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Just A Silly Poem

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by littled16
reply to post by BrokenAngelWings33


Okay, so the Earth has a broken heart and needs all of humanity to come together as one to heal her spirit.

My poem has to do with the Earth itself...raising the consciousness collectively of the souls that reside here to a level of harmony, so that I, the Earth, can rise above the hatred and enter a new dimension, filled with love and peace.

More of a total "Whole" Earth, not just the heart. The harmonious frequency is not high enough to achieve the changes the Earth needs to move to the next dimension and in order to do this the Earth itself may create the necessary changes whether we want it to or not, it would be more beneficial to our collective soul consciousness if we did this without "Mother Earth" taking matters into her own hand. Earth is a living breathing entity that we are connected to....very few understand this.

posted on Dec, 4 2012 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by BrokenAngelWings33
My angel wings are broken, they need to be mended,

the winds of change have blown me around and left me unattended,

I wonder if you have the time, to stop and give me attention,

I promise the love you show will not go without mention,

if I am left to fend for myself, I fear the falling off the shelf,

the edge is perilously close and the fall from my perch is at hand,

do not push me... no do not push me,

mend me, love me give me a hand,

keep me from going over the cliff and tumbling over and over into the abyss,

it's a long way to fall for I can not fly, why why not ask why...

the time is at hand, I want to take you with me far from this land,

bandage me and give me your love, so instead of below, we can rise above.


Lets rise to above
From within our hearts

Together we came
Together we'll leave

For sense to make
We are heart to heart

There are no surrender
Our hearts do not bend

Connected in spirit
Connected by heart

You were always perfect
You are also now

You heart is so glowing
Your light is so bright

We come here in silence
We have to wear this mask

We forget all the beauty
How amazing we are

Listening in to the rose within the heart, there oh so softly hidden, beyond the noise and beyond the silence
The rose is our gateway to eternity, that sweet rose which connects us with our true essence, our true inner floe
Which connects us to that greater rose, in the center of our beloved Earth, that great Rose of the Earth, which knows us all, loves us all, is us all...
From there all borders dissolve, from there we get to see ourselves as we truly are...
Loved children dancing in to the everlasting sweet music of Cosmos...
You are love and you are loved, amazing beyond words, from here you see all and everything, inside out...
That truly there are no borders no masks, it is just an illusion...
The truth is sweet and stunning, joyful and amazing, your heart has always sung this tune
Now you remember
Now we remember

Lots of love to you
Amazing friend

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by laffoe

You are one endless for the contribution.

edit on 12/5/2012 by BrokenAngelWings33 because: Edit

posted on Jan, 6 2013 @ 12:02 AM
reply to post by BrokenAngelWings33

Explanation: Nothing is "just silly!"

You are clearly more than just hurting ... and it is NOT silly!

This poem is your escape ... and you plea ... I have heard it before ... it reminded me of how my ♥ weeps for my own freedom lost.

I had little time before now to attend to my heart ... which is way more than broken ... sometimes I think it is useless to me ...but it still bleeds ... so there is life still within it to be lived.

If your heart still bleeds ... then broken wings or not don't matter!

That you cared tis enough ... God is not blind to such things ... but patience child ... God has their own timetable and you and your heart shall not be forgotten OK!

Personal Disclosure: I as a witness and observer so swear it!

Breathe ok ... and I shall be with you till the end ok .. we can wait together ... I want to go home also .. but I must close and lock the door behind us.

I am the last in line ... all must pass before me!

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