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Tell your creepy Forest Story

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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 03:10 PM
Lots of creepy stories here! Why are forests so very frightening?

In my youth, I camped on a few occasions in Welsh forests. These forests, particularly Pembrey, are renowned for their capacity to frighten. After a rather boring first trip into Pembrey, we were not at all anxious when we made our second trip. Good heavens, were we mistaken. Things began to feel a little "off" as we set up our tent in a small clearing. I had a familiar feeling of being watched (side note, why is this a common sensation in forests everywhere?), but I brushed it off. A few times, I felt certain that I'd heard whispering or talking in the trees behind us, but I knew we were alone and thus didn't consider it a possibility. Later that night, after talking and fooling around for a few hours, we went to sleep inside the tent. Some hours later--what must've been around 2:00, I awoke to the most horrifying sound I have ever heard. It was a gutteral screaming, in short bursts, coming from somewhere in the distance. It was a female voice, but the sound was not like that of a woman in danger or scared--it was animalistic and aggressive. It was so loud, and seemed to be not too far away. It was dark inside the tent, naturally, but I could see that both of my friends were sitting partially up, resting on their elbows, obviously having awakened to the same sound. No one dared to move. We just turned to each other, and I began to whisper, "What is that?". As I said the first words, something began moving across the exterior of the tent. We couldn't make out a distinct form in the darkness, but we heard the sound of something tracing its way across the nylon of the tent. It began at the back and came to the front of the tent. To say I was terrified would be an understatement. I had no idea what was outside and feared it was about to come inside. I was sweating bullets. In a few moments, my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could make out a short shadow in front of us. It stood motionless, directly in front of the opening to the tent (which was zipped closed). I didn't move. My friends didn't move. We stared directly at it. I began to realize that the silence outside was intense--not even the sound of wind. We felt like we were in some sort of otherworldly stand-off with this figure. It felt like hours passed as we stared ahead. All of a sudden, a huge gust of wind came against the tent, and I heard the nauseating sound of a tent pole cracking. Sure enough, the fabric came down on top of us. My two friends, usually troublesome and rabble-rousing boys, began screaming. We all screamed. In a panic, my friend ripped open the tent door (forget about a zipper at this point) and fled out into the open. I'm not sure why that seemed like a good idea to him. Anyway, I followed him out and our third friend emerged behind me. We first looked in all directions for the figure that had frightened us, and seeing nothing, we turned to the crumpled mass that was our tent. It was absolutely nonsensical. No one was out there, and the wind was only blowing gently into the trees. Whatever was responsible had come and gone. Without saying a word, we seemed to have agreed to get the hell out of there. We ran along the path we'd taken, and straight to our car. I have never again travelled into Pembrey.

On another occasion, in yet another wood of Wales, I was making my way along a trail in dense wood when I saw a figure approaching me. It's not terribly uncommon to encounter other people in these forests, so that didn't concern me at all. As he approached, I realized that he was completely naked. This was bizarre, as you can imagine...particularly for repressed British citizens. He was walking hastily toward me, but not looking at me. He was looking intensely beyond me. He carried nothing in his hands, and was not wearing shoes (I noticed this because he made so little sound as he walked). His face was expressionless. I said, "Good morning!" in a very awkward and loud way, as one does when one is approached by a naked stranger (don't pretend you haven't!).
He rushed ahead and I'm certain he would've walked into me if I hadn't stepped aside. It was as if he didn't see or hear me.

These are my weirdest stories. As you can imagine, I haven't been into the forests in a long while.
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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 06:58 PM
I'm sure I have given a couple of people a creepy story to tell haha.

When I was a teenager me and my friends used to go to a forest and basically play a game like tag, but the person chasing would have to wear a full scream costume (from the movie "Scream", "Scream" was popular at the time), so if I were "it", I would chase down and fake stab a friend, and then they would be "it".

A few times while wearing the costume I would walk and other times run pass someone walking by himself who looked like he had seen a ghost haha
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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by AceWombat04
This isn't my story, but the story of one of my dearest friends. I trust this person implicitly, and would put my life in his hands if it came down to that. He is completely trustworthy and one of those people who is completely open with everyone, and wouldn't even think of confabulating intentionally. He is very sane and mentally stable, has a family, etc.

This took place in South Dakota. SD is a pretty large area, so by not being more specific than that, I feel I am adequately protecting his identity. Anyway, this is the story he told me.

This happened in an extremely remote area. He was out walking with a shot gun for protection, because the area was remote enough that wild animal attacks were not unheard of. There was a very large field behind a thick, forested area, behind which was a fence high enough that it would be at least marginally difficult for an athletic adult human to scale.

As he headed toward the tree line, he suddenly had an overwhelming sense, and even a mental picture, of a terrifying creature slinking around behind the fence. He felt like he shouldn't go over there, but he's the kind of person who can be sort of defiant toward his own fear, and basically made himself go and look regardless of his intuition. Suddenly, the exact creature he had seen in his mind's eye leaped over the fence to stand in the field before him, standing on two legs like a person, and stared him down.

He described the creature as being black and hairy, with a solid abdomen (i.e. no tapering like a person, just straight down the trunk to the hips) and long arms with what appeared to be claws. The head was somewhat like a wolf or a dog with an elongated snout and ears like a bear. It stood on its hind legs for several minutes, staring at him, and its eyes held a human-like intelligence and acknowledgement. It was roughly four and a half feet in height.

He felt very afraid and thought to himself that he would shoot it if it approached, but as soon as he had this thought, his mind was flooded with imagery and information that essentially boiled down to, "Your gun is meaningless, you won't even get off one shot. If I want to kill you, you will die, there is nothing you can do about it, and no one will ever find out what happened to you." This terrified him, and he remembers being incredibly disturbed by this because he was a human being with a gun and this was what surely had to simply be some sort of animal. Except that it didn't look or act like an animal.

After a minute or two more, it vaulted - like a human going over a pole-vault beam - back over the fence (using one hand to propel itself like a person might,) seemed to land on its two feet, and run away at high speed in a bipedal fashion.

He has, for a decade or more now, looked at every photo of every animal anyone could think of that could describe this, including diseased and sick animals, and none of them even came close to looking like what he saw.

No one else in the area ever saw it, and he has never returned to the location citing an overwhelming fear that he "was not wanted there."

I do not assert that this really happened as he recalls it, or make any claims or suggestions as to what might have happened. But that was the story as he told it to me.


Do you know if he ever made any attempt to look at the property records?
I would be very interested to know who it belongs to and how close it is to a government installation.


posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 08:02 PM

Originally posted by misskat1
reply to post by Sublimecraft

I would hate to see the gopher that goes with those holes!!! But, seriously, these are very "creepy". I have often thought that maybe what we think are outer space aliens is actually an underground civilization. (Eloi and Moliks) These holes look like they were maybe created with the "tunnel machines". Great find! I am going to make a file folder with the most bizarre postings. I will definately include these. Im not a writer, so I wont be putting these in a "book" just for my own use. Thanks again, great find!

I thought that also, because of the corkscrew appearance to the walls. I wondered if the reason there was no earth around to show excavation if it came up from below periodically for ventilation with friction and heat searing the sides.

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 08:20 PM
Here's my story: In 19991,I was 14 years old.Myself and my two best friends,Jimi and Will,decided to go to a local swimming hole that was set back in a wooded area.The three of us were swimming and horsing around as 14 year olds do.On one side of the swimming hole is a large rock cliff with several trails that leads to a footbridge.As we were swimming we noticed 3 men standing on top of the rock cliff,we really did not pay too much attention because you do see people there occasionally.So we just kept swimming,and when we looked back the men were gone,no big deal.About 15 minutes later I got out and sat on some rocks,Jimi and Will were still in the water.Out of nowhere,a rock was thrown from the trees and hit my friend Will in his head,as soon as he was hit he went under.Jimi started to swim over towards him and I jumped in and started swimming to him too.We grabbed Will and swam back over to the rocks,after we got him out we noticed blood was poring down the side of his face from where the rock hit him. At that point,I was just glad Will was ok,then we heard laughter coming from the woods.I remember thinking wtf,when we turned to look where the laughter was coming from we saw the 3 men that were earlier on the cliff were now behind us.All 3 of us grabbed our backpacks and were standing about 50 feet away from the 3 men.The men looked to be in their early to late 20's,the man in the middle had a large knife,it looked like a bayonette,and he was sticking it into a tree over and over while looking at us.The man says to us "You know alot of people have drowned in this swimming hole,as a matter of fact,I think somebody drowned last week".My friends and I looked at each other in disbelief,there was no doubt I was scared.My friend Will reached down and grabbed a large stick,Jimi and I did the same,then we hauled ass into the woods. This Is by far the scariest thing to have happened to me in the woods,even though I have had other strange experiences such as strange noises and lights.I dont know exactly what these guys intended to do,either hurt us or scare us,but I sure didnt stick around to find out.Will wound up going to the hospitol and recieved stitches,we never told anyone what had actually happened,we just said it was an accident.We stayed out of the woods for a while,but eventually we did go back.

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by Dalrie

Yes it certainly Creeped ME out! I asked local Cops about the Mans body and how He died...they would not tell me so I used some of my connection and found out. The Man had suffocated. How...they do not know.

Split Infinity

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by louczar

That is the weirdest and creepiest story I've read yet. There must have been something chemicals in the air to make you hallucinate or something.

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 10:54 PM
Mine's not that scary, but There's this park near my dad's house called Harnischfeger, and there's a bunch of hiking/horse trails in the back in this semi-wooded area.

I call it my Ashram because it's a really calm place (if there aren't any discgolfers) and possibly magic? Like I can feel the spirituality in the air and that.

But it's a really nice place to go when I' need to chill out or anything.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by paperplanes

Creepy story! I would have done the same thing!

Friends of mine own a little land in the middle of Wispertal Forest in Germany, a beautiful place. We spend the weekend there a couple of times each summer. I bought myself a machete for that!

We haven't had any really creepy things happen except something kicking our cabin door in the middle of the night. The place creeps me out though because it´s a hunters cabin, and the hunter committed suicide in one of the cabins about 15 years ago. He shot himself in the head with a rifle.
I still enjoy going there because you´re in the middle of the woods, only a little dirt road leads to the property.

The place would be great for filming a horror movie!

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 01:05 AM
Spent much time in the forests and jungles in my day.
I suppose I'd need a campfire and some smoke to explain some of the more interesting 'natural' experiences.
'Here' just doesn't seem the right medium of Xchange.

As far as the most unusual.
Spent much time around alligators here in FlArida.
I often would go fishing in the swamps day and/or night.
I've seen 1000s of alligators close up, grabbed a few by the tail.

Was once chased by a large alligator that had crawled up on the road between myself and my truck.
It was getting sun and in the later hours of the evening as it's 'flat' in the swamp an alligator can get sun till just before dark. Anyhow, I waited for two hours for the alligator to make it's way back in the water. It had just crawled out from it's waterhole where there is a large culvert that allows the water to pass under the road. This is where the biggies hang out at night with their mouths open waiting for fish to swim on by and (((SNAP))), you can hear/feel the sound reverberate through the tunneling culvert. So the alligator refused to leave and didn't seem to fear my approach. Rather it seemed to encourage it. It turned it's body parallel to mine and knew what that meant. Adrenaline started to kick in. It was starting to get dark and I was deep in the swamp on the Scenic Byway, Everglades Loop Road off of highway 41 (Tamiami trail). The actual alligator is at 4:20 minutes into this clip though I wasn't author, this alligator has defended it's hole for years and they each have their unique features which differentiate one from the other. Lucky to have found this clip on the internet.

It wouldn't leave after attempting to stomp my boot on the ground. Didn't even flinch. Threw a few rocks at it's tail. Still didn't move. Approached it's rear to the side of the road. Didn't budge. Attempted to grab it's tail. It swooped around and jumped at me. I jumped from the side to the front of the road. It then aligned itself at me as if ready to chase. I paused. Then the fun began. It started hard charging at me. Alligators can run 'fast'. Best thing one can do is run diagonally since they can't turn well. Problem was I was on a slim dirt road with swamp on both sides. It chased me about 200 feet and then stopped as it instinctively knew to save it's energy for later. I suppose I was lucky!

Three other occasions where alligators chased me though that was due to me picking up their babies, inspecting the health. I can mimic the babies noise as heard HERE. The babies are often attracted, though so are the mommies! Was holding a baby on the edge of a birm and it was calling out for Momma and all the sudden the Mother jUmped out at me and I had to roll over, jump up and run like hell. It stopped chase after about 6 feet. Once you let the baby go, the Mother usually stops chase.

I like to spearfish in the ocean and every once in a while a shark will get scent of the fish/lobster in my bag. It fortunately tugs on the net, not my flipper though you could imagine the shOck when your 20 feet off the bottom, feel a tug, (knowing your far off the bottom from the coral beds), and turn around and see the eyes of shark close up tugging on your net
Very cold eyes my friends, very Cold. Anyhow, if you poke them gently on the edge of their nose with the spear they usually back off. Had 3 occasions where the sharks pulled at my net. One time an octopus had grabbed one of my fish I had just speared and when I went to grab it, it stuck on wrapped it's arms around my hand, spear gun and while I'm trying to get it off with the other hand, it suctions my Other hand, lOl, then a shark came, saw I was having some 'difficulty' and took advantage by grabbing my net of fish on the seabed and started thrashing it around side to side. I freed one hand from the octopus and swam toward the shark poking it in the top of the nose. It was persistent, I had to poke him again a lil harder. He finally backed off though followed me all the way back to the shore. I usually spearfish alone from the shoreline 300 meters off the coast so I had a long trip back with a shark on my arse. Whooeee, that was something else. Oh yeah, couldn't get the octopus off my hand/spear which had wrapped around them both so I had to swim back with the octopus wrapped around my hand/spear with the shark on my tail. hahaha

Was once scube diving off the coast of Sur de Baja Mexico at the island of Los Islotas and was swimming amongst a glimmering school of sardines when a family of sea lions began swarming around myself and the school. Just prior to this, I had snuck up from the water and touched one of the babies and the alpha male had seen me. That's when I slowly submerged back in the depths. The alpha male had followed me along with the rest of the family of 6 or 7. So yes, another adrenaline moment especially as it began swimming in circles around me in artful liquidic motion until it turned directly at me and jolted straight AT me, roared within an inches of my face where I could see all it's huge canine teeth though only for a brief moment in a flash it went turned and passed just past me causing me to swirl in the water a half turn from the velocity. From then on, I knew first hand why they call it the Lion of the Sea. It looked just like a lion when it roared. After the dive, I rejoined the other divers on the boat and we headed back to shor and came upon a family of 4 pilot whales. We got inline with them and a few of us were able to jump in just ahead of them and swim with them for around a minute as they can mooove deceptively fast while appearing in slow motion. That would have to be the most intense dive ever though there were many, many others.

Most odd experience was witnessing what appeared to be a comet or meteor shooting down in to the jungle just ahead of me though there was no noise. You know what that means. It was more of a 10 foot round objectt of which I saw during the an orb.....though most orbs are a glow in the night.

I prefer the jungle on land for many reasons as it's full of extra-ordinary life though.....nother time.
Looking forward to the next campfire, With the smoke.

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 02:07 AM
This happened to me in a huge rubber plantation/estate. This particular part was very wooded with lot of climbers. I was 9 years old and was with my father, mother and an uncle. We were walking through this plantation moving towards my grand mothers house,along a trail, located towards the top of the hill. I had been there couple of times, so i knew the way, or so i felt. I moved very ahead of my parents and uncle and could not see them. I wanted to get to grand mothers house so that i could see her and my cousins. I was just moving so fast, felt like i almost lost track of time. Suddenly, i stopped. The small trail diverged in to two and i was confused. But in the excitement it took the left one. I kept on going. I felt as though i was going for ages. I felt as though i was being carried. I felt as though my senses/logic were blinded. But i was not scared. Suddenly i stopped. I looked around and realized that it was almost dark and that i was lost. At that point i was terrified. As, i was about to take the next step, i heard someone, probably a woman call out my name. I stopped taking that step and looked in front and saw and abandoned well. I was just standing in front of it. There was no 'wall' or no warning signs any where. At this point it was very dark. I realized that, had i taken that step, i would be dead. I was petrified , moved back a couple of steps and then i blacked out/fainted.

Later i woke up. My parents and uncle were around me. They found me and carried me off to grand mothers house. I was too shocked to speak but after some time the frightening experience seemed to wither away.

Father explained that i had taken the wrong trail, got lost and stopped short of falling into the well. I told everyone what had exactly happened, like how i felt as though i was carried towards the well, how i felt a though my senses were blinded. They just looked at each other and did not say anything.

I am not particularly frightened, but i will not go that way again. The area, as of now has been cleared and well leveled up.

It has come to my knowledge that i was not the first person who was lead away like that, there were other kids too, but none fell into the well. All of them had the same experience, as though they were 'carried', as though their senses/logic were 'blinded'.

I do not have any logical explanation for this. Also i do not know, who it was that called out my name.

Love an Peace to all.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 02:47 AM
reply to post by BobM88

You mentioned Maine.
Had an experience there back in 1994 where I was walking with a cousin in the woods outside his family's farmhouse in Windham just past the Babb's covered bridge. I felt compelled to go off the trail and head in a certain direction as if an angelic spirit was guiding the way. It was a very powerful energetic force; felt like a magnetic pull . I told my cousin I'd join him later at the house as I'm always going off in the woods he didn't think much of it. So after about a 15 minute walk I ended up directly in front of the bridge though had no idea where I was headed as that was my first visit and the woods were thick/unknown to mua.

I paused at the bridge watching it's reflection in the water and I started to feel an energetic essence around me. The tips of my fingers and toes began to tingle as if an enormous energetic force was swooshing/swirling around me. I then began to see visions of past events that took place at the bridge as well as an episode of a canoe going under the bridge. It was as if I could feel/hear their mental thoughts but not their 'physical' feelings.

In these visions/scenes, that were in motion rather than as snapshots, I had seen some old artifacts I'd never seen before and after researching it later on was surprised they existed such as a unique style of wagon being pushed by 4 men at the end of each axle through the bridge. They were all in extreme pain. I remember feeling what I understood to be their thoughts/concerns at the time but could not 'feel' their pain. Another experience with a woman in a canoe being escorted down the river by a man at the rear guiding the way. I experienced what I understood to be her thoughts at the time. They were in a unique type of canoe, with odd shaped oars. The lady wore a dark garb/dress and a fancy black silk hat with a glistening blue/green feather on it's side while sitting in the canoe. She was in moarning for a lost love who had died from the extreme elements/cold weather.

There were 3 scenes altogether and I learned much at the time that I suppose was necessary to learn/know for some reason though it focused on a theme of compassion. Very, very strange experience. Almost out of body as I didn't feel my physical self once that tingling sensation took place at my extremities (fingers, toes). After I regained consciousness, I checked my watch and a whole hour had gone by from what seemed to had only been 10 to 15 minutes. I had been standing the whole time while facing the bridge. I had told my cousin what I had experienced of which took 2 hours to explain the details. He didn't understand though knew me not to be a 'story' teller. I'm perty straight forward. That was the only time I had an experience like 'that' one though have had some other 'otherworldly' experiences I'd rather not get into here though have spoken/written of in the past.

Have you been to Babb's bridge? Strange place with a lot of history though.....true experience.

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 05:50 AM
Love reading everyone's stories, great thread.

I noticed someone put the link to the recent interview on Coast to Coast AM with David Paulides, so i thought i'd post the first interview that he did with C2C earlier this year in March about odd disappearances in the forests. I haven't listening to this one yet, but i did catch the recent one already posted, which was certainly in creepy territory, maybe the epitome of creepy forest stories. Bonus that it is George Knapp, who i love as a C2C host and interviewer in general.

Going to listen to this myself now.

Thanks again everyone for sharing your stories.

Peace. ~

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 08:59 AM
I was thinking since so many of the posts included encounters with the occult, if anyone out there actually doing these rituals could explain to us just what the hell you're doing? And if that is even you? I mean that in a very open minded way.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Thescripter

could it have been a peacock...I've heard they can let out quite a noise similar to screaming perhaps.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 09:08 AM
I don't have ONE story. It's an event that happens often when I am in the wild.

I have no qualms sitting/walking/exploring woods by myself. I will and always have discouraged others from this practice. It really isn't safe. But I'm a life long hermit.

This has happened to me in woods all over the US & even Hawaii. A moment when the forest falls completely silent. A silence so Total it makes the inside of your head scream "DANGER". You can feel dozens of eyes on you.

It has the feel of welcome. Or a sort of "come into my parlor". But there is an invitation to become part of the forest. Shed your clothes and take your chances.

We are definitely in the food chain.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by njl51

I have actually learned what it was, but it's better to leave it as a mystery. (No one would believe the truth anyway)

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by Thescripter
reply to post by njl51

I have actually learned what it was, but it's better to leave it as a mystery. (No one would believe the truth anyway)

Try us

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 10:41 AM
lol - if you heard what sounded like female screaming in the woods it's more than likely a female fox.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by Thescripter

Ya! Bust out with the solution.

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