETA: my wife and i.....about 75% of the time when one of us texts, the other one has already picked up their phone, expecting the text to come in. If I think about her, i usually get a text within about 2 or 3 seconds. Unless she is asleep.

We have also been known to share dreams. Like, have the same dreams at night.

When she was 12, her sister told her she had a dream about who she would marry. My wife got all giggly like girls do, especially when she was told her husband would be a large white guy with long blond hair. When she brought me home about 12 years later, after the story made it around the fairly superstitious family, they all stood slack jawed.

Some say it was meant to be for us. It has always felt that way to me. We have our 18th in about a month.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by BillyS2266

Wait, are you talking about telepathy ? Hearing random voices is one thing but others is an entirely different topic. Or are you saying they are one and the same?

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 05:47 PM
this is the first thing that came to mind...

somethings you just gotta laugh at

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by bknapple32
Sometimes its not a conspiracy.... Sometimes.... they are just voices in one's head. That's it. There are some fantastic pills that get rid of them.


What separates normal people from nutters, is that normal people think "Gee, I have some effed up thoughts sometimes. LOL"...where stupid people or schizophrenics take it as voices actually talking to them as if it was coming from some other external or paranormal source.

I've been out drinking with my buds and sometimes when I meet a girl and am in the middle of a conversation I hear a voice in my head that says "WTF were you thinking? Why did we go up to this broad? Up close this female is all wrong. Girl's got a saggy ass, she's a fatty and has small breasts...messed up teeth"...etc. Its not an actual voice, of course. They are thoughts.

Relax people.

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