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Black Friday: Mass shooting potential

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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 07:20 PM
I hate doom type thread, and terror predictions. They are pretty much always wrong. So, I'm not predicting anything here, just relaying why I'm a bit worried about the potential for mass killing on Black Friday.

Last year, there was some violence but it was very limited:

Violence erupted at Black Friday sales across the U.S. with one bargain-hunter left critically injured after being shot during a robbery and 15 other people injured when an angry shopper used pepper spray.

So there isn't much of a history for this, but if a Holmes-esque gunman were to enter any of the various superstores across the nation tomorrow, they would find easy pickings.

image from Black Friday 2011.

Now, we saw the James Holmes incident and The Sikh temple shooting over the summer. It's been a few months now, and sadly an argument could be made that we're "due."

There are multiple reasons to think America may see a mass killing in the near future.

1.) Many believe there is a Global agenda to place severe restrictions on gun ownership. Violence helps this cause.

As President Obama added his voice to the push for stricter gun rules in the wake of the Colorado movie theater massacre,

This notion has created great concern among gun enthusiasts and constitutionalists, which some speculate will/has lead to an increase in gun sales.

President Obama and the Democrats won't be the only big winners if he's reelected in November. Gun retailers and manufacturers are expecting a significant rise in gun sales if the president remains in the White House for a second term, The Wall Street Journal reports.


2. There may be more guns being bought, meaning more potential shooters and a more difficult time identify potential killers.

The above isn't what concerns me most. I think a mass shooting would just as likely be carried out by an angry lone wolf, as it would as a false flag in the name of a political agenda.

3. People are very dissatisfied, frustrated, and strained psychologically.

We've seen secession petitions, there is a ton of talk about an American collapse. It's not hard to see someone losing all faith and deciding to take out a bunch of people and then commit suicide.

4. 2012. People believe the world is ending in a month. Someone with this attitude may decide that there is nothing to lose and they will go make a name for themselves, in a psychopathic mindstate.

5. An Anti-American, anti-Capitalism attack. Some may see Black Friday as respresenting corporate greed and public manipulation. This type of attack could come from Islamists, communists, anti-Bank people, etc.

In all likelihood, all will go well. People will flock to the stores, spend too much money, and further indebt themselves to their creditors. Black Friday as usual.

Just a bit worried for some reason and thought I'd unload.

Happy Thanksgiving (said with an underlying cynicism about corporate driven holidays)

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 07:49 PM
It will prob be just fine...the normal elbowing, eye gouging and groin kicks to grab the last "Wii U". I can appreciate some of your thoughts though...people seem to lose their minds just a little bit more each year and there is the 2012 thing coming in ..well...28 days from tomorrow...which some goofy people still think is significant for some reason.

I also hate the corporatist/consumerist holidays. The best way to get around that is celebrate them your own way and ignore what the MSM pounds in your face. I enjoyed our little traditional Thanksgiving. Nothing fabulous, just a bird and some grub and family company. I won't be falling for the trap for Christmas. My kids are grown and we have a very modest Christmas out of respect for the true meaning of the's about the "act" of giving, not what you give or get.
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