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CIA-Sponsored Trolls Monitor Internet & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information

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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by Fimbulvetr
Well, PA, that goes without saying! If there is even a grain of truth to that article - and I'd hedge bets there's more likely a whole field of truth there - then reasonably, there are trolls lurking in every metaphoric shadow just waiting to feed us lines of BS.

The strong-willed will not be moved by such tactics, but it is frustrating to know that it's not just being paranoid anymore. (No pun intended!)

Sometimes easy to spot and clearly have more then one account to star their own posts and become popular!

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:10 PM
Can they only interception emails, calls and text messages within the US or global? I’m just wondering if they can intercept a text message between people from another country, what moral and legal basis have they for doing so? Of the billions of communications they’d intercept every day, an insanely tiny percentage would actually have any bearing on anything. It’d be impossible to read everything. And if they did, then they all need to get a life. Filthy scum.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by BlindBastards

NSA generally has a receiver in the footprint of any international satellite downlink. I don't know if you can find it on line, I haven't tried because I know they're there, but for your own edification, you might find, say, any INMARSAT terminal and then look around with Google Earth. You will generally find another dish nearby (or a blank spot).

They also are suspected of having tapped pretty much every transatlantic fiber cable, although no one knows for sure outside the upper ranks at NSA.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by ausername

Originally posted by Xoanon
reply to post by ausername

Not anymore.

Prove it.


Prove what?

You know, the interesting thing about data processing centers is that people have to build them.

It was far more interesting on the inside.... You'd be amazed at the opportunities that kind of access can present.

Well, at the moment, I had wanted you to prove that Utah or its cognates had an NLP driven chat-bot that was keeping us all fooled.

But I realize that if the shoe were on the other foot, and you had asked me to provide proof of my silly anecdote, that I likely could not.

So, just thanks for that little tidbit.

May I ask what you learned there?

Many of us sincerely would like to know.

Thanks and have a good one.

P.S. Thanks again. What is that exterior, crossed cabling we are seeing?
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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:50 PM
They are here. But it is not just the Government.

Big oil has them to debunk talk of new engines that run on water.

The energy industry has the to debunk free power and over unity devices.

The Government has them.

Mossad has them

Big Pharma has them

Monsanto has them.

Having said that, they all use multiple accounts. Their replies are too quickly backed by others and then it it tag team. I find them easy to spot. They are very different from posters with a different point of view. They all seem to use the same play book and they run down the list until they get to the insults.

Why would they not! Three people, 8 hour shifts each, multiple computers with fake IP addresses. One person could monitor multiple sights and start responding when a flagged item or group of keywords spark an alarm. It is not hard.

Be real, of course they monitor ATS and similar sites. They would be stupid if they don't. If they can't wreck the thread then they will try and put as many negative replies at the threads end to give the appearance that that is how the thread ended.

With keyword programs running, they do not need room fulls of people, just a few to oversee many such sites.


posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 07:29 PM

Originally posted by illuminated0ne
Since when is a blog allowed to be posted as a Breaking News article? I see an AboveTopSecret link at the bottom of the blog, so I'm guessing the owner is a member here... Trying to get traffic?

Anyway... This conspiracy theory (CT) that government agents are trolling forums is getting out of hand, and I have a theory that it is destroying the CT communities. It is almost impossible to have a civil conversation on any CT website, about any CT, without having people attack you, and call you a government shill, and have the entire conversation derailed simply because you don't believe every theory imagined.

How ironic is it that the conspiracy they believe is real and happening, which they believe is done in order to derail topics, is actually causing the very people who believe in said theory to derail topics.

People believe what they want to believe, and people think what they want to think. No government agent posting on a forum is going to change anyone's mind. You can have all the agents in the world counter arguing about 9/11, but none of it will ever be of any value because the people who don't want to believe the official story, wont. It would be a giant waste of time for the agents... and all for what?

The blind will always be blind. The theorists will always theorize. The disbelievers will always disbelieve.

Sure they might have an agent or two watching and listening for things that threaten national security, but there isn't huge rooms full of hundreds of agents on computers replying to everything that they don't want people to believe or know... that is ridiculous.
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Terrific post! Great to see a voice of reason, an oasis in a vast barren desert. I couldn't agree with you more.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 08:16 PM
If only more people would know that this monitoring and trolling is real.

Another poster mentioned ''tipping point'', this is very true and it is how politics also works generally. Creating waves in the general public often deliberately for the purpose of interjecting something that seems so rational it appeals en masse, even if it is lies or a manipulated thing, for the purpose of influencing minds in their favour. Manipulating the psychology of the general public has become the modus operandi of governments as well as the ad guys.

Imagine how much nicer a world would be if there could be life enhancing psychology that makes people more ethically sound, more at peace with their appearance and status in life, that makes them feel valued and learn how to value the things that really matter in life, rather than how they are winners /losers for having /not having the latest gadget / high status job etc.

Of course that would mean a populace with conscience, a conscious cohesive entity with a moral compass tuned to good, so much more able to stand as one than a nation of slaves to money and status, competing against each other, instead of communities that are able to help each other.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 08:19 PM

The following is the full text of a US Air Force ‘Business Opportunitity’ solicitation that appeared on the FedBizOpps site in mid-February 2011.

It is for the supply of software that will allow nominated personal to adopt multiple cyber-identities and facilitate IP masking and other sophisticated methods of coordinating and hiding false indentities when accessing internet sites.

If you run or make use of sites that are vaguely critical of ‘The Official Narrative’ of anything and everything – or is otherwise deemed (in the infinate wisdom of the US Air Force and other such experts in these matters) threatening to their vision of reality, then prepare to be inundated with minimum-wage cyber trolls on a mission to make you even more confused about what is REALLY going on than you already are.

"0001- Online Persona Management Service. 50 User Licenses, 10 Personas per user.
Software will allow 10 personas per user, replete with background , history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographacilly consistent. Individual applications will enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation..."

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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 08:27 PM
I work IT. In a former job I was in the IT department of a private University, one of the guys I worked with was tasked with monitoring all the internet traffic from students and staff. Part of the funding for his position came from the government--more specifically from money allocated for anti-terrorism...

make of that what you will. I know the informed reader will connect the dots.


@Samkent: you are not very good at your job.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 08:57 PM
Thanks to those of you who posted something on point and understanding my inability to post in the correct forum.
1. We know that the CIA and NSA are compiling data (fusion centers)
2. We know that computers are capible of sifting through mounds of data quickly to find info. (no army needed, just a good algorithm)
3. We know the ABC's have used disinformation in the past

This seems not only plausible but likely. Gathering massive amounts of data for feature use on all persons of interest.

This thread has a mound of data for you that think this is unlikely...

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by lonewolf19792000
reply to post by ParanoidAmerican

They don't have enough manpower to intercept every text message, every phone call and everytime someone watches kiddie porn on the internet.

Not that they wouldn't try, but with 300 million citizens. Not a snowball's chance in hell. Best they could do is monitor people they suspect as being a considerable threat to the current dictatorship.

This has been going on for ages. I remember when I was a teenager, Mike Wallace, I think it was, did a 60 minutes story from a NSA listening post in Puerto Rico.
It was a building larger than a couple football fields filled with tiny cubicles of people sitting with headsets.
There was a computer that listened in to all the phone calls listening for key words. When the keys were hit on, the computer would connect the call to a human in headphones to eavesdrop and listen to the conversation to see if it was important.

If they could do that then with the computers at that time, it doesn't surprise me in the least that all communication is screened and documented and sorted and collated with every other snippet known to man about the individuals.

Once they know what the "people are trending on", then they can insert some HB Gary intel gathering and robo
puppet posters to manage, discredit, spread disinfo as they are hired to do.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 09:24 PM
Yet another thread that hints at their capibility to use stored data to their advantage....

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by ParanoidAmerican

The Council on Foreign Relations is designed to promote the NWO and that cabal . There are other organisations that have trolls as well to misinform people about whats going on . One such traitor to the American people was George Bush sr and his wonderful world where we are under the rule of the UN/NWO. Henry Kissinger . D .Rockefeller , Soros and the non American flag saluting Obama are others .
There are many NWO organizations that promote the Agenda of the Global Elite and the Internet is the best way to disseminate their dribble ..

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:04 PM
They don't need to monitor all of the info they get they just need to capture and log it. When they get a person of interest they just enter search parameters and they have a boatload of info on them. To those who think that they have to look at it all as it comes in your not keeping up with current events.
BTW What we really need here is some one or some people who have degrees in psychology on ATS so that they can write up a psychological profile on who these types of people [ CIA or government sponsored TROLLS] are and how they would go about directing, answering and replying to posts so we can get a better handle on who there is here who might fit that bill.
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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by ParanoidAmerican
Thanks to those of you who posted something on point and understanding my inability to post in the correct forum.
1. We know that the CIA and NSA are compiling data (fusion centers)

NSA, certainly. However, there's just a HUGE amount of effort in this sort of thing that's being done by DIA and the various components of SOC. USSOCOM is tasked with this mission, although I'm sure Langley has their own secret one.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by Bilky
They don't need to monitor all of the info they get they just need to capture and log it. When they get a person of interest they just enter search parameters and they have a boatload of info on them. To those who think that they have to look at it all as it comes in your not keeping up with current events.

And THAT is why you need a petabyte of storage out in the middle of nowhere.

It's for past history. When you decide you want to focus your attention on person of interest #134, you have all the communication traffic backlogged for a week or two, and can parse through it. After it ages out, out it goes.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by Bilky
BTW What we really need here is some one or some people who have degrees in psychology on ATS so that they can write up a psychological profile on who these types of people [ CIA TROLLS] are and how they would go about directing, answering and replying to posts so we can get a better handle on who there is here who might fit that bill.

I'm not nearly as sure there are active trolls on here from the agency. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one or two TLAs do comb the forum and log interesting posts for further followup. I ran into exactly one guy in my time at ATS that I am morally sure was an agency guy, and he was trying to figure out who I was. It was a bit odd, but it was immediately obvious he was not your normal ATS poster.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:46 PM
First, I can attest this place actually exists, I can see it from my house. I watched it being built. I can verify that facility pictured is real, though it is a better closeup then I get with my naked eyes.

While there is a desert in Utah, this Wasatch mountain is not in a desert. It's more like isolated uphill from farmland.

The locals around here have known it as a hacking center, supposedly for counter-cyber warfare. Of course they could be using it for anything.

It makes me feel safe living near it, our government is not likely to let anything get near it. We also have Hill Air Force base a short distance away, hosting some of the best, air force assets the united states has. And another military base within miles, that often shakes my windows when they blow stuff up for exercises. It's not in the desert, but it is a very fortified area.

And if they are monitoring everything on the internet from there, and they don't like what I have to say on websites like ATS, they can match my picture to the left, and find me at walmart. I talk to the military folks there in line frequently, they would probably recognize me.

But somehow I doubt they really care what I do. I'm really not that important.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:53 PM
Being immortalized in these huge storage vaults sounds awesome. If aliens found our planet after we kill ourselves they'd find our devices and study them. I would feel privileged to have aliens read my posts on ATS.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:57 PM

Originally posted by ausername
The data processing center in Utah is for eBay. Not for the CIA.

The CIA doesn't need paid trolls, they have autonomous personas that can interact in all forms of social media and discussions, that are far better at it than any human could ever be.

The current model for social network infiltration is not being engineered by the CIA nor NSA. It falls under the auspices of Cybercommand and is predicated upon Cyberspace as a "real terrain" - thus validating the need for operational and theater intelligence and control.

This is accomplished by humans, not AI. IMO it used to be easy to spot these folks, as they'd have new accounts, post very passionately for short periods and on single threads ( or subjects ). One could use simple tools to ferret them out by doing things like Googling their username, or even their posts. One could often find verbatim repetitions of those posts on multiple message boards. The usernames were always dead ends - no hits other than their posts on that single subject or thread. Then they'd disappear, forever. Once the disinformation was disseminated.

But they've now adapted and have applied military ( read CIA ) approaches to infiltration. Now they use wholly created personas from which to post. These personas are totally contrived, but have depth... They have FB pages with photo's, links to friends and relatives, frequent activity. The same with Twitter. And they post casually, on different topics than just one.

A single operative can control quite a few of these artificially created personas, using them to interact with others to make them all appear even more "real"

Take a few thousand soldiers, give them all a dozen very convincing cyber "masks"... and, well, you do the math. That's a whole LOT of opportunity to appear like an army.

Or a legion....


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