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Detecting the Soul.

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 04:48 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

Thank you very very much for your participation, your words quite literally warmed my heart.

Likewise and very much so, and please know that I understand your intentions are nothing but sincere.

That last link I provided, I just have to express that I was looking for just a brief quote to provide you via google search. As it turned out, the very first link I clicked on (on seeking in the Lord), just happened to fit my post message in context ideally so I immediately realised within I was Guided to it to share that with you. Make of that what you will brother.

The path of willful Alignment is entirely up to every individual soul and I pray you are ready to take a greater measure of faith to aid your enlightenment via the Spirit of your True Father, who will then Guide you in furtherence to His Son. That was how He Worked on me, for I am no church going 'religionist' and never have been. All that has been Bestowed was through faith, trust and a genuine desire in heart to do His Will on earth that will lead to positive soul progression, understanding it is possible to regress.

I am far from perfect still. I appreciate your kind sentiments because I surely am not used to such when discussing vital matters of faith and the crucial times we are in for Mergence with all that is in Good Spirit.

May His Light be Poured over your entire being, showing you the Way, the Truth and the Life to Redemption from all that is corrupt.
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