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The Hills Have Eyes

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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 06:10 PM
The following events actually occured.I am not stating this to add any credibility or amazement.Just stating simply that the following did happen to me,whatever "it" was I can not fully elaborate,make that decision for yourself

Summer break.A good friend had come to visit,one I rarely get to see because of the distance.We meet up and start hanging out with some friends,end of the night comes and we didn't feel like going home so we had decided to couch hop and hang out more just for the kicks to see how long we could keep it up.
One night we reach our end of couches to crash on,we frantically are calling around seeing if there were any
other places we can stay for just that night.We find one.

As it turns out,one of our friends was watching a house in the rich part of town for some neighbors while they were out on holiday.We had partied there a few nights prior so that is why we decided to see if that house was available.Our friend had said we could not stay IN the house but we can stay in the shed in the backyard,we agree.

After a few hours of chatting and smoking we decide it is about time to go to sleep.As we both tread down the stonepath towards the shed,me and friend both stop in our tracks at the same time.At the end of the pathway I saw what seemed to be a distorted orange aura outlining whatever little creature was standing there,it was no taller than a small dog.It had really long ears from what I could tell and I knew it was looking at me too.
"Do you see that?" I say
My friend replies "Yeah I think so,where are you looking?"
As soon as I lift my hand and point directly at the creature the orange "aura" had shimmered away disappearing behind the shrubs.The creatures reaction provoked me and my friend to freak out and run up the outside spiral staircase on to a wooden overhang,where we would be "sleeping" for the next 8 hours.This is where the oddities really started occuring....

We are sitting on an overhang,our backs against the wall,in a neighborhood far from town,with questionable creatures lurking around us.The night has now became a stakeout for the unusual.As we frantically surveil our surroundings for whatever the creature was I notice something in the trees....3 sets of glowy bluish/white eyes..much similiar to a pair of dim flashlights.I point them out to my friend and he notices them too.They had been staring at us for who knows how long.I tell him to skoot over so we can be out of their field of vision,we move and so do they to keep an eye on us.After awhile I become accustomed to the eerie feeling of being watched by something possibly otherworldly,and I keep my eyes peeled out for something else.

Through out the whole night,periodically we would here a loud growl that echoed throughout the entire Hills(rich area of town) and this wasnt just any growl..whenever this thing growled it would shake me up inside..literally I would feel this creatures growl not just bellowing through the Hills but also through myself.Sometime shortly after these eerie growls in the distance we could hear tree limbs being torn from the tree,my friend claims to have seen a little bit of whatever was ripping trees,he says it had to be about 10' tall.
And every once in awhile after those growls we would hear somebodys dog barking frantically then almost as instantly as the dog started barking it was shut up and we could hear it whimper as in pain or fear,this occured many times throughout the night and the houses where the dogs had started barking were all pretty far from each other.

As the night keeps getting creepier I look back towards whatever creatures were staring at us.And this time there are still those glowy blue eyes but now there is one pair of big glowy orange eyes!Like whatever that thing was must have been a "supervisor" for those little things or something.Shortly after I notice that thing,I start hearing what sounds like footsteps on the roof which is about 3-4' above the overhang.I hear them getting closer ever so steadily until they eventually stop and I feel like I am being watched at..the Fear had gotten me and I was too afraid to look above me or on the roof.Then whatever it was took off as if running across the trees,it was invisible so I could not see "it" directly(I had seen the leaves of some trees moving as if something had traversed along them)
Then inside the house we both hear the sound of glass shattering.Which is odd,because the owners had 3 trained dogs indoors and I do not think they would break anything,nor would they have access to anything glass.

Now going more into the night of unusual encounters.Among the freaky eyes staring at us all night,a Monster growling and ripping trees in half,and something invisible spying and hanging out around us,we eventually start hearing an odd noise.And when I say odd,I mean ODD.It was almost a pulsating noise almost bellowing through the whole area.The frequency of this sound was the most odd thing I have ever heard as the sound itself felt like it was pulling on me...all of if pulling me towards the source of the sound...then the sound starts growing fainter and fainter until it stops...then off in the distance on a hill where there is no houses built,totally uninhabited except for wildlife,a giant white Orb just apparates and in an instant shrinks down to maybe the size of basketball(I cannot determine the size of it,merely an estimate).
This orb must have been bigger than 3 or 4 of the houses in the area and shrunk down to the size of a ball,and before reaching the Earth it just *popped*.That was the weirdest thing I have legitimately SEEN full on and have no explanation for.

Then after that I hear another one of those growls but it sounds a lot closer I freak out,I do not feel safe anymore,actually I didn't feel safe the whole night lol, so I tell my friend we should try going into the house.We break-in and go into one of the rooms and lock the door(would have been a bad idea breaking in had we not met the 3 dogs inside prior to this,so they were calm when seeing us)
Now I am so freaked out by whatever was growling outside that even when we had gotten indoors I felt like that thing was gonna start banging on the door.
Eventually the we see the pink and orange sunrise and I start to calm down a bit more.When the sun was fully up I took a look around the house to see what shattered during the night.I looked through the whole house..not 1 broken shard.I searched everywhere the dogs had access to.Nothing.

That night was the one time I literally felt like I was going to die,most overcome with fear I had ever been.
Thats it ATS
Sorry if my writing is hard to read and sporadic,my mind just gets excited when remembering these events and jumps all over

If you made it to the end thanks for reading

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:40 PM
That is one heck of a creepy story!

Where was this, if you dont mind me asking? What State/City?

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by BobM88

This was in Tustin/Santa Ana California,Peters Canyon area.

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