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A City To Be Flattened...or...

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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 09:13 AM
A City To Be Flattened...or..

Truce talks had brokened down and hopes falther,
'No' to short peace for rearming, City A ditters.
City B walks away smiling, blames A's intransigent refusal,
Even though B was the one that started the terrifying battle.

Hiding weapons amongst civilians, B's conscience invisible,
'Come bomb us and then be known as inhuman killers!'.
Shouts B, believing that sympathy & outrage is the manner,
To overcome truth,logic & laws by performing acts illegal.

A's own cities threatened, it continues to fire,
'Disportionate response!' screams B's sympathizers.
Even though precision bombs hit targets & create rubble,
Sparing majority, only criminals dead and collateral damage minimal,

A was too kind, for B & supporters are only feral,
whom cares nothing that made its' citizens suffer,
In their quest for land and delusions of granduer,
Lip service, religious pithys & crocodile tears they pander.

Foolish citizens lulled and dazzled,
Support for them still remains eager,
Even as their precious children get slaughtered,
and yet they blamed A as being criminal.

A finally wakes up to realities with candour,
No troop invasion, but only missile silos range along the border,
To fire INDISCRIMINATELY, as B had done blameless with no worldwide bother,
As 'Proportionate Response' - cities to level.

Thousands dead & the screams of suffering terrible,
but only a price to pay, for B's performance of acts illegal.
When you break the law, to kill and mangle,
Equally, you & your supporters are liable.

The Rule of Law is not meant for fun and gambles,
But to ensure societies live in peace and be stable.
Ignoring truths, using violence, twisting facts are horrors,
The only response to it is no sympathy, and violence returned in full measure.

There is still time to ponder,
If belligerance the way forward better,
Sacrificing innocents to deaths & tortures,
In order to gain and assuage ancestors' blunders.

True freedom fighters server higher causes.
They will fight, yet talk, negotiate and compromise capable.
But B's animals are no freedom fighters,
Death to all except themselves, are their only mettle.

End support & surrender up B leaders,
They are only terrorists and human slayers.
Isolate them and justice will be served easier,
So that all can live in peace to progress and evolve higher.

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