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Minimalist Survival.. YES It is Necessary

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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 12:58 AM
Nice thread. Since moving here in the mountains I have gained a LOT of knowledge about surviving, minimalist -- since people here don't have the money to buy all of the fancy gear =b

Here are some screenshots of my "bolo" knife made by some blacksmiths in a nearby village. They salvage metal from everything you can imagine to make knives/bolos/whatever. The most commonly used metal, like the bolo below, is made from old leaf springs from cars/jeeps. The real good metal was from old Willy jeeps, but that is hard to find now.

The blade is ~30cm (just under 12in.), and weighs around 600 grams (~1.3 pounds) without the case, and the thickest part of the blade width is just under 1/4 inch. The woven wrap on the handle and case is from rattan. This is considered a smaller version.

Typical "minimal" survival is a bolo, an old empty 6 liter plastic water container (carried around empty, but used as a water container for the camp site), a water bottle for use while traveling, a lighter or matches, and an aluminum pot with lid for cooking rice/beans/meat (salted/smoked). I prefer to bring a blanket because it can get cold at night, but the locals just sleep where they lay, as is. There are a couple more things like a hat and sunglasses because it can be very bright and hot in the day. For shoes: wear sandals =D

Edit: The blunt edge is sharp, and excellent for taking the skin/bark off of pine trees to make firewood. It makes it easier for your muscles to change position of the blade if you get tired.

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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by semperfortis

I have tried many many times Semper to, um for lack of terms, jackboot style is ok but.....
The study of the previous societies, "which has thousands of years seniority on our great civilization"

I think everyone should make a point to attend one of these.......

Great ppl.....they "knappers" have "knap-in" meatings all over the USA

The peeps that attend these, will end up being much better prepared, than the guys with AK's/AR's
It won't be all out zombie kill or be killed, Mad Max...
Frankly I think the native americans had a paradise, and a very rich life, but technology...ever increasing.
Only thing is that, the tech has limits and/or power...Just look how crazy a few ppl are in Stanten Is...
Oops I'm ranting now anyways check out the linky....look at a few pics.....and definately check the events calender, or google one up near you.....
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