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Cat owns dog like a BOSS!!

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 05:22 AM

Originally posted by fastbob72
You don't own a cat a cat owns you.It comes over and lets you pet it till it gets fed up then takes off.It goes out at night and comes back when it feels like but will go to someone else if their food is better.A cat will stay around if it's getting what it wants but wouldn't think twice about moving on if it can better elsewhere.Cat's are users essentially and don't really seem to become attatched or loyal to a human unless it suits them.

My cat so owns me! She is my little sweetie. She is always next to me purring and drooling! I love how she drools when she is content. She is the sweetest cat I've ever had and I have spoiled her so her "diva" attitude is my fault. I mean how many people cook their cat chicken weekly or get their cat their own chicken strip at the deli? lol She loves to sit on my chest and knead til she is comfy then she parks her bum right there and sleeps while purring and drooling lol. She knows she has the kitty palace now vs the streets/shelter she was in before. She can't get it better anywhere else and she knows it lol. Buffy loves to be at the door when i get home and it's cute. I only had one other cat that did that. She will also let me know when it's bed time. She has distinct meows for certain times of day and things she wants. It's actually very cute!

Plus they're vicious animals when it comes to fighting with dogs often swiping straight for the dogs nose making many a mutts life a misery.If a dog does fear a cat then that cat owns them and will strut around in front of it winding them up,teasing them.Cat's by nature are cruel animals,just look at the way they torture a bird or mouse they've caught.They don't just kill them but play with them almost sadistically before eventually putting them out their misery to cast them aside,they don't kill to eat but for the fun of it !!!

LOL yea she will swat at the dog but she doesn't use her nails. I dont think she realizes she has them lol. She only likes her nails on my rugs!
Buffy just has to look at the dog and he cowers in fear lol.

I've seen a dog torture and play with a field mouse. He was tossing it in the air! So dogs are just as cruel as cats but cats being hunters it's in their nature more than a dog. I also don't believe cats kill for fun it's for food! I have come across various left over dead animals and what remains of them all due to a CAT! My fiancee's cats would tag team birds or mice and tear them apart and leave the tail and head! I had a cat that use to do the same thing when I was as kid. So yea they do kill to eat, again it's in their nature to hunt for food.

A dog is a companion,a loyal friend that is pleased to see you,that interacts with you and will protect you without a hesitation.I've always had German Shepard's from a kid and ther's no cat that would get the better of my dog,,he may swipe his nose with his claws but that wouldn't stop a Shepard,it's only hope would be to get up a tree very

Awe German Shepherds the one dog Im highly allergic too but like. Sucks cause I can only look but not touch! Haha yea I can see a cat being intimidated by a GS!

My cat is my companion! She is always right by me. I have never had a cat like that before but she is a Persian and they say Persians are more companion type cats. She is actually quite needy for attention and will demand it by getting on top of my computer or just blocking my view of whatever I'm doing. She always wins lol.

My dog well he has done nothing but stink up my house and drive me to insanity and it's only been two months that I've had him. He was a rescue and well he didn't turn out the way I hoped. If more people were honest when adopting out animals they wouldn't end up passed around in shelters. I am looking for a good home for him and I'm very specific as to where he goes. They must have a yard for one and they must follow his diet since he has food allergies. I dont' dislike the dog he just doesn't fit into my life like I thought he would esp since i found out I am pregnant. He needs more than I can give him and honestly him tearing up my house was the last straw. He is a sweet dog but he needs a lot more training! He so isn't house trained and well my rugs and towels have had enough! Defacing my kitchen rug was it for me. That is my kitchen, nobody messes with my kitchen but me! I have to keep him in the bathroom at night otherwise I don't sleep cause he thinks the house is a toilet! Crate training didn't work cause he goes in the crate and then I was forced to bath him in the middle of the night when i woke up to the smell of poop and HIM playing in it! HE also loves to eat poop and get into the cat litter box...Yea I'll take a cat any day!!!! I work with dogs and well I think I'll stick to that and just own cats. I know not all dogs are that nuts or that much work but I think I'll pass for now til I have a huge yard!

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by Night Star
Who's the boss now?
Man that dog was screaming. LOL That'll teach him not to mess with the cat!

Haha yea I watched it a few times and still cracked up! The look on that dogs face was priceless!

My dog came running and freaking out when the dog starting screaming lol I was like it's ok Rosco that dog is just a weenie. Rosco knows to just leave Buffy alone but he will take her mice and run off with them and she will chase him through the house. It's actually funny because it's a little pay back to her for intimidating him on a daily basis! I just sit there and laugh and let them have at it lol.

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Haha yea my cat wasn't even phased by it. She was sitting on the top of the couch with this look like "yup that dog got what it deserved." lol

My dog however went nuts!

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 05:28 AM
Having watched the video now,I couldnt before,I'm feeling less inclined to jump to the defense of the dog.

My opinion on cats hasnt changed at all but these little dogs are bad for 'having a go' at anything that moves.

Around the garden at my house,as I live in the countiy,there's a 5 ft wire fence intended to deter deer but means my German Shepard can lie outside when he wants and I'm not worried whether he's away chasing wildlife or not.

A neighbour walks with there stupid wee hound past ours regularly and it always runs up to the nearest part of the fence to my dog if it sees him and yaps at him like the one in the video.

Most of the time he ignores it but it obviously does his head in somedays and stands there growling at it n I can just tell that if it wasnt for the fence the #ey wee thing would be silenced pretty quickly !!!

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