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Why Do You Believe Something Will Happen On December 21?

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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 04:33 PM
I have to say I'm kind of surprised there haven't been more responses to this thread. I mean we have hundreds, if not thousands, of different theories related to 2012 on this site. I kind of expected people to be able to explain why they believe these theories they're espousing.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 02:07 PM
Galactic alinement I believe will happen hehe, lol maybe the Mayan's telling us some wide universe knowledge.

Maybe lots of sun flares also, 20 days now then we will all see yikes lol.

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 11:02 PM
Let me briefly show what I personally have noticed, read about, and dots connected across science and mayan prophecy :

The Mayans claim that 2012 will be the end of an ERA, and MAN WILL START AGAIN.
They claim that on 21/12, we will be crossing the dark rift, or the plane of the galactic centre. We discovered only recently that it is a disc shaped very thin plane across the galaxy full of dark dust and inert debree.
The Mayans seemed to have knowledge of this plane, and the fact that we cross it 2 times every 26000 years.
They also knew our SUN would line up with it on dec 21st this year.

Now, for the science of the above:
these are things even science is just beginning to comprehend and explain, so bare with me :

Our galactic centre contains a supermassive giant black hole. By studying the surrounding matter and stars, it has now been proven, allmost without doubt, that this is true. Furthermore, it is now being discussed that every single galaxy has this in it's centre.

Now, what do we know about black holes ? Well, according to science, the bigger it is the faster it spins. They even can't explain WHY they do that, THAT'S how recently this has been discovered, but they do know this to be so. The one in the centre of a galaxy is so big that it spins so fast that the matter surrounding it starts heating up. That's the ball of light you see surrounding it. Plasmatised matter. Because it spins around the black hole so fast, it doesn't all get forced into the black hole, but most of it forms like a shell around it squashing it and flattening it into a thin disk, under IMMENSE pressures. The gravity waves it exerts are then forced sidewards, instead of just in all directions.

Just imagine a thick rubber balloon squashed top and bottom. It will bulge on the sides. Same thing happens with the gravity eminating from the black hole. As gravity pushes down so enormously top and bottom It's the only direction it CAN escape. And it does so in a spiral motion, like a spinning record, or a ripple in the water. It seems science is picking up on the fact that that gravitational force is what created our galaxy, and what keeps it spinning in that spiral shape. It follows the "ripple" that the gravity waves are creating in space-time.
Another analogy would be you holding on to the side of a mary go round as it spins very fast. What does gravity tend to do ? push you sidewards. The faster you spin relative to mass, the greater the force pushin you outwards. Simple as that.

So imagine gravity rippling out from the centre of our galaxy. Imagine this gravity comes from a mass equal to about 5 trillion suns, spinning very VERY fast. It creates a constant "ripple" in a disk shaped spiral. Hence the reason every galaxy follows this same flat pattern. Notice also that the mass of the sourrounding gasses and stars in our galaxy, roughly matches up with the estimated mass of the centre, so it further supports a black hole in the centre keeping the surrounding stars in check by means of GRAVITY. We all know it's a balance of mass against movement.

Now, along that ripple, that gravitational plane, a dark "halo" is present, and it contains mostly inert matter and space debree that lost all it's kinetic energy over time. So now it just floats around like that. We are beginning to cross that debree now.

That would certainly explain why we have been seeing such a diversity of komets and asteroids the past few years, mostly parabolic komets, and one time asteroid fly by's. More recently, in Pakistan there seems to have crashed a number of smal objects, like just a week ago or so. We should see an increase in this also.
It also explains the fact that in the polar ice caps, they have found a thin layer of space dust once every 13000 years, and it seems to be very consistent. They identified the dust to originate from the kuyper belt. No #. So some external force (external to our solar system) pushes dust from the kuyper belt into our solar system, recurring over and over again, again coinciding with this "event" on the spot!

Somehow the mayans seem to have known about all this, and the fact that not only we, but our entire solar system is crossing this over and over again (hence the neverending CYCLES), AND that our sun will be perfectly alligned with the galactic centre exactly on dec 21st 2012. In fact we are allready crossing it, but our sun rises exactly in this centre on dec21st. Just think about the fact that they new this 1500 years ago, but somehow we today have only very recently "discovered" that that is true (??).

Then take into account that every single ancient civilisation has gone missing, every great religion seems to talk about the same past disasters, and no matter which ancient culture, we only find stone relics as having stood the test of time. Same prophecies around the world, from different times, underwater cities found more and more around the world, fact the entire solar system is heating up,...

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 11:17 PM
So even in the worst case scenario, and all of this is true and all these seamingly events in the past are all connected by this returning calamity, and all of this happens, let's even assume that us crossing this graviton wave will cause a MASSIVE magnetic AND geo pole shift, then STILL it would mean that WE, MAN, CIVILISATION would have to start over, not THE WORLD. The world would just keep on spinning, after all settles down.

You see, none seem to realise, that this event would be only a minor 'glitch' for the solar system, even the sun and the earth be only slightly affected all concidered, but for US it would be DEVISTATING beyond belief, and technology would be especially vulnerable to this. Think about it. Our tech would be wiped away, gone redundant allmost over night. The tech that did survive would degrade within a year because there are not ENOUGH ppl and enough knowlegde left to fix it all. After 50 years most of it would become unusable, and after a thousand years old vague relics from the past. After ten thousand years, not even plastic would have survived, one of the tougher man made materials. Wouldn't it be logical then that any ancient tech would not have survived the test of time ? It would. Wouldn't it explain why we see signs of ancient tech, like baalbek, giza, TIAHUANACO, ....but can't find the actual tech ? It would. Only stones and such would have stood the test of time, not the metal laser drill that sculpted them or the manual that described how to operate it!
Would it not explain why the entire solar system seems to suffer from global warming ? It would.
Would it not explain why the weather is getting more extreme every year ? It would, just look at the EQ data from past five years. It's right in front of us.

You could match up HUNDREDS of anaomalies past and present, that seem to be explained easily if the above would all be true.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 07:22 PM
Since we're now in to the final stretch I thought I'd give 2012 believers one last chance to express their thoughts before the date. No matter what happens I feel like there is something to learn from why people believed so strongly in this date. So I implore anyone that feels something will happen this Friday to explain why. I promise that there will be no judgment coming from me as I now see this as a learning opportunity.

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