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Love, light and will...

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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 12:52 PM
Love, light and will...

Comes true

Comes through

This world is flawed in many ways
On the surface it might seem to be ruled by fear and power
That those who play the game, of illusion, intrigue and secrecy are in control...
Powerful and all-knowing, while we who are of the heart may seem small and insignificant...
Just another lie, just another illusion, another boring game...
Truth is that truth, true love and pure light are already flowing in, that moment by moment those in sync
with this will see clearer, touch deeper, connect heart to heart...

There are many traps involved in this, all based on the lower energy-fields and the lower mind...
Thus the pyramid with the eye on the top have become a symbol for this structure...
The three-fold lower human, is imposed with multiple imbalances, such as fear of death,
imbalanced and abusive sexuality, intrigues...
From this three-fold lower being (that is part of all of us), there are imposed a lot of images into the so called astral
and mental realms and even into the realm of the soul.

Power structures, politics, international affairs, religions, company structures even our own family structures may be of a
character, that reflects this imbalance this lie.
That is also why that even the energy have been cleaned in the higher vibrating areas, still many hold on to the lie.
Because it is sustained by all of these physical structures down here...
That is also why there is so much confusion these days, the greater love inflow makes the lie vibrate even more intensively,
in a cramped attempt to keep its position...
A position, which is already lost, and it is just a matter of timing before the truth will shine through...

The lie is highly based on mass hysteria, the collective connected by solar plexus and thus vulnerable for fear imposing...
Love understood from that level has nothing to do with true love, it is just another game...
When true love shines through, in individuals as well as in the collective, the connections will alter to heart connection...
And empathy and true care will replace mass-hysteria and intrigues...
For this truth, which is already a cosmic reality, to be reflected here in the dense energies of Earth, which have been much infected,
through many time periods, what we can do, is to find that truest intention at our innermost, and live from there...
I will not lie to you, there might be consequences, at times it may seem like a very lonely road,
bc you will be considered as an 'enemy' when you no longer play the games...
You may get attacks, both energy-attacks and attacks by 'coincidences' that suddenly turns against you..
But know this: Truth will dawn, truth are connecting us all...
And even the road may seem lonely and hard at times, the inner reward of so much more light and love,
a deep sense of freedom and to do right...
So you will never wanna go back to the other trapped state of existence...
You may experience fall backs, that doesn't matter, we all know those,
it is just the struggle which goes on in your different energy bodies which manifest itself...
Have no shame in such matters, as just the true intention, and to return to that matters...
You matter... The true you...
And remember this... No matter what set backs and other stuff you will have to go through, there is no way, NO WAY,
that anything of the lie and illusion can affect who you truly are...
No way that anything can get to your true nature...
That is YOU and YOU eternal...
Know also that many of the structures which have been used to mind-control and to impose fear,
will change from the inside so that the quality of their impact on the world will be according to the true flow of cosmos...
Truth, love and light

Many of those who tries to make you follow them at first may seem nice and loving, but if you then are critical,
ask questions or just want to follow your own truth, you may be threatened with this and that, or called all kinds of nasty things...
Don't worry about that either, truth always see true all of that BS, sees you, and loves you for you...
The only one you should follow is the truth within you, from the place where you resonated the deepest...
Give yourself the time and space needed to really, resonate, be with yourself...
Be inspired, but find the truth yourself...
Share from your amazing heart, and that way we are connecting heart to heart, inspiring eachother...
Know also that if you are claimed to pay for spiritual truth or threatened, it is no truth, it is but gameplaying...
And you are worth more than to get involved in such, worth far more...

In this new era dawning, balance will be the key, and the true understanding of feminine, masculine energies, as well as the forces of Divine love, light and will

If it resonates with you (remember to feel if it does), in the next post I will bring a meditation, visualization or whatever you call it,
to connect with the truest collective field of love here on Earth...

Connecting there the road might not seem so lonely,
and a abundance of true love will be at your disposal...
These energies are impersonal and cosmic in nature, but the truer intention, understanding and respect (for your true nature)you have,
you will be able to mold them with your own qualities from your own true nature...

A true understanding of love, will make way to full compassion, and a deeper understanding of light,
which will transcend knowledge to understanding and wisdom...
When the nature of love and light are better understood, the quality of divine will can be better grasped...
It is this aspect of the divine, the will-aspect, which will manifest deeper in these times...
So that what is true and right may cut through the lie, and thus manifest in the physical realm...

We are all loved children of our Divine Mother and Father...
The only way we get to dance to that tune of eternity,
is by feeling the rhythm inside out, truly, and from there flow to it!!!
We can and we will make this through...
Heart by heart, step by step...

Lots of love and joy to YOU
You shine

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 12:52 PM
OK here is the visualization to connect with the true hart of love here on Earth...
Please read the OP first...

Breathe in



Let breathe flow
Go for that truer tune
That you behind the flawed

There are many images
Many realms
Yet only
One truth

Go inwards
Heart beat
Innermost flow

Breathe there
Find the true tune
The true vibration
Beyond the senses

The tune of you

From there
This is the bridge
The river
Where only truth shall pass
True intention
Pure wish

Flow that silent river
Into the innermost of your heart


There is a rose
To touch
Become that rose

Flow deeper
You are the rose

Within the rose
Feel the golden light
A crystal of gold

From here go deeper
Here you connect
With the rose
Inside the Earth
The gold
Inside of Earth

Here we are one

All connected
Here you see all from the inside
See that we are all connected
Cosmic Divine
All connected
Many expressions
Many forms
Of all same Source

From here
True love
True compassion
Through our heart of One
Through you
You heart of

Even those who forgot
You see them
Only way to be here
To be alive

Feel the flow
Feel how the Earth speaks to you
Loves you
Flows to you
Through you
All the love
All the light
Flows through you

Flows what is real
All that what is lie
What is untrue
Become dust

You are free
You are YOU
Amazing you

Fire free
Crystal clear

Pure light
True love

Is you

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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by laffoe

a Magnificent Light Reflects and Sparkles in This Chamber of ATS.

i can hear Sounds like little Bells of Icicles ringing when moved by a Fresh Clear Breeze, clinking and tinkling as they Touch Each Other; Sparkling Light Stars playing in their Hearts; the Melted Drops falling off Drumming a Rhythm gently when hitting the Ground and a vague crackling of their Structure as hit by the Sun.

Great Value and Beauty flows from Your Heart through the Keyboards, i Thank You for this Contrast.

i feel Mesmerized to my liking.

Much Love to You from Here and There.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by derWeihnachtsmann

Thankyou for your poetic and deep response which fills me with much love and joy, as do the music you attached, which I love deeply and listen to while I write this response to you...

Am so happy to feel that heart of your, so loving and so caring, these are the days where love and truth will dawn, for many who are stuck within the way of the closed ego, much confusion may arise...

Of the innermost of my heart, I know that every heart, awakened and touching this truth is much needed, so to meet that of yours is a true joy and a true honor...

Much love to you, Weihnachtmann
Knowing December is a busy time for you, all I wish is for all to be loved, and loved for who they truly are
For all to experience how amazing they truly are...

Ok that was 2 wishes, but I promise to be a good boy

Thanks and again lots of love to you

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