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Friction and Static Could Charge Smartphones

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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 09:59 AM
Happy Turkey Day, ATS!

Discovery News has an interesting article about static charging smartphones, and I thought I'd share.

Static electricity is good for sticking balloons to walls, but who knew it could be used to prolong the battery life of a smartphone. Sihong Wang and Long Lin, graduate students in Georgia Tech's materials science department have developed a two-layered material that generates power from static electricity and flexing.

So how much power can it make? In a paper in the journal Nano Letters, Wang and his team say they have hit 230 volts, at 15.5 microamperes per square centimeter, with a power output of 128 milliwatts per cubic centimeter. That means a sheet the size of the latest iPod Nano –- about three inches by 1.6 inches –- would generate just enough to charge the iPod as it is being flexed.

If it were used in the real world, odds are this wouldn't replace a battery, but it could extend the time between charges.

So, while you would still need to charge the battery, this could possibly keep your smartphone going between charges? Pretty cool, if you ask me.

I have an ipod touch, it hardly holds a charge anymore. Same for my phone (which is not a smart phone, but a very, very basic phone). I would love to have this type of option to help the device between charges.

Enjoy tha article, and enjoy Thanksgiving!


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