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The 8 Spiritual 'Types': Which Are You?

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 11:42 AM
I don't know if you've listed things correctly. Truth Seeker. And someone who doesnt want to define anything Spiritually and though believes in Christ, is very careful to ensure that Metaphor or Real, the example given is important. BUT, the Good Family/God, (and I'm not interested in Defining this, What is, IS, I know Love And Goodness are the Highest Levels of Progression and the Higher Ups and so nothing here matters. Someone talks of shredders, or soul traps, or this or that, or Black Cubes in space, not important. Love Doesn't allow things to happen to anyone unless its an immediate growth factor for their soul. Love is the highest degrees of Love that there is.

So I have faith, but refuse to allow anyone here to code my faith to their traps to Saturn, the Sun, or anything else for that matter.

To Serve, to try and overcome self and help those around you.

For example, had a vision, brief but it really surprised me. Last week, in this crazy kids camp. My 5 boys, one nearly 19, a foster kid who they would send to Vancouver probably to get rid of him, and all of his friends. Lots of fun lately, and me getting upset quite a few times. I couldn't believe this was anything but a lower frequency trap we were living in.

Standing in the kitchen I suddenly saw a filter move off our property, it was almost like a round lense cap, and it just moved off and our entire property was Light Filled, Glowing, Filled With Love. And then I noticed the sun had come out as it was near setting.

We see with conventional eyes, and God/Goodness see a truth that we can't see.

We judge by appearance. Wealth, Status.

I couldn't believe our property was glowey love, shining.

My credo, the type of spiritual I am. Seek the Truth, strive to report for Duty to Love, and strive to find what you're meant to do and help others all the time if you can. Strive to live nonselfish life.

We have house filled with kids in ministry often, playing video games, hanging out. They're really good kids too, I want the best for all of them. The 3 most beautiful of them are native and shy. I don't think they've been raised to have a future however. What are these kids supposed to do when they turn 19.

My friend said, they're off the street, not hanging out, they have a place to hang out and play games together. A safe home to hang out.

Now I need to find a way with our tight finaces to start just one small economic activity and grow it into several businesses, and start to work out some goals for some of them. Only one already has a life plan, which may or may not work out, for him.

This is what spiritual is all about. Helping others, being non judgemental.

A few years ago, was praying and Mother said, "to save the children", now I have a feeling this is what it means. I was told by one of them that the ministry is running child porn with foster kids.

In every area there are people in need, if one can't do something materially to help, praying for direction, meditating and asking Higher Self to show the way, would help enormously. Doors can open.
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