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Syria - Update and Information thread

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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 07:47 PM
Twitter is lighting up about this as well. Israel launches airstrikes in Syria.

posted on May, 5 2013 @ 08:32 AM
What is known right now was that

1. On thursay, there was a strike on an arms convoy heading into Lebanon. There were NO official claims of who done it, and upon whom, EVEN FROM the Hizbollahs and Syrian regime.

All that is known are unsubtantiated wild claims finger-pointing at everyone and anyone else, following even by the msm that some claim to hate.

2. Today, there was a loud explosion in the outskirts of Damascus, believed to be ammunition storage centres which accounted for the loud blasts.

Again, there were NO official claims of who done it, or was it a self created accident which is common amongst the inept regime animals. Only right now, over this incident, the regime blamed Israel, again without any shred of evidences.

And as usual, the regime and Persian apostate Khamenei's lap dogs went wild on the internet even here on ATS with numerous threads making wild claims to fool others that they seek peace and yet ready to push others to force for the blood of innocent jews and rebels whom were fighting that animal regime.

Link:- official news report on the Damascus explosion.
official news report on the Damascus explosion

3. However, WHAT IS REAL AND BACKED WITH WITNESS REPORTS AND VIDEO - are the massacres of Sunni muslims in the coastal villages of Baniyas, northern Syria.

Even I trembled to write what horrors occured there conducted by the armed animals of the shia regime against innocent sunni men, women and espacially to children. Best you read it yourself. 2 years on in the conflict, and yet I am not numbed but shiver with each atrocity against innocent humans committed by the beasts.

Syrians flee coastal town after 'massacre'- Aljazeera

I am sure that many Sunnis outside and inside Syria had weeped and implored upon Allah for mercy and help, more so after the lastest massacres.

Guess the Sunnis had been heard. With those exposions in Damascus alone, it would have halted the onslaught of HumanSlayers Assad's beasts as they rush back to Damascus to find out what happened and to defend it.

Allah works in mysterious ways. Was the airstrike and explosions done by the Israelis? None knows at this point of time. Whoever it was, help was given.

I can understand that the decades of animosity and hatred planted by Persia upon the muslims around the world to hate the jews and cause sunnis to kill jews and each other will not disappear overnight, and it will take time for the truth to sink in for truth and realilties are the most painful issues one must deal with.

But still, Jews are children of the Book and Prophet Muhammad had NEVER commanded to wipe them out, but only to live in peace with all sharing our world, to be the role models so that other faiths may choose on their own free will to know and embrace Islam.

Only evil humans - men and women leaders from Persia and the hardcore faction within Muslim Brotherhood, as well as radical islamic militants and ignorant clerics chosed apostasy to defy Divine Will and the teachings of the Prophet.

Humanslayer Assad and the Persian apostate will be quick to call for annihilation of the jews and the rebels falsely accused of being on the side of the israelis, using the strike and explosions to fool and mislead Sunnis yet again. Evil corrupted sunni clerics will do the same. May the Sunni masses, from the intelligent to the uneducated villager, wake up now, if they had not woken up yet, to know who are the devils in Islam now.

The SLAUGHTER of 70,000 innocent syrians is an abomination, and their wails and cries had been heard in the highest heavens. A warning had been sent.

The ticking.....

posted on May, 5 2013 @ 01:09 PM
In all countries, biz enterprises and insurance companies do acknowledge the existance of the rule 'Act of God', such as natural events that mortals cannot anticipate or prevent, and usually insurance companies offers no compensation.

Is there any IRREFUTABLE and NOT PLANTED evidence that Israel bombed those facillities?

For Israel to hit Damascus, it would take a MIRACLE as the distance is vast and not easy to navigate, more so with the beast regime's trigger happy controls in Syria that had effectively slaughtered 70,000 innocent civilians with their air superiority and Persian apostate Khameni supply of weapons and troops.

And MIRACLES are often attributed to God.

So the Humanslayer now wants to declare war upon those whom had bombed the military facility?

The persian apostate's pet Assad declares war upon ALLAH?

A final public admittance when they had already long declared war on Allah when they both slaughtered innocent unarmedsunnis whom had only pleaded for help?

May Sunnis and innocent Shias and the rest of mankind wake up. The persian apostate Khamenei, his pet Assad and their lapdogs abound everywhere, even here on ATS. Becareful of what they say, because they will try to be convincing, claimed to peace and saddened by the deaths, lull the foolish to ignore realities, so as to support their lies and falsehoods.

Realities of events, as they often does, has come to a head now. Say what you want anywhere, as you wish for you have the right to do so, but the continued slaughter of our fellow human brothers and sisters in Syria, will have to end, and will end.....
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posted on May, 6 2013 @ 10:26 AM
UN back tracks on previous wild claims that rebels had been using chemical weapons.

Carla Del Ponte, ONLY a member of The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic , made EXTREMELY BOLD claims today that accuses the Syrian Rebellion of using chemical weapons, and YET, provided no sample evidences of chemicals, but words from mouths of 'doctors and the sick' in hospitals and worse, OUTSIDE of Syria.

1. Did she even bothered to venture into the chemical reported areas that had been banned by the HumanSlayer Assad to investigate? She did not.

2. Is this how UN works? Mouthing allegations and making wild biased claims like some members here on ATS often do? Hell! why bother with UN CI then? Why pay tax payers hard earned fund for them if they act in such INCREDIBLE manner?

3. She had a fantastic resume, and worked as a chief prosecutor in the ICC tribunal before, therefore there is NO reason why she should not be aware of being PREJUDICE in her judgement for the cause of chemical used upon the rebels, and WORSE, without ANY actual evidence, nor even had any investigator been to those banned sites.

Research her - Carla Del Ponte. She is a loose gun and seemed to have a screw lost in her mind. Senility must had came early for her. She was sacked from her ICC role back 2003, and for years had been insanely harping on the doings of others, and as usual, without any shred of evidences.

Fortunately, the devil riddled UN Human Rights Council as well as other Human Rights organisation had long been known as clowns, responsible and lost their credibility long ago. They investigate nothing seriously but mouth their own simplistic beliefs in a complex world.

Fortunately too, later, the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic made a NEW public statement stated that they had no evidences to support any claims from any side. What is missing is that they still DARED not report that they had been unable to go into restricted sites in Syria controlled by the beast Assad.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 02:46 PM
John Kerry meets Emperor Putin for talks on Syria.

Latest news on US Secretary of State John Kerry's visit to Russia.

Today US Secretary of State John Kerry had met 'Emperor Putin' who was 3 hours late and a diplomatic insult.

But its ok. John Kerry is only a mortal and have patience, and will not bother about such trivalities as the petty Emperor would have.

HOWEVER, US Secretary of State John Kerry, is not meeting the dog Putin on his own capacity. US Secretary of State John Kerry, is REPRESENTATIVE on the UN Security Council, of MANKIND that DEMANDS action be taken on HumanSlayer Assad.

Like John Kerry, Mankind have patience and will not bother about such insults as that dog Pution would have, because there are more CRITICAL matters on hand - precious lives of our fellow human brothers and sisters in Syria.

No matter the differences between us humans all, we each are humans first with only common goals and aspirations in life. We cannot afford to turn the other way while the suffering and mass slaughterings occurs in Syria right now.

That dog Putin had only proven himself either a selfish idiot or just plain moron to think that diplomacy will work, more so after 2 years, and his continued stupidity will only cause MORE innocent Syrian lives to be lost.

Accept it or not, there will another fight after the beast is gone. Radical militants is the second and final war, and are only 10% if the forces and can be eliminated by force and true Islamic ideology as Mali had done.

He best end his belligerances, or MANKIND will do something if our leaders are ball-less to do anything.

Corrupted Russia is dependent on trade, on its energy, arms, resources, agriculture and fish industry. If mankind refuses to boycott them all, it will bring that dog Putin to his knees.

Why should we buy or use products from Russia when those funds are used to keep them rich, contented and care nothing and worse - be the stumbling block to fellow humans suffering elsewhere in the world?

Why should we work in their industries, welcome them, serve them when they never bothered about mankind in return? Is employment and money more important tha human lives? Can we sleep peacefully at night knowing full well what we had actually patronised - the continued suffering, pain and misery of our fellow humans in Syria?

That dog Putin can continue to thumb his nose on mankind and think we are insignificant, but when BOYCOTT RUSSIA through the use of international social media goes through, he will be on his knees, and may he kneel before a mirror to see his own sorry state thanks to his own studipity and pride.

His empire and control is built upon greed, by the elites. If the elites gets no money, the dog will be dropped like a stone. Simple pragmatic realities he should know full well when he chosed the route to power through the greedy elites.

May his dogs show him the TRUE reality of the situation, and NOW, of the actions and the consequences, by him and by Mankind that will not stand the slayings in Syria anymore. Time to grow up and be responsible for we ALL share this world, and he not just grow senile.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:49 PM
The horror and atrocities by the Syrian Regime never seems to end. 2 car explosions by them killing 40 innocent turks and maiming hundreds, to sent the message to Turkey to stay out of the regmine's genocide and the turks to kill each other by blaming the govt for its humanitarian aid in accepting, feeding and housing its fellow humans fleeing from Syria.

Turkey blames 'inaction' on Syria for attacks

The Syrian Regime, as usual, denies the attack as it had done whenever terrorist attacks are carried upon innocent civilians as they had been doing over the past 2 years. The biggest terrorist is the HumanSlayer Assad and his Hizbollah dogs.

His backer - the apostate infidel Persia - khamenei - supreme dictator for life of the misused Shia faith, had 1200 years to perfect guile and cunning, or they would not have survived for 1200 years.

Many claimed that an Islamic revival occured when Khomeni returned in 1979, but unfortunately, it had only been a Saitan revival. He funded and encouraged the false 'mahdi', central to the Shia faith, to give him credibility as a supreme ISLAMIC caliph, to shed bleed and take over the holy city of Mecca.

As it was Saitain's work he did, it naturally failed, but was quick to lay and push blame to an innocent USA as the agents whom had laid seige on Mecca, and through his constant preaching and pushing of such lies, it gained traction and believed by the largely uneducated muslims around the world, that resulted in honest but brainwashed muslims into the act of 911, in the belief that the west will be hostile to the sunnis.

He made used of the sunni palestinian people to continue their fight against jews even when the PLO was ready to end the war for peace, so that he and his prodigy Khamenei can build up nukes to make the sunnis finally kneel and grovel to Persia.

Today, his pet Assad and his Hizbollah dogs had shown their middle finger to the Sunni Turks cunningly, and have shown no remorse in killing sunnis as he had done to his own innocent citizens in Syria.

Does he expect all turks, mostly sunnis and apathetic as they are a wealthy nation today, to accept those deaths of loved ones and fellow turks, then bow to the apostate leader in Persia?

May the sunni youths in Turkey and world wake up. The shia masses have free will, had hurt no one, only want peace and are innocent and must never be harmed. It is the supreme leaders and Muftis in Persia and Syria and their dogs whom deem themselves divine, equal or even higher than prophet Muhammad, above all man, that must be held accountale.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 10:15 PM
At first i believed that there was a legitimate uprising in Syria against the Assad regime , but the longer the conflict took the more doubts i was starting to have, until the israeli strikes on Syria ,then it became truly clear to me that what is going on in the region is just a plan in action to take down the Iran Syria hezbollah alliance and any anti Israel armed movements that the Syrian regime supports . By the look of things now it's seems that the syrian army is controlling the situation which means the israel servents arab states failed in their mission in Syria , thus Israel will not get what it wants .

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:47 PM

Major reports by two Turkish daily newspapers detail the arrest of twelve suspects linked to the Reyhanlı bombings on May 11 in which 51 people were killed and 140 injured. The 12 suspected Al-Qaeda members were arrested in Adana, southern Turkey and anti-terrorist police seized among other items, 2 kilograms of the sarin nerve agent. Zaman reports that the dawn raid took place on Monday, 27 May following intelligence gathered on the cell.

Zaman reports that the dawn raid took place on Monday, 27 May following intelligence gathered on the cell.

Additionally, today, Radikal reported that of the 12 arrested suspects of Jabhat al-Nusra, 5 were released. Radikal also reported the seizure of the nerve agent sarin which is categorised as a weapon of mass destruction in the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention.


posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:51 PM

Sources: Jordan drill in preparation for Syria conflict
Western sources claim international forces will stay in Jordan after joint military exercise 'to prepare for possible intervention in Syria'

A joint military exercise scheduled to take place in Jordan next week is aimed among other things at readying forces for a possible intervention in Syria, Western officials told Ynet on Tuesday.

More than 15,000 soldiers from 18 different countries are set to take part in "Eager Lion 2013."


posted on May, 31 2013 @ 12:55 PM
It is one thing for chemical weapons to be found, and QUITE ANOTHER for it to be discovered USED in the battlefield.

If sarin gas had been found on the persons of the supposed 'Al Queda' terrorists be considered as pepertrators of the deadly chemical attacks in Syria, then EQUALLY such PRESUMPTIONS be applied to the HumanSlayer Assad as well, as he have TONS of BETTER chemical weapons by the HUGE warehouses he have and publically admitted.

AND WORSE, he PUBLICALLY swore he WILL use those chemical stockpile upon the whole of Syria, if foreign troops invade the land, a red line he made, not that he has ANY honour now or even meanings to his words after tens of thousands slaughtered under his misrule for just the past 2 years.

BUT HOW LONG IS RUSSIA and the world going to IGNORE his THREATS, when IRAN - a foreign nation - HAD CLEARLY INVADED into Syria today to slaughter the free syrian people????

May the Turks, well known for their Turkish prisons, put those poor set up sods to be arrested on the rack, to find out WHO supplied those cannisters, as sarin is not some backyard operation, but need materials and precision engineering to create the cannisters. WHO provided the funds, WHERE did it came from? This the Turks must find out, if it wants to be stay credible and be better informed.

As for the Iranian shia soldiers of the rank and file in Syria now, my plea to them is that they wake up. They, like many other innocent shias, sunnis and humankind had long been fooled and used by the apostate Khamenei for his own personal vainglory and delusions that are against the very teachings of the prophet.

Ali was a good man, but he would have screamed in terror now over how his followers holding leadership had twisted Islam to place themselves as god-on-Earth, and slaughtered so many, too many innocent muslims and humankind, only children of our Creator.

May those rank and file Iranian soldiers know whom they had really been sacrificing for, and the consequences of their continued fight. It had only been for the ambition of an apostate in Iran, and not for Ali or their own families, whom will face the brunt of the est 80% worldwide muslims whom are sunnis.

May they make the right choice.

On a personal note, the insignificant nobody me will light candles for them, to light the path for them to meet the prophet and Allah, only a personal symbolic gesture and prayer to wish them well, as I had done for the many heroes of Eath-only ordinary humans whom performed extraordinarily in extraordinary times to help and lead our race, on that final journey we all will have to make to our divine Teachers and our common Creator who is known by many names across time and space in the end.

I heard there are thousands of Iranian troops in Syria today, stupidly named as Hizbollahs that fooled none. But I doubt if I will need to buy many, for there will be only few muslims whom will listen to the teachings of prophet Muhammad, but only to their god-on-Earth - Khamenei...........

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posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 02:02 PM
Rockets from Syria hit Hezbollah stronghold

BEIRUT (AP) — Eighteen rockets and mortars rounds from Syria slammed into Lebanon on Saturday, the largest cross-border salvo to hit a Hezbollah stronghold since Syrian rebels threatened to retaliate for the Lebanese militant group's armed support of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 10:24 AM
Strategically important Qusayr town had fallen, whines talking heads

Qusayr's location has made it a crucial battleground for regime and rebel forces.

The government's control of the city helps secure a critical link between the capital, Damascus, and Alawite strongholds such as Tartus and Latakia, said Charles Lister, an analyst at IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre.

As the Rellion had declared -' we may lose battles, but we will never lose the war against assad'.

Talking heads around the world are whining away, while persian apostate leader Khamenei and Humanslayer Assad screamed a mighty victory. How deluded can they get, and think many are not without brains to analyze the situation realistically?

Since WHEN had a conventional army won against guerilla fighters? None. The french resistance lasted till the Nazis surrendered, and so did many anti-jap guerilla groups worldwide held out till the japanese emperor made his famous bow to surrender. Russia fled Afghanistan, and the local Taleban exists still even as USA is packing up after having completed their mission to destroy the AQ base and international terrorists there.

Bullets alone cannot win against idealogy, may the ruling dogs in Iran and the Syrian regime wake up to such facts.

The regime may had won Qusayr, but they will NEVER be able to hold it, even if Iran garrisons its ENTIRE military there. The game of attrition only awaits, if they both think to enjoy the view there.

However, WHAT was truly IMPORTANT and critical lessons to be learnt over the Qusayr battle are that:-

1. The FSA will have realized that its support of the offically declared terrorist groups within their ranks to join in the battle had only hindered FSA ability to win the battle. FSA thought that with more fighters, including terrorist groups, it will win.

But the reality is evident now. It is not a case of fighting men, but command and control, and ESPACIALLY the right weapons to take on the conventional regime's army of trained, organised Iranian troops, planes and tanks.

And that had been denied because of FSA unwillingness to deal with the terrorist groups, and continue to support them covertly, and thus the west indecision to give such weapons to the Rebellion.

At the same time, may FSA realized that anyone can claimed to be sunni muslim, sworned Salufists and hater of assad, including Iranian Shia agents sent to disrupt and destroy any form of unity that FSA attempts. War is not a schoolyard game played by boys.

2. The Persian apostate infidel god-wannabe Khamenei had proven yet again that he is the master of the game. He had OFFICALLY AND PUBLICALLY acknowledged that he CREATED and most importantly FUNDED the dogs HIZBOLLAH - Iran International Invasion Military Division, which had invaded covertly and occupied Lebanon and Iraq for years, and now Syria.

This DOG INVADED SYRIA in a civil war FREELY, with NO world leader or even UN Security Council censure!!!!

Putin claimed that there were other groups than the pariah hizbollahs in Syria, and funded by other arab states. But then, WHERE'RE the EVIDENCES OF SUCH? The arab states had ACTIVELY fought against terrorism in their own lands, and had even condemn AQ, but Iran funded their own troops dressed in hizbollah skirts.

It only shows how much Putin is supporting ethnic cleaning of innocent sunnis in Syria over the years. Does he hates the sunnis, including innocent sunni men, women and children that much to want to see them ALL slaughtered and displaced?

That dog named Khamenei sitting on the throne of Iran ruling over our fellow humans living in Iran is now rubbing his taloned paws in glee, knowing that no one in the world DARES challenge his power and craftiness. Ignore him, think that he is some grandfaltherly figure, and next you'll be eating out of his hands. May the world leaders wake up before it is too late.
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posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

As i said in my previous post i believed that what was going on in Syria was a true uprising against the Assad regime , but there are facts and incidents that prove that Syria is under attack actually , such as the 2 jet fighters that entered the sky of Syria coming from Turkey , the israeli strikes in May, so now Israel started to support arab causes ?
The fact of the army taking back the city of Qosayr from the armed opposition groups control, proves that the syrian army is still going strong against them, which should not happen in the case of a legitmate fight for freedom with full support from the people and the army , especially after more than 2 years of conflict , the fact that the conflict took a long time indicates the opposite of what you believe, otherwise the Assad governement should have been taken down long ago in the same way of what happened without armed groups in Tunisya and Egypt , Yemen .
The armed groups in Syria have NOTHING in commen with an armed group that fought for freedom . They are just mercenaries completing a mission for the arab states that are serving Israel to acomplish it goals of taking down any alliance or armed movement that they see as enemies in the region .
The course of the conflect points to the failure of the armed groups in their mission to fullfill Israel ambitions in Syria, thus i am intrested about what will happen next . Will the arab groups in the ruling regimes of the states that are responsable of any blood shed in Syria by funding the mercenaries get away with their crimes ?

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 12:02 AM
If any one cares to read this SK looks in to report of DPRK Advisers in Syria form the link

2013/06/05 17:18 KST
text size plustext size minusprintsend twittersend facebooksend msn
S. Korea trying to verify report of N. Korea aiding in Syria conflict
SEOUL, June 5 (Yonhap) -- South Korea has been trying to verify a media report that North Korean military officers were helping the government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo, a senior Seoul official said Wednesday.

A Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, citing the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdelrahman, reported early this week that "between 11 and 15 Arabic speaking North Korean officers in Aleppo" were aiding the Syrian army to ward off the rebels.
if this be true then WW3 is in the making, two fronts one war Mid east and ASIA, having the USA in the middle of them both. China being the wild card.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by elyaeno

I'm guessing the next puzzle piece is to destabilize Turkey - Who are the good guys and the bad guys in all of this?

And the population just gets pummeled by both.

john mccain slithered in to Syria the other day - that ususally means that leaders are going down.

This is all so sickening. I pray for all the innocent victims in the big nwo "game."

I want people to know that there's a lot of americans that see this as bull$^%&! emphasis on the $$$

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by Happy1

Turkey is taking sides against Syria ,thus i don't believe that the protests that are going on in Turkey now are destabilization attempts .

John Maccain visiting the armed opposition groups doesn't have to mean that the leader is going down , i really don't believe that there was any missing of opportunities to acheive that throughout the course of the conflict, the dependence is heavily on the armed groups to make that happen , they had all the time , they failed though .

Now will Israel just accept the reality of the situation, or it will just go ahead and provoke a fight with the syrian army ? because it had shown it's lake of patience about what going on in Syria by striking twice ,and as far as i'm concerned i really don't believe that USA will get involved in a war in the region that will ultimately serve Israel ,therefor i don't know why John Maccain is calling for intervension ? and why he's so concerned about Isreal intrests ?

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Since you claim to be a Seeker of Truth you should know your beloved Free Syrian Army have cleared out all the Christians that were in Qusayr before the Syrian Arab Army came in i am still surmised the mods are even taking your posts seriously.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 02:06 PM
UN needs $5billion to save Syrian refugee lives

"The figure for the new appeal is both an expression of the alarm about the situation facing Syrians and an absence of a political solution," said Adrian Edwards, spokesman for the UN's refugee agency.

Before anyone or any nation even gives a dollar, consider:-

1. HumanSlayer Assad claimed to be the head of state and KING of the syrian People. He is TOTALLY responsible for the welfare, security and safety of his own people.

However, if millions had fled to neighbouring countries seeking shelter and safety from his REGIME'S INDICRIMINATE bombing by tanks and airplanes, WHY SHOULD THE REST OF MANKIND BE MADE TO PAY FOR HIS IRRESPONSIBLITY TO HIS OWN PEOPLE?


He certainly have enough to buy missles and other military equipment from Russia and even pay off Iranian troops in the country to slaughter his own people. If he can't, he can appeal to his master, the persian apostate Khamenei or Putin who enjoys watching sunni babies slaughered to pay that bill.

If those 3 wild animals in our world cannot afford to pay their bills, then THEY MUST REMOVE THEIR CROWNS AND DECLARE BANKRUPTCY TODAY!!!!

3. Let us mankind be NO MORE fooled into being pawns on the apostate Khamenei's chess game. He screwed the world long enough - made us bleeding heartedly pay to alleviate for the sufferings of the free syrian people - both shias and sunnis old, injured, women and children, WHILE he continues to support and urge his puppet assad to slaughter and decimate the courageous syrian men and sunnis from the world fighting in syria to free their loved ones from the beasts tyranny.

Are we too retardly to understand what is REALLY going on?

We mankind had been fooled into this persian chess game and playing according to the persian apostate Khamenei's every move.

Let's end the idiotic delay of time over 'talks' of 2 years and much more to come. It had never been the intention of talks by the 2 beasts and Putin, but to slaughter as many syrians as possible while mankind stupidly still believes that talks are possible, even after 2 years of continued slaughtering of citizens.

The FREE world must make a definative choice now - either we armed the rebels now to DEFINATIVELY END THE CONFLICT,


we withdraw ALL humanitarian support to the free syrian people including BOOTING out the syrian refugees back into syria as we did in Rwanda, and let the syrian men, women and babies be slaughtered enmass as the jews were in germany back in the 40's.

It's not about the money, for no matter how high as USA alone had proven and had been willing to pay that price to the tune of a trillion, to help mankind end terrorism. It's the principle of RESPONSIBLITY OF LEADERS, of which now timely for Russian Putin, Persian apostate Khamenei and HumanSlayer Assad be taught, sharing our world.

The fear that the jihadists within the FSA whom will get access to advance arms and turn against us is just plain BS from Iran and paid bootlickers of Iran. Look at 911 - how much of advanced weapons were used to kill 3000 humans? None.

If the jihadists wants to kill us, even a cheap pressure cook pan will do the job. But they will NEVER be able to kill us all before they will be wiped out, everyone single one of them even through time and space till justice is served, as Osama had been served.

Furthermore, sunnis need mankind's help and they are not without gratitude or compassion. Majority of them had LONG been against the radical jihadists and had not supported them but condemned them at every incident, just as they are equally aware now of Iran's covert operations around the world to make the rest of us feel anger against Islam. The sunnis, whom are the majority of muslims in our world, had contibuted and help in the fight against terrorism for a decade, even arresting their own deviants to rehabilitate and stop terrorism, unlike others..

High time we end the game - get rid and serve justice upon that that persian chess player and his knights who plays by no rules but their own.
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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

The fighting armed groups are the ones that forced the army to fight them in populated areas , they take cover in residential areas and they use the rifles with the aim vision , this make the army soldiers just walking targets hence the obligation for the army to put the residents of the areas where the fights are happenig in harm's way therefor they are the ones that are responsable about making people refugees .

I don't understand why you don't give any consideration to some facts and incidents such as those that i already stated and i add the bombings that happened near some national security institutions and car bombings,if the armed rebels can come to Damascus then why they didn't already acheive some progress such as force Assad to disappear ?

When you look to the situation from a civilian perpective i don't remember Al jazeera showing any footage of any big anti Assad regime protests ,the only one they showed was the 2 milllion march in support to Assad

When you look to the situation from a perspective that includes the army whether there is a real separation in the army divisions or just a few generals that want to overthrow the Assad regime, in ether case Assad will be froced to disappear ,and any fights between the opposing sides in the army SHOULD NOT take place in residential areas ,the anti Assad gernerals should go directly to his site with their groups of officers/soldiers like what happened in Morroco in 1971

I really don't understand why you keep accusing Iran for everything that happening in Syria, but you mention nothing about Israel , where did Iran send jet fighters to srike targets in other contries like israel did in Tunisia ,Sudan and recently Syria ???

posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 12:10 AM
wow i thought there would be at lest 20 post's of this by now from the link

US: Assad govt. used chemical weapons

The US government says it has concluded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government used chemical weapons in the country's civil war.

White House officials said on Thursday that 100 to 150 people are likely to have been killed by the weapons.

They say they will share the information on which their finding is based with the United Nations and other countries.

The officials say President Barack Obama will consider various measures, including military support for Syria's opposition forces, and will discuss the move with relevant countries.

Jun. 13, 2013 - Updated 22:47 UTC
so the red line has been crossed Officially.. now what an other war? JM of AZ does a victory dance? Obama sends in drone's? or ground troops? or nothing happens, and it is still a one side kill war... 93,000+ to date

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