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My Mid Life Crisis at 26: ''Rock Bottom at Middle Ground''

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posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 06:59 AM
You are correct, I wrote the post quickly without much editing and evidently used ''shirk'' as my catch all term to describe the anti-god concept I'm aware of. Engaging in spiritual growth and development at any age is righteous and deserving of full attention, and if feel you are nearing ''death,'' you should anticipate experiencing your ''first death,'' in living with the lord you will seek him in life and death, and everything will be, exactly as it is supposed to be.

I don't think its quite correct to state my post contained much misleading text, albeit some variable word usage and terminology reference may not be exact but I'm certain that I expressed knowledge and wisdom, at least what I understand to be true, which, I'm happy to be corrected on as, I seek truth, nothing more nothing less. The important point was that texts other than the Qu'ran should not be used by third parties to manipulate and contrive the truth of Islam, regardless how we arrive, I feel this was the important point.

Could you explain what you mean by 'true' Islam? Again, I'm assuming you're interjecting a personal reference with your understanding of the text, as there's no such discussion of true versus false Islam in the Qu'ran, as far as I know. You should be careful how you refer to such things, as the brothers at the local mosque adamantly discuss 'good' and 'bad' Muslims - a concept not found anywhere in the Qu'ran, and I'm left wondering why they're promoting and discussing things others than that contained within the Qu'ran.
You mentioned an important bit regarding our need for god, and of our existence, which is entirely dependent on the lord, while he has no need for us. Having a true relationship with the lord, in one's head and heart, the concept of prayer is not embraced by me, currently, or perhaps, engaged continually, as, ''requesting'' anything other than acceptance and support from the lord is undesirable- a la ''Dear god, can you please?"...

Regarding matters of importance, daily faith and remembrance of Allah is surely preferable in his sight - bowing and begging for a specific request, is, if it is of such an important nature, you will place all faith in the lord that he will support and attend your desired outcome, should it be deserving. and if you don't receive, your faith is still increased as you acknowledge the ''mysterious workings of the lord.'' Humbly submitting to the lord, who, is of a phenomenal nature inconceivable by the human mind, one is blessed to posses an understanding of the nature of Allah; therefore one must bow down in complete submittance, in respect. and admonishment.

The wisdom of praying five times a day I can fathom will assist you in keeping Allah close to your breast, and that being said, I also acknowledge it as a better way, and despite my approach to Islam, this does not make me a 'good' or 'bad' Muslim.

I appreciate your strong approach to Islam, and I respect that you have expressed yourself, as I feel you are a soul striving for a better understanding of yourself and all that exists. Therefore, I would like to respectfully build on some of the things you've stated - your reference to your reliance on the ''physical world'' and the wider universe.
As it is understood, Christianity and Judaism are accepted and established paths to god, and all men and woman will be judged equally.

You mentioned ''ridding'' yourself of your reliance on the physical, but since we are all dependent on the physical from cradle to grave, I believe what you are seeking is, ''ridding yourself of the bondage acquired as result of attachment to the physical'' As everything continually changes; the seasons, our bodies, the days, the nights, the shapes, the sounds, the sight, the truth of existence is non-existence, not nihilism, but beautifulism via the realism of realization via truth regarding the nature of what we actually are which is empty; understanding and seeing things to be anything other than this is falsehood; incurring bad karma, as our psychic volition continues to manifest ''self'' thought intentions, leading to suffering.

Realizing the nature of your non attachment to everything including yourself, can seem scary at first. ''Becoming'' is the result of identification by your ''self'' to what appears to be ''solid,'' which is not ''solid'' as everything ''changes'' constantly, which, unless we understand this we will grasp at things, leading to suffering and confusion.This is wisdom not found in the Qu'ran, which is the path of knowledge of god, while Buddhism is the path of knowledge of truth of self, and I personally see no reason why these cannot overlap, in searching the truth of all matters.

Thanks for stopping by,. God bless.

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