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Susan Rice says the White House gave her misinfo and asked her to do Sunday shows

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

Dear sheepslayer247,

Due to my careless writing, this time you didn't understand my idea.

I may be missing it, but why should the real info ever come out?

So that we can make an assessment based of real facts, not expediency as stated before.
What I meant was, what's to prevent the President from slapping "Classified" or "Executive Privelege" on it and burying it until the next century. We still don't have most of the information from "Fast and Furious," they should be able to hide this for years.

Yes, it matters.

If the motivation is political, the facts will be twisted to fit the benefit of what is politically expedient.
Well, I'm pretty sure that neither the Democrats nor the press will go running after the story. If the Republicans try, it will be labelled as "politically expedient." So who does have the muscle and political neutrality to get the facts out?

Here, you've lost me. I'm not clever enough to see how Benghazi ties into the Military-Industrial Complex so thoroughly that we'll sacrifice people and possibly political careers for it.

What would a few lives matter to a President if they were able to assist the "complex" in distributing more arms, weapon systems and other such items?
I'd be more likely to accept that if 1.) we were talking about a big deal of money and 2.) if I could see how killing the American ambassador resulted in greater weapons sales.

With respect,

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by sheepslayer247
There is nothing Political about this. 4 good men are dead and they died screaming for help from cowards in Washington who stood wringing their hands over how ONLY 2 Navy Seals in the event and calling out intelligence 'wasn't enough' to go on. It never gets better than that for a rescue operation does it??? How often are the people screaming for rescue actually the best trained in the world for the very thing those coming need most??

I don't know what Obama knew or when he knew it. Maybe he gets a pass on this one just like President Reagan did, but it took Reagan a couple years of flogging and a lot of good people went down hard to cover him. No one even died in that one, like this happened. Now this was MONTHS of negligence by the State Department. Their own cables say so. Over and Over and Over again, they say so.

Rice, Clinton and Panetta have all had weak and pathetic excuses for why those 4 good men in service to their nation had to be murdered when help WAS in range but" They didn't have enough clarity" as Panetta has said it. Oh.. this WILL NOT go away. PERIOD. Too much of the nation needs to know why those men died ...was it for nothing but politics or was there something major? Perhaps it was something as basic as the nature of what was overhead that night. Something too highly classified to even confirm exists to have been there? Could be anything...but it's damn sure something.

Now if Reagan could fry for a gun deal, Daddy Bush could be fired for his lie over No News Taxes across his lips and Clinton could be impeached (tho not convicted) for a whole different kind of thing involving lips then Obama can absolutely find the precious time to answer WHY we lost a Diplomatic Mission and the Ambassador in it for the first time in over THIRTY YEARS.

It's the making this to be something small I absolutely can never understand. Was Tehran in 1979 a minor thing too? There were 20 other people with the Ambassador when people from the CIA station broke orders and rescued them. Too bad it was too late with far too little to save Stevens but this was almost MUCH MUCH worse.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I dont believe that Obama will ever be held accountable, as he already has half the country drinking the koolaid.

He could do many more things like this, and be even more blatant, and still the Obamazombies would simply, use the same idiotic talking points to defend him.

As everyone already knows, the only reason anyone would ever question his actions or motives, no matter the the situation or how many people are harmed or hurt in it, is that they are racist, and simply want to pick on a black man.

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