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What in your opinion is a "premonition"?

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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 07:48 PM
I ask this because i have spent a great deal of time scouring the net for an answer, however there doesn't seem to be a definite one. I tend to stay away from the predictions forum if i can help it, not always, but mostly, mainly due the fact that i see it as so "hit and miss". Much random guessing going on.

However i would like to know more about the way our brain is working to produce a premonition. I know hardly anything about the way the brain works, so i'm just spouting what i think and what i have read. I would love to hear your opinions, i know there are more than a few good minds on ATS.

So to start off with, like i say, some say it's a guess.

Some say a premonition is a memory thing, so you are in fact recalling an event rather than foreseeing one.

A bit like dreams, just because i dreampt that i won the 100 meters in the Olympics, it obviously doesn't mean that i will. So why do so many people feel that a thought of an event that pops into their head, is so certainly a future one?

Others say a premonition is a psychic ability or evidence of some ability.

Our minds work overtime to process the masses of information going on around us every day, there must be so many scenarios going through your head at any one time. Much is from what you read in books, or watch on TV. What you read on the net, heck....even just what you read about on ATS can be enough to put a thousand scenarios to work in your brain.

So what makes it such a definite "premonition"?

What makes you think that what you are thinking about is so definitely going to happen in the future, why can't it be something else?

I look forward to hearing your opinions on this one, i don't think there is a right answer as such, but i struggle to think that every thought posted here is a proper premonition of a forthcoming event.



posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 08:19 PM
(In my opinion) a premonition is any unintentional foresight of an event that would otherwise be unforeseeable.
As soon as someone makes an effort to form some vision of the future, it becomes a prediction.

Here's an example where a member here at ATS demonstrated what can be considered a (pretty big) premonition: Coming Massive Earthquake off Japan - A Dream

Possibly through sheer chance of odds, the average person will at some point in their life experience a premonition. Whether or not there's anything more to them than chance, I can't speculate.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 09:45 PM
It's interesting, as I just got back from a walk. Shortly after leaving my apartment, I had a premonition that something was wrong, likely that my cat was in trouble or was about to be. I hurried back, just to be sure. Everything was fine, he was fine. I rolled my eyes and left.

In the past, incidences like this have caused me to ignore my intuition afterwards (which I usually regretted.) I think that sometimes our imaginations play tricks on us that cause us to feel a premonition that isn't real. But I've definitely had plenty that were. Often I am about to say something in conversation that seems harmless enough, but if I ignore my 'bad feeling' and say it anyway, it will undoubtedly turn out to be a worst thing to say. Sometimes it's a matter of what you are about to do, a choice you are making or an order you are purchasing. Almost always, I find that I regret it if I don't listen.

One morning I had a dream where I saw a very clear sign in my face with the words: BE VERY CAREFUL TODAY (this also included my name) just before I woke up. So, I went to work and I was...very careful. Nothing happened, so...I guess I'll never know...

I have a relative (who has a lot of Native in her) and she has strong premonitions of danger before they happen. She is the kind of person who will avoid going somewhere, and then something bad happens there (a shooting or car wreck.) She’s always had this gift.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 10:32 AM
In order to understand what a premonition is and what causes it, you have to let go of the scientific description of the world. In reality there is no real world but instead life is just a dream, or in other words, we live in a virtual reality. In order to do this we each need to be linked to another mind which provides us with the information our minds require to experience this virtual reality. We communicate with these other minds, on a one-to-one basis, through dreams (the dreams you see in your mind come from this other being, and the dreams that your mind creates are output to this being - it's a conversation), and through signs and portents. Thus this being can let one know of future events - it plans one's life according to one's dreams and desires.

I would not expect anyone to believe what I say, but everyone can find out for themselves: you just have to ask in your mind for a sign and a sign will be given - the mind you link to is only too willing to establish communication with you.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 11:46 AM
Hey there.What premonition means to me,personally:You know something's going to happen,but you don't know HOW you knew.It popped into your head from point blank nowhere-like a metaphysical teleprompter, eg."Those ones(personal,some local folks) will be here tomorrow".So,when this happened,i say to the hubby:"Those ones,they'll be coming here tomorrow". They came,allright.I have to add that the people i was referring to,have never been to see us,and we dont expect to see them again.Not even aquaintances.Thats one type,thats the warning mode.Of those,ive had too numerous to mention********There's the "prophetic" version which occurs occasionally,usually geared to prepare one for something profound,usually of destiny-affecting level.*******Sometimes its a sign,or even appears as a mark on your body.That would be for yourself to recognise.I received such a mark on my body,in my sleep,and when i noticed it that morning,i was in a sense,going into battle at that time,albeit a verbal battle,the outcome mattered much at the time.It felt like:"You're going to win this one".I did.Well everyone's different,eh? Thats how premonition works for me,these ways.

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by CX

when i first moved to the building i'm now living in, i had a first floor appartment.
i installed an air conditiuoner in my window.

i had fallen asleep on a blanket on the floor in front of the tv.
i had a dream of opening three doors, each one led to a bathroom.
i woke up and thought, i must need to go, so i headed towards the bathroom.
once in the kitchen i realized i didn't need to go and thought, what a strange dream.
i heard a loud noise, thinking it was a car accident or whatever i ran into the living room.
vandals had came by the house, hit the airconditioner and it flew through the air and landed on the blanket at chest level.
i missed being injured or killed by the couple minutes it took to make it into the kitchen.
that stange dream woke me up and got me off that blanket.

it was a strange communication but it saved my life.

premonition or someone looking after me, i don't know.
and without acting fast it would have been too late for me.
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