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Gold Mountain River Serpent

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posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 04:26 PM
If you speaky the 2 in 1s as polly said and maybe follow the trends you might understand at this moment. I am so hungry and my mads make me more so. Everyone is addict; I walked the streets in darkness while they slept their discarded televisions lounges and blenders lining the streets like the syringes of junkies. Maybe I speak harshly of them or maybe I have been to soft. There is only one day and it is the day to repent, always and forever.

If man invented these tools and is able to use them to such an extent that they are able to fool the ignorant what goodies do you think lay beyond these?

Each of the senses has been mirror developed or stolen from the work of the universe.

You have microphones which can, in the grossest sense, capture motion in the air.

You have speakers which can, in the grossest sense, present that captured motion.

You have cameras which can, in the grossest sense, capture motion in the light.

You have monitors which can, in the grossest sense, present that captured motion.

Sight & sound you say....hmmm they seem a might important as senses, at least from a human perspective.

If all our tech is based on number and no one can own a number, i mean i have the number five right in front of me and i'm sure you do/can too, what was the need for this technology? They don't just give stuff away in this world right? So if i gave you a bowl of magic pudding you might think something was up right, and even more so if i said you can choose when to eat the pudding but i will choose the type.

This is a worm hole in space-time:

My location according to the human is brisbane australia.

I am requesting of those who read this to stand up and sit back down.

Actually you ain't have to do anything but read this as that is an action as well.

And I have moved through space and time from one location to another and made a change there.

What was the "delay"?

Lol lots it is the best medicine

I am glad there are those whom faced the pain with fear but not with what they did with the result.

I am the big dumb dumb i know nothing but I am friend with the conductor.

In a garden far away walls were erected and walled gardens flourished with each being a facet of the garden. This is the theory of the multi-verse. The garden which we now can represent in any formation with our speedy system loops of symbolism never was and always will be.

What's the time mr wolf?


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