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Birding Rally Challenge 2012

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posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 05:28 PM

Even if you are not into birdwatching, you'll enjoy this one for sure. It's a world birding contest, started today in the Amazon and Andes regions of Peru that also includes Machu Picchu. Just WOW.

The first world birding contest—24 experts, 6 days/5 nights of non-stop Amazon and Andes birding. Following a route that starts on November 29th at Tambopata, continues up the high Andes over the South Interoceanic Highway and finishes at the biodiverse cloud forests of Machu Picchu. A competitive team rally where 787 bird species can be found in a relatively small geographical area. This is the first multi-day competition that brings together some of the world’s top birders, with 4 ornithologists per team: eBirders Cornell and LSU-Louisiana Team from USA; Falcon Forest Team from UK; Zululanders from South Africa; Tramuntana Birding Team from Spain; and Ararajuba Team from Brazil.

Why Perú?

Peru is the ideal destination for birdwatching. Possessing 1836 registered species, representing one-fifth of all the species registered in the world, as well as an impressive 84 of the 104 recognized life zones in the world—resulting in an incredible number of unique habitats that provide 120 endemic bird species—Peru is the second leading country in the world for bird diversity, and the first for bird observation.

The website offers wallpaper, ringtones and lots of cool stuff. I guess, eventually they will share photos at the end of the contest. Enjoy !

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