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Lindsey Williams on Dr. Stan Montieth Oct 16, 2012 Update

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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 09:26 PM
I just ran across this Radio Liberty Show - about 20 days before the election - 1 hr radio show...

I remember the last election his elite friends said McCain was their man.... ah~! ok,
These two make a good team - dr. stan and his Brotherhood of Darkness and Lindsey and his
elite friends....
and if you wanted to know who won the election all you had to do is watch the People Court on CBS...
they released the election results two weeks early... Yuck Yuck...

any way its been a while since I got an update from Lindsey - I hope he doesnt go into a half an hour
of ancient history in Alaska.... gosh - doenst he ever get tired of the same ole story... geez...

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