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Abducted - kicking the horse

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posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by Spacespider

I noticed that too. Actually, I was hoping the interviewer would ask what day of the week that was. He didn't and I was surprised because that would be a no-brainer.

I was getting into it up until that point.

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by humphreysjim

Originally posted by DeadLights
Pub Med Health

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to:

Tell the difference between what is real and not real

Think clearly

Have normal emotional responses

Act normally in social situations

Common side effects from antipsychotics may include:


Feelings of restlessness or "jitters"

Sleepiness (sedation)

Slowed movements


Weight gain

Go to this web site soak it all in. And then tell me if all this information was not contradictory could be explained away by things like adhd, Insomnia, Being anti-social because of people who live in dumb reality's.

Thank you for your time

Hallucinating, having paranoid delusions, and struggling to separate reality from complete fiction are signs of very real mental illness. If you cannot see that, and you really think these disorders are not real, then you very may well be schizophrenic yourself.

Maybe that's why you think everyone has the symptoms of schizophrenia, because you have it? Or perhaps you're just "targeted"...hmmmm.

So your saying that when a neurologist puts a patients brain through electromagnetism he is inducing schizophrenia?

Or are there other ways to explain it?

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:53 PM
The fact that we are alive right now on a planet in the corner of our galaxy. Somewhere out in the vast void of space. Is proof there are aliens.

The fact that we explore our own solar system is proof aliens have advanced.

The fact that we are discovering celestial objects out side our own galaxy is proof aliens will discover.

If our planet is only 4.5 and the U is only 13-14.5

Now can you really imagine people who believe were the only life around here as being "sane".

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 05:36 PM
Nothing wrong with his functioning, and this case has evidence, polygraphs, and was brought before the UN, it dates back before Betty and Barney Hill's.

Reed Brothers UFO Case: News Interview

They were very much RH - family and I believe this is greys and harvesting. Yet it can be more complex than that, and not necessarily only one group is involved.

Orbs and crafts and abductions/experiences seem to go hand in hand.

I took some notes, teasers really.

--Our case is actually dated back older than the Betty and Barney Hill case in New England.

At that point my father actually ran for office and with that said, ran into some other political figures, decided to take this case to the UN in 1992, where it was discussed back then.

--After that there was an account that actually involved my brother, in Indiapolis. 2009.

In that case, because of our history that had been looked at by attorney Robert Blackman, there were records involving our family, so this rapid response team came out...they investigated it and the book Intruders was written about it. Officer White and the detectives,and they found radiation, then magnetic fields and there was medical reports and that sort of thing.

It kind of fueled the entire investigation and afterwards we were asked to take polygraph tests, just to validate what we were saying. And of course we passed, and that was taken right here in Oxville.

--The event that you saw was that you and your brother physically saw a UFO?

A: It was my mother, my ex wife, my brother, and myself. And my grandmother. ...

Yessir, real lack of evidence. Makes you wonder with all the others that do notice choppers chasing, and other signs of surveillance, why they aren't doing investigations, when probably more evidence would turn up over and over again, but I guess they don't really want that out too much.

It's not Investigation, but its called, Suppression.
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posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by ContractedMercenary

Originally posted by Druscilla

Originally posted by ContractedMercenary

Most all space alien contact scenarios can be attributed to personal subjective psychological phenomenon.

When you explain Betty and Barney hill then you can go ahead with all your know it all mumbo-jumbo. Granted 65-70 % of the cases can be explained by what you call a schitzo disorder of some kind, a good amount of cases are simply unaccounted for, we really dont know wtf happened all we have is eye witness/ personnel account detail of the situation. Also the ease in which u dismiss this people as schizto's or crazies is absurd, it seems to me you make your biased simple minded opinions off half based research you do.!!

I would suggest you read some of the following:

As well as you sweetheart

See what i did, we can do this all day. How about one of these times you actually ponder up a thought and not copy paste a reply. All i ever see you do is make half butt claims with mediocre sources as your reply. This is a discussion forum, instead of only replying when u can argue with people how about adding to the topic with an idea or two of your own!

I provided you with one paragraph of extext which you asked for.
you respond with the equivalent of "lalalalalalalalalala-i'm not listening because I don't like what I hear".

Yes, I see what you did.
You refuse to look at or acknowledge any information that is contrary to anything you believe in.

What you fail to recognize is that I AM voicing my opinion, and I'm backing it up with sourced material.
Simply stating your opinion is for the most part worthless unless you can support your opinion with material to back it up.
Thus, including citations, citations that are immediately accessible and free for any reader to look at unlike your farcical failure, even if they're 'poor' or 'mediocre' sources as you seem to claim, is somewhat obligatory.

Anyone can chirp up and say, "I think the Betty and Barney Hill case is an example of psychological manipulation, or yet another case of a psychological experiences exaggerated by psychological tampering from all too human sources".
Anyone can write on the wall in a bathroom stall, but, it takes a hero to crap on the ceiling.

Adding supporting documentation that voices/supports your opinion does that.
Party on Wayne.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by DeadLights
reply to post by Druscilla

Actually I got an official web site talking about all the specified requirements that makes someone schizophrenia and it was everything that any person who is capable of thought has.

For example if you get mad. Your schizophrenic. Ok who doesn't get mad?

You believe in a reality that is not reality. Your schizophrenic. Ok most people believe this is the only planet with life on it. Most believe in a poltergeist coming down from the sky and raising the dead out of the grave. Most believe they're truth is the only truth.

So that right there pretty much tells you everyone in the world is schizophrenic. One of the side effects to the medicine they prescribe is physical tremors or shakes. Which you will note is one of the first signs you pick up when you observe a schizophrenic.

You take them off the medicine I gurantee they won't shake anymore.

Your statement on the other thing. Yeah a lot of zoo animals have that problem as well.

Wow..... that's got to be the worst "diagnosis"/"definition" of schizophrenia I have ever heard.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 02:27 AM
Dont worry ^^^^^ she will respond with something witty and useful

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by Wongbeedman
reply to post by Spacespider

Just took the survey you posted.
It is literally impossible for someone not interested in the UFO phenomenon to get "abducted" coincidence?
Some of the questions are especially amusing.
3 Do you feel you are psychic?
4 Do you secretly feel you are special or chosen?
11 As a child or adult, did you ever hear a voice inside your head talking to you which wasn't your own?

I've seen a UFO how come I haven't been abducted?
Is the reason because I don't hear voices?

Quoted myself because I'd really like an answer, since you're the one saying were ignoring you.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by Spacespider

I haven't read this but he is one of the pioneers, anybody know about it?

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