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What Would You Do With $500 million Dollars?

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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:08 AM
I would buy the company I work for, offer the major owner to stay on, immediately fire the other one and his son so the company can go back to being the happy, family oriented company it once was.

Other than that, indulge in a new home with more land. Other than that, I don't need much.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:17 AM
I would invest 90% it all in science and advance the human specie......because it is in desperate need of a boost.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by kdog1982

First give 10-20% to charity, then try to help my neighborhood, then city, states,ect. I know at heart i will probably even give 50% to charity in the end. 500 million is just too much money to handle.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:34 AM
I would give it all away. 100%.

To tell you the truth, 300 million is nothing when I try to fulfill everyone's wish because I get this a lot

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:42 AM
Hey how much you guys pay on taxes from the winning? Cause Canada winning is 100% tax free.

Anyway.. 500M hmmm...

i will give 200M to family and tell them to divide among them and relatives.

With 300M...

ill buy a 7-8M House
A Lambo, A Audi R8 Spyder, and A Bentley of course.
Buy Houses, Build Condos, rent them out.
Buy Stocks.
Probably start a Business with friends, something Fast Food(unhealthy but sure makes heck of a lot of money) in America because Canada has stricter food laws lol. Canada is a health nut... our "FDA" is called "Health Canada".. so ...

Eventually an Island if i had more money....
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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by kdog1982

I'm 22, so...225 million?

$20 million for my parents
$5million to extended family

an odd $190 million in a safe boring place where it can grow with interest for the remainder of my Law School term

an odd $9 million invested in more risky business.

$1million to the charity of my choice.

a couple thousand shaved off the $9 million for some new clothes and little things for my apartment.

I'm 22, I can live like a king five years from now. For now, I'd rather not be a spoiled and entitled piece of human garbage.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 12:11 PM
I would purchase $5M worth of MRE's and a fleet of six 'Whathahelizat's, and get to work up-armoring them and converting them to solar. Not all I'd do, but the rest could probably be handled without a rediculously large stack of paper.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by kdog1982

300 million - to charaties and worthy causes

150 million - fast cars , boats and women + good wine , food and enjoying myself

50 million - frittered away on utter twaddle

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 12:42 PM

So,if I take that cash option,that would be about $327 million.
reply to post by kdog1982

Thought they took half?

Anyhoo, I'd put all but 10 mil in a CD. Each time the interest hit a million I'd give it to a family member or friend. I wouldn't do much with it myself. Probably buy thee best computer on the planet. Give some to charity.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 12:45 PM
make the world a better place brah!

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by davespanners
The really odd thing to me is that even with that much money you wouldn't even make a dent in the Forbes 400 richest people in America list. the entry level for that being over $1billion at the moment.
We have had some pretty good ideas for helping people in this thread so far, so I have to ask myself why the heck aren't any of those 400 people doing any of that stuff?

I wonder how many people would stick to their ideals if you actually put the money in their hands
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Ever notice how lottery winners are broke within a couple years, but the Forbes list has a number of people that stay there nearly all their life?


Speaks for itself really.

Throwing money at something just opens the gates for people looking to take money in the name of a "cause"... If you really want to make a difference, do it through your own personal involvement. Money or no money helping you.

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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 01:13 PM
Is it enough to get the hell off this Rock?..

If so, i will take a one way ticket to Mars!

Edit.. with a HD IMAX cam. so i can film and stream back what's going on.
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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 01:26 PM
I won't be buying a ticket and I can't imagine the nightmare it would be for the winner(s) .. but if it should unfortunately be someone i know.. may they spare me some change haha... kidding.. i don't think anyone really knows what they would do with that kinda money.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 05:44 PM

Originally posted by xxshadowfaxx
This is why I'll never be rich.

If I had 500 million... hell, if i had 1 million, I'd fly to a poor country in a private cargo plane loaded with food and supplies and give it to all those in need. I'd make different stops in different countries giving it to all those that needed it. I'd stock towns and cities in poverty with enough food for everyone.... at even 1 million dollars worth of food per town, i'd cover at least 500 of them! thats a lot of towns.

I wouldn't keep hardly anything for myself. Enough to pay bills and keep up my currently lifestyle... I don't need anything more.... I know I could have a lot less.

That is a lovely idea.

Sadly, as soon as you had left, a military unit would turn up and take it all away to feed the soldiers. They would laugh at your efforts. This is why charity does not work. The money never ends up where it should. It ends up where it shouldn't.

Every year in my state we have a blanket appeal for the needy. One women gets three per year, every year and folds them up, one every four months for her poodle. Others sell them at trash and treasure and go and by slabs of beer.

Your lucky if one tenth of charity ends up in deserving hands. Sad really.

All of the above is from personal experience.


posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 06:01 PM
Two chicks at the same time, man.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by SuperSeaver

Millions of dollars and your satisfied with two?


posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

Haha that's my canned money response stolen from Office Space.

If I were to honestly respond, I'd have to say I'd spend a large chunk of it trying to create a working flux compactor to go in the Delorean I would no doubt buy. After blowing about 100 mil on that hapless plan, I would build a home completely free from modern electrical and heating needs and move completely off the grid. I'd probably build a castle and become a weird rich hermit king of my own estate and have tons of amazing things to occupy my time, while I no doubt will continue to tinker on my Delorean in vain.

That sounds a bit crazy but I can see myself doing it. Or maybe i couldTry to contact aliens from said castle or something.

OR... *insert generic selfless example of using my money to better the world to gain stars while I know it's complete BS.*

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 06:50 PM
My family and I discussed at length over dinner tonight and this is our plan.

One house in our most favorite place with a part time cook,since we will be traveling most of the time.
Start a foundation for those in need,especially for those kids with disabilities.

My son,who is 11 years old ,would like a butler.
My daughter,who is 14,I don't care what she wants,she is getting her own personal bodyguard to keep the boys at bay.

I just want a new Ford F-150 Raptor,and to be energy independent.

My wife just wants a chauffeur.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:58 PM

Originally posted by DavidsHope
reply to post by kdog1982

i believe for some gambling is an addiction. For others and Illusion. But without doubt it is a false hope. And Lottery is gambling.
Still if I were to play this game, and win. I would pay off all of my bills. Set aside only enough to live on for a simple few years and give the remaining 99+ percent to the homeless. I would keep nothing else.
In short. I do not desire nor do I wish to be rich. I already have everything I need, and near 100% of that is spiritual. It will benefit no man to gain the entire world, and loose his soul.

Sorry Davo, But I don't believe that you would give 99% of it away, nor do I believe that you have no desire whatsoever to be rich. Course, I could be very wrong about that assumption, and in no way am I trolling you whatsoever buddy.

Yes I agree, Gambling is a fools game, yet I buy around 12 Lottery tickets a year. Usually just one per month if I think about it. Usually it's when I get double hits, which are freak occurences like when you read a word in a book, and seconds later that same word is spoken on tv or from another individual or something like that. It's a link to unknown human intelligence. It's a magnetic connection thing that I have not come to fully understand, but forget about that for now.

So yeah other than Lottery tickets, I don't gamble even when I go to Vegas other than some slots for fun. My point is, I don't play the tables or lay down big coin like a lot of sheople do, never have and never will.

Anyway, Helping family and desperate friends goes without saying, but I would buy a vacation cabin up in Tahoe, Ca or Sun Valley, Idaho, then an ocean front owner occupied home in Northern Kauai (not a very large home, but a very large lot), a decent sized loaded yaht and then I would without a doubt personally start my own foundation that I could monitor myself that would help feed starving children here in America and around the world. Yes, I would do that.

I would first start it as a company that could profit in order to keep all those profits going on and on and on with feeding starving children. I mean, a company like Nestle for example, could feed millions of children and easily still make a profit. Maybe they do already, but I doubt it. Hershey's, makes billions annually off of candy sales to children. See my point? Atleast I would try because no child should go hungry in this World.

Again, It's not that I don't believe that you're a good person, I just don't believe that you would give 99% of it away to the homeless. Maybe a vast amount, but not 99% and you know it. Most of it would be stolen anyway unless you went out and handed it out to them yourself. Why not help children eat instead of giving money to drug addicts and dead beats? Not that all are like that cause many have just failed to survive this crazy and unpredictable struggle.

All I am saying is that children are at the top of my list when it comes to charity. We are currently helping two families (our second season) provide presents for their children and it feels great to help people out who need it. ~$heopleNation

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by SheopleNation

All I am saying is that children are at the top of my list when it comes to charity. We are currently helping two families (our second season) provide presents for their children and it feels great to help people out who need it. ~$heopleNation

Right on,brother.
It has been a tradition in our family for a few years to adopt a family from our local angel tree to help out for Christmas.
That was one of our topics tonight besides winning the lottery,was what kid and whose family we would help out this x-mas.

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