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Nico Vega Love Em Or Hate Em, There May still Be Hope For Our Young People

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 01:47 PM
warning some content maybe inaprorite for younger people.

well went to my brothers house yesterday for thanksgiving, and man it was great, so much food, friends and family and all the deserts you could eat, ate so many sweets that i went into a sugar comma.

but that's not what this thread is about. as far back as i can remember, my and brothers and i have loved to play video games.
i remember going shopping with my mom, to the mall or other stores or what i call strip malls. as soon we got there we would hop out of the car and beat feet to the arcades, or in the the 5 and dimes stores like, j m fields, ben franklins, murphy's and k mart's, where they had deli's. they usually had a little arcade next to it. we would stay and play the whole time our mom was shopping.

any way, my middle brother's birthday is next sunday, and his son's was last sunday. so we had cake and ice cream for their birthdays yesterday. my brother and his son are still real heavy into online game play. me not so much cause i've done got old and slow. there are a few i still play, and when i do i mostly play as a sniper. i can hide back in the rear and pick people off, i'm pretty good at that, and have been known to piss a few players off. and every now and then i can get me a sniper war going. my brother and nephew are pretty good, and they both like to get on line and play about two or three time a week. my nephew had a controller in his hand from about four years old, i remember when we use to baby sit him when he was between the ages of seven to ten, he always wanted to play,and i would show him no mercy, but after about ten i couldn't beat him as much and now i don't even like to play against him. well my brother got the new halo game, halo 4.

let me see if i can get to the point, my brother couldn't wait so we hit the xbox. and during our game play my brother wanted to show us the trailer for bioshock infinite. well the first thing that hit me was the song that was playing,then the graphics, as in other games are unbelievable, it seems that in this game as in others the graphics just keep on getting better. but as we were watching i was listening to the lyrics, and i just couldn't believe what i was hearing. so i asked my nephew who that was and he told me nico vega.

on the drive home, the tune just kept on running through my head. couldn't shake it. listening to radio didn't even help. in between songs, i kept on hearing " beast of america". when i got home, the first thing i did was get another big ol piece of strawberry cheese cake,i know should skipped the cheese cake. then sat down and got on the internet looking for tunes and lyrics for nico vega.

i suppose that i should tell you whats got me all excited/bothered about this group/song.
first here is a video of the tune "beast", apparently it was also used in the movie "the collector".
so i'll post that video first.
but first a few words about this group.
i think they have great potential, man can that woman belt it out. and the music, some of it just grabs and thumps you inside, some have something left to be desired. and all of the searching i've done looking at the lyrics, i think that their writer might be a little lyrically challenged. do a search, or check out a few of their videos, you'll see what i mean. but over all i think that if they manage to stay together, they will turn out to be a great band.
i kinda think that some record company, is gonna try and scoop her up, wouldn't surprise me at all if that happened.

Stand tall for the beast of America.
Lay down like a naked dead body,
keep it real for the people workin' overtime,
they can't stay living off the governments dime.

Stand tall for the people of America.
Stand tall for the man next door,
we are free in the land of America,
we aint goin' down like this. Come on Now!
this is the verson i found at first
parental advisory
click see more for lyrics

you can see there is a difference in the two versions.
for me the collector version is a pro U.S. tune, and when i say that, i can see the true americain citizen( i hate that term, i like U.S. citizen better, but sometimes it just doesn't fit.) idea. fighting to be free, fighting for your brother, fighting for your neighbor's rights as well as your own.

the second one seems to be all most anti U.S.. talking about how the U.S. is war mongering and how we say all our kids have some kind of mental disorder and we put them on meds and they turn in to alchies.

also during my search for their music, i came across another one of their tunes, and it seems to be putting down "the american man". also this is one of the songs that i think is lyrically challenged. another thing that bothers me. i went to their web site, and read her blog. and i got to say it, even though i know i'm gonna catch alot of flack about it.
she almost seems like one of those new age long haired hippie socislist. now don't get me wrong, back in the day i partied hard and had hair you wouldn't believe. and i didn't care much for the man, but i wasn't a flower child by no means, i guess it was a little different atitude here in south, north west florida to be exact. i'm not gonna go into all of the nuances, of music. lets just say we liked it all.

did you hear these two lyrics? might not be totally correct couldn't find these lyrics.
the american man who is not self sufficient
so he robs the poor and leaves all the riches

this says to me that they think "the american man" to be a imbecile, a bully, a thief, or what have you. and he has to take money from the poor.
gotta say, they got me puzzled.

all in all i think i could like their music if i could figure out their mind set. and if this is the music that's coming out in today's world, i only listen to two radio stations, one is classic rock, up to the 90's and the other is a rock station that plays every thing. on this one some times i have to go to the other one cuase the music is just crap.

i'm gonna be out for a day or two, but i will try to check for comments, i'm curios to get views from all our members and find out if this band might be worth keeping a eye on.

i think i could grow to like them more just got to get past a couple of things.

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 04:13 PM
well i was just headed out the door and thought i would check to see if had any replies. have to say i was kinda disappointed, i was hoping to see at least one reply. especially from our younger members.

i know that i talked a lot about the band and their music, i should of put more empathist on what they are saying about the country and what if any thoughts these songs provoke about the issuse spoken of in the tunes.

so post, good or bad. tell if i'm on track or chasing something that's not there.

ETA: i might not be able to respond until late tonight or tomorrow
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