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curious as to why this video banned,no one should coment etc,

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posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by jude11
Shouldn't both sides have the same responsibility?


In a perfectly sane world, Yes. You would certainly think or expect such. (?)

However, and, many times unfortunately, there those who are married to and bound by their 'belief', often leaving them quite prone to being reeled in hook line and sinker ... just as there are always those who could have it happen to them personally, landing in the back yard, so to speak, and still walk away seeking further 'proof'.

circular debate(s) has/have long-since been a near trademark in and of UFOology over the years.

No 'common ground' or truly concerted effort to establish an understanding or protocol with regards recording, tracing, tracking or cataloguing of these 'events' that seem to take place around the world on a near daily basis.

if they actually do, that is. ?

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 03:45 AM

Originally posted by jude11

But isn't it the responsibility of the De-Bunkers to do the tracking down before posting?


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No, it's the responsibility of the one making the extraordinary claim to provide proof.

There are countless UFO videos on Youtube, the vast majority are hoaxes or have mundane explanations. At this point a video by itself is useless as UFO evidence without reliable corroborating evidence.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by jude11

in one word - no

as always - the burden of evidence is on the positive claimant

the reason for this is simple - to actually disprove this alledged " event " would take...................................

hey - as an exercise in your education - why dont you tell me what would be required to prove that this "event " did not occur ?

then you should realise why the burden of evidence is on the positive claim

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 04:03 AM

Originally posted by cheesy
is there any post related to this video? This video is genuine?

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Ok so let me get this strait;
A video from 2018 shows up on youtube, and you're asking if it's genuine?

This is clearly as others have said a film project, or film test. Anyone can see that, but lets say for pure entertainment that this video wasn't dated (on screen) that it came from 2018. Lets say that it being passed as a real event. The first thing that a person could do is look for landmarks. (I see a flat land with interesting towers near a river bank, a river barge that appears to be a European styled barge, and then there is the blast area) By doing a quick look on google earth you should be able to find the general location of where this may have happend.

After a person had located the general area of where it may have happened, a search through local papers or check on sites like this one to see if anybody had seen anything out of the normal.

If the area is local to you (or you think it might b, or if you know someone in the suspected area have them, or you) go to the area and look around for evidence of the event.

It's not had to figure out if a video is good evidence or just good entertainment. It just takes some digging.

If you have any questions, ask.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 06:23 AM
What looks unreal to me is that the 6-8 people who turn around look as though they are all between 16 -20 an unusually narrow age range for the average crowd.

The other thing that does not feel right is how the people on the bridge move towards the river but the cars do not slow down - as though they are oblivious to seeing anything. In the UK, we often have crashes caused by drivers slowing down just to see a crash on the other side (sad but true).

I would agree this is Europe, they are driving on the right but that does not narrow your search a great deal.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 06:25 AM
reply to post by jude11

Something like that would've been seen by more people for God's sake use your head.
I understand what you're saying but do you really think that video is real?
Do YOU think the video is real?
Think about it for more than two seconds. There's no point in arguing or making this thread longer than what it is, when it's a clear hoax.
No one needs credentials to see that it's not real. Do you really think that an incident of this magnitude wouldn't have been witnessed by more people?
How come we've never heard about it? I mean we're talking about it right now. So why the heck isn't this all over the net?
The answer is very simple. It's a hoax.
You need to step back and away from the computer sometimes and breathe, then come back with a clearer head, it works.
If not, then you must be one of those persons who still believe in the McPherson tape.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 08:16 AM

Originally posted by trysts

Originally posted by jude11

Originally posted by zonetripper2065
reply to post by jude11

because its cg anyone with half an eyeball can see that

Please show your credentials as proof that you at least have the knowledge in CGI to de-bunk this video.


Yes, how do we know Star Wars isn't a documentary? This is an excellent video to defend against the would-be debunkers. Good job! lol

Your Right! Look at Galaxy Quest !

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 08:28 AM
One of the first things I noticed about this video was the timing of the explosion and the sound of the boom - they occur at the same time. The tower appears to be at least half a mile away; If this video were at all real, you would have seen the explosion then heard it a second or two later, not simultaneously, as light travels faster than sound.

It's a cool vid, but it's clearly a work of fiction.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 09:09 AM
Probably the same people who made this?

Seems similar.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 09:35 AM
It must be a hoax BECAUSE:
The white house/building on the right side of the screen was blown up before the boat in the river.....hmmm

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by cheesy

Well, for a start. I think you'll find the 6th of the 8th 2018 hasn't happened yet

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by jude11

No, it's the de-bunkers who must define and prove it's not real.


Well, here is my main evidence for it being fake, and something I noticed immediately the first time I watched it (back the first time this was posted -- last year, maybe?):

We hear the sound of the "exploding ball of objects" at the same time we see it. However, it was so far from the camera that there should have been a delay between seeing the "exploding ball" and hearing it.

That's pretty damning and obvious evidence against this being real, IMO.

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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by Soylent Green Is People

And the fact the date on it is 2018.
Come on people, where's your common sense!
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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 08:24 AM

Originally posted by Wongbeedman
reply to post by Soylent Green Is People

And the fact the date on it is 2018.
Come on people, where's your common sense!
edit on 26-11-2012 by Wongbeedman because: (no reason given)

Yeah, but that could be explained away by people saying the video camera's date stamp was wrong. The date stamp could be set to any date.

That's why I mentioned the fact that the sound of the exploding "ball" was heard the same time it was seen. That is stronger evidence that the video is fake.

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 08:52 PM
When you see a Tesla ship you will see the real Illuminati UFO.
For sure a visit by MIB should verify the fact.
Just sign off on any document they have an say it must be alien.
Ed; OK here is what I think happened.
An over head UFO actually a Tesla ship caused nose bleeds by active UV
causing immune deficiencies. The birds dropping out of the sky due to
ship vibrations. There must have been a river disturbance that people looked
down but the ship is up in the air. To cover any UFO on video the CGI
was added to throw everyone off.
Ed; The MIB would take the video and set it free with the CGI.
This of course would be understood and help in finding a similar video
withheld but what would they do, ask for their money back.

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posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by jude11

Generally speaking I agree with your views here.

And on that note, Thank You for bringing some sanity and reason to this site, and explaining to others why they are being unreasonable, even when I sometimes lack the patience to.

Rock on!

And I'd like to add, that this was kind of spooky looking, for a commercial. I like the vibe. Would make a great opening for a film or something...

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