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Creating a Global Market Collapse - Creating the end for the racist.

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posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 04:40 PM
The Racist and the Link to Their Underlying use of Rape

First and foremost what is a racist? A racist is someone who does not possess knowledge as learned in centers of higher education. What the racist is is someone who thinks that they are better than another of different skin color or religious belief or faith because of what the racists ancestors may have done to another group of humans in the past. Such a trait is often times associated with the racist defeating a group of humans through the use of military force alone. The conqueror will attribute their victory with the color of their skin being the reason for their victory where those not of their skin color and even those of the same skin color who do not except their belief as being superior to the vanquished group of humans belief. More times than not though history can trace the racist’s victory to attacking a weaker and less evolved group of humans. Such as has been the case in many conflicts on Earth. The stronger attacking the weaker group of humans. Why does the racist always attack the weaker or those who can easily be defeated? Ego. The racist cannot attack some of equal or stronger strength because if the racist is defeated then the very belief system of the racist has been defeated and that the reason for their seemingly powerful empire was not because they challenged a more superior group of humans for resources but it was always the weaker human group that was attacked and through carefully placed tactics slowly eradicated the weaker group of humans replacing this group with more of the racists own weak and demented citizens. So as not to be deemed monsters by history and the future of humanity that would seek absolute vengeance on the racist thus seeking to eradicate them wholly from the world the racist would leave some of defeated citizens behind so as too not look like the monster before history. But still the racist can only attack the weaker or those that they isolate from the rest of the group and then attack the single human with superior numbers. Why? If the racist is so powerful in their belief and their belief is powerful within them then why do they need large numbers to once again defeat the isolated human? Ego once again. The racist hates defeat in any form. Any form and all forms. Even if one of their members is defeated after their have bolstered their ego’s in preparation for defeat of the enemy that they cannot force to fall before them and worship them as if they are God’s for the mere color of their skin. But there is one notion that the racist has built into their own defeat. A mechanism that has been built deep within their own thought processes. A process that they cannot escape. That process is conceiving children. A racist and segregationist being one in the same and of the same core have one single source of total destruction that will render their cause defeated before humanity once and for all. A racist above all else hates seeing two humans of different skin color and or beliefs living together in harmony and conceiving children. This very notion destroys their ability to exact their numerical strength of numbers on a group of humans as the history of their victories of the past based upon the assumption of such a victory over those who are weaker than they are being soley based upon the color of their skin. This is the reason why the racist and segregationist seethes at the mouth when they see two of difference together in harmony. They cannot project their dementia onto the person based upon their delusions of such supremacy being passed onto them by their fathers through the exchange of DNA between two supposed master racial beings.

To this end the racist will make every attempt to separate the two humans of difference from creating offspring through many forms of extortion. Every single racist knows these tactics very well as they select their targets on a daily basis. But one thing that the racist does not know is that Creation has built a destruct system into their very thought processes to one day rid Earth of all racism which is a weapon that Death has been able to hide very well under his cloak.

The racist in their attempts to keep those of different color and belief from creating children of the new world will therefore break apart such humans. This very attempt is considered pre-meditated rape because their actions involve forcing apart two humans who come together with each other because they have seen through the mist and what lies on the only side. Once the racist has been able to break apart the two humans of difference they will then employ tactics to further force both individuals to stay within their skin color or belief group often times assisted by racists of the opposite group to do so. Both groups then go about constantly attacking the separated humans until the humans have no other option other than to believe the racists belief for fear of death and to alleviate the constant attacks on them.

Once this process has taken place both groups of racists will then return to a normal and friendly mannerism subtly making reference too many women or men that the group knows that would make a fine wife or husband for the person. This subtlety may remain benign or may become malignant depending on the total numbers of the group of the racist. You see where I am going with this I hope. The racist is now trying to force of who the person may marry and conceive children with based upon the racists version of history that they are trying to recreate. This act alone of forcing the person into a sexual act of child creation against their own will and choice is rape.

The dictionary definition of rape is the use of force against a man, woman or child to engage in a sexual act of reproduction against their will and choice for the benefit the rapist so that the racist can then further subject fear and oppression over the mother and father to make them continue to conceive children as well as making the family give the racist a certain amount of money or property where such laws are created that make such an act legal before the racists courts and other racists.

No matter how often the racist tells theirself and others that they are not rapists the truth of the matter is that all racists are rapists because of their underlying loathing of two people of difference conceiving children.
All type of harassment including numerous bullying, stalking and other forms of seemingly quaint and trivial crimes also share the common core of a rapist because the underlying mentality of such a person is that he or she wants to separate two people of difference in order to conceive children with them personally or to force the subject into a situation of conceiving children for another so determined group.

With this in mind any sort of crime associated with stalking, bullying, harassment and the like should also carry a sentence of pre-meditated rape along with such a crime.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 04:40 PM
To find the leaders of the racists who are well hidden look for those who discount this information and those who would rather sit by and not take part as they are the watchers for their racist masters and will make pleasant guises of theirselves to no be discovered. The head of these racist masters will try and make you believe that such conflict is necessary as it fuels the economy of conflict where jobs are created based upon such actions taking place that keep your citizens busy and occupied so as to not wonder and travel this deep into their territory so as to find them and alleviate their filth of mind from the world.
Steel yourself away from the recourse of the actions of the law if you see or hear a man, woman or child being forced into a situation where they have had their choice taken away by the racist to force them to conceive for their cult of hate and rape. Your actions will be judged by those around you and not a court of law. Shun the racist whomever they be without regard and prudence as their only goal to make of you like they are….a racist.
The Eagles Nest may have been taken but that evil still lingers on this world and too make this world safe that evil must be eradicated with the only justification being the survival of humanity.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 05:38 PM
A racist is someone who has not received higher education? Like high school? Everyone in america receives some highschool education, yet, some are still racist, so that debunks that claim. You say racists have a superior view of themselves, kind of like how you consider yourself to be superior to racists? You hint at slave trades, it wasn't just whites engaged in slave trades, as their were also white slaves. And it does not always happen through force, sometimes through economic debt.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 09:58 PM
This thread belongs in the rant forum. It is just the OP making up definitions and conjecturing.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 10:10 PM
Reply to post by Dryson

"With this in mind any sort of crime associated with stalking, bullying, harassment and the like should also carry a sentence of pre-meditated rape along with such a crime." Hahaha what!?!? go ahead and through murder in there as well, why not cannibalism also? We get it, racists 'R' bad!

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posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 05:44 AM
Actually, a racist is someone who believes in the theory of race, which has been debunked by science since the beginning of the last century.

Doesn't mean you necessarily look down on other "races", just means you believe that races exist within the human race, which is stupid.

Human is a race. Black or white isn't.

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 06:00 AM
A racist is anyone who modifies their behavior in any way, at any degree, so as to project favor or hinderance towards another person based on their differing DNA.

Notice the word "favor", although 99% of the population ONLY consider "hinderance".

So yes, the US is a very state sponsored racist country because the govt. practices favoritism towards minorities for scholarships, lending, housing, hiring, etc.
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posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 06:10 AM
The use of the word racism has crossed into the definitions usually simply occupied by Good and Evil but people seem apprehensive to face such a raw duality. I agree with the sentiment of what you have said and would go so far as to state it is a sickness in need of a cure.

My vent to add is we're all addicts. Creations of the 21st century line the streets tossed aside like the needles of junkies already fixated on the next ride.

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 06:20 AM
Big Bird's word of the day is...... S I M P L I S T I C.
Dryson, if it was that easy to figure out racist behavior, people of charactor would have wiped it out by now. Many great thinkers, and many not so great, have tried to get a handle on this scourge without success, There are just too many variables to consider. Racism does not always surface of its own volition but sometimes is invoked for political purposes.
Further, rape being not a crime of sex, but a crime of domination and control with no sex act necessary, can, by definition, be considered a motivation for all manner of wrongdoing, not just racism. Your espousal lacks foundation when you attempt to apply it as a ROOT cause of racism. It stands alone as an evil.
May I suggest a more in depth, detailed and lengthy study involving a large study group and control group. A more gestalten view of variables will be required as well as a means to mitigate, or at least control, those variables to get a more accurate test result.
Or you can just switch from "b" grade to "hydro" and try again.
I must; however, say that your distaste for racism IS a good thing. Use that angst to fuel a passion for equality and you will be making the world a better place. The longest journey starts with one small step.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 08:19 AM
man, i really want to read your rant. But I lack the constitution to make it through that enormous opening wall of text you created.

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