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Tell your creepy Forest Story

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posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 01:48 AM
Well this story doesn't exactly involve a forest but it sure did scare the pants off of me.

I was in the farmland a 15 miles from my house, and there is a small clearing with an old abandoned house. They say that the former owner of the house was a Satanist , and was into all kinds of occult things. But basically one night he went to far into it and he kidnapped and murdered a family for his rituals. When the police arrived some hours later they found that the man had hung himself and gruesomely murdered and sacrificed the family. I thought this was just a dumb legend kept alive by the youngsters (Like me at the time.) (Not that old right now either.) and such so I went up their with a few of my buddies to investigate.

We entered the house through a rickety door. (I could swear the dang thing almost came down on me when i opened it.) It looked normal on the inside and as good as some abandoned old house could get. It was very dark in their and we brought a flashlight to light the way. The strange thing was as we got closer to the center of the house where they say the murders occurred the flash light started to act very erratically, flickering on and off. The flashlight illuminated a dark figure near the center of the room. Seeing this we got the heck outta doge.
Being the dumb kids we were though we decided it was a good idea to come back the next day with some rented paranormal equipment. We went and put the listening device in and left both it and the automatic camera we set up. When we went back to retrieve the equipment the doors slammed shut as soon as we grabbed the stuff. Once again we got the heck outta dodge. When we left the house one of my friends noticed that he had left his hat on the table (We were planning on sitting down to watch the video.) We all decided it was best not to go back in, and we headed out to the truck. And their on the hood plain as day was my friends hat.
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posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 02:13 PM
this is my first post. been learking on and off since about 06 i just signed up. im from. new orleans . one time as a kid i was playin in the woods in. a country town called st.rose and me and my friend came across a fridge just sitting in the brush. we opened it and a jar with blood and eye balls was in it. we ran like crazy out. them woods

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 05:08 PM
BUMP, have a story but am at work, will tell later.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 05:58 PM
Mine isn't exactly spooky but it was very strange.

To preface: I am about 9 years older than my little sister, and since she is the youngest in the family she lost her "childhood magic" very quickly.

I hated watching people steal the magic from her world so one day when she told me (at age 6) that she didn't believe in fairies - not even a little bit - I had to take action. Behind out cottage is what I'd call a faery tree, old, hollowed out and home to a large number of bugs and birds. The path leading to it winds through the forest to the point where it blocks out any direct sunlight. I always thought it was a very magical place.

So I took her by the hand and repeated what I knew, that you never say those words because it steals a little more magic from this world every time someone says it. Now I was going to play on her imagination at this point, if only to give her a few more years to believe, but what happened that day was completely unreal. It even gave my world some magic. As we walked down the path and crossed the rocks that marked going from the property into the forest we started saying "Come out fairies, I believe in you" (essentially inviting them to come out and show themselves). As we got closer to the faery tree there were a few golden colored moths floating around us, but with each step they seemed to multiply to the point where the air was filled with hundreds upon hundreds of these butterflies.

I had never seen more then two butterflies near our cottage (it is on an island) so I was totally freaked out. I didn't want my little sister to get scared so I sat down on a rock with her and kept repeating "I believe in fairies" until she finally turned to me and said "they are real" to which I replied "I told you" and then we walked back out of the forest and back down to the cottage.

Was it just some lucky fluke that the day I decided to save my little sister's childhood magic we happened upon some butterfly migration? Was God just giving me a helping hand? That day still gives me chills though.

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:24 PM
1 of 2

We were spending the weekend about 13 years ago at my Wife’s grandmother’s cabin in Happy Jack Arizona up on the northern Rim. Happy Jack is about 2 ½ hours north east of Phoenix and heavily wooded. There are a few small communities of cabins in this area but mostly the area is uninhabited and crisscrossed by forestry service roads that run for miles all over the area. Elk run free as well as livestock from a few cattle ranches in the area.
The area is amazingly gorgeous and we would ride our ATVs on the narrow dirt forestry roads for hours during the days we spent at Pam’s Grandmothers Cabin. In the evenings my oldest Son would always want me to take him out driving in his Grandfathers early 70s Chevy Blazer. He was about 13 years old at the time and the Blazer would be his, on his 16th birthday, so I would allow him to drive the vehicle on the miles of forestry roads that ran through Happy Jack with me in the front passenger seat monitoring his progress.

We would head out from the community of cabins that Pam’s Grandmother lived in, travel the forestry Roads for a couple miles, and finally through an area called “Windmill Canyon” which led to another community of homes. We then would get to the Highway at which point I would take over and drive for the few miles back to the cabin. This was a ritual that we went through every evening as my Son was eager to learn to drive.

So one late afternoon, about ½ hour before sunset My oldest Son Josh, as usual hopped into the driver seat of the Blazer, I got into the passenger, and our other 2 sons aged 10 and 7 were in the back along for the ride.

We had been driving for a little over an hour, the Sun had set and we were driving down a very narrow area of Forestry road, not well maintained with a downhill grade of probably 10 percent and trees crowded on both sides. The going was very slow and the uneven road made me worry that if Josh went too fast he would hit a tree. So I was cautioning him as he drove and my eyes were glued to the road ahead.

As we were entering a clearing and the road was leveling off in the headlights we saw a small figure standing upright in the middle of the road about 15 to 20 yards ahead of us as I remember. What we saw is embedded in our minds and I can see it now as I type this like it happened yesterday and not 13 years ago. The creature was extremely thin, standing upright and of a grey or white color. It was about 4 to 5 feet tall at the most and completely naked, no clothing could be seen. The head was large for its body, the arms and legs long and thin. It looked like the classic Grey Alien.

My son slammed on the brakes the 2 kids in the back started screaming and I was frigging petrified. There was no way we could back up the narrow inclined road; the only way to go was forward. The figure looked at us and we looked back for about 5 seconds or so, and then the creature crossed the road to the left and began walking towards the heavy tree line about 15 yards beyond the clearing. When it crossed the road, my Son immediately drove forward into the clearing and we watched the creature as it entered the tree line and disappeared. Just before it entered the trees, it turned and looked back at us.

At this point we were all basket cases and all we wanted to do was get the hell out of this area, I knew that about a half mile up the road heading into Windmill Canyon was a cattle gate that would need to be opened and so my son stayed in the drivers seat and I the passenger so that I would be the one to jump out and unlatch the gate, I did not want one of my sons leaving the vehicle.

As we approached windmill canyon I was relieved to find the gate open, as I, to be honest was terrified to leave the vehicle I was dreading having to get out. We entered Windmill Canyon and the Forestry Road at this point was well maintained and we could drive at a much faster rate than prior. As my Son drove on, we noticed a red light in the trees following us and keeping pace. There were no Cabins in this area, it was completely uninhabited, and there was nothing to explain the light that followed us keeping pace. All we saw was the red light moving through the trees keeping pace with us. I would estimate the light itself as probably 3 to 4 feet in circumference, if it was attached to anything we could not tell all we could see is the red light. The light kept pace with us as my sons in the back were crying and Josh and I were terrified. I did not want to stop and take over the driving for fear the light would move in on us, fortunately at this point Josh had become a pretty good driver. As we were about to leave Windmill Canyon and enter the next community of Cabins the Light began to slip back finally blink out or head off, I’m not sure which, we were just happy to get back into an inhabited area.

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:25 PM
2 of 2:

We drove on back to the Cabin and proceeded to tell our story to my wife, her uncle and the grandparents.
My kids were still crying and Josh and I were practically in shell shock we were still so rattled. Everyone there did not believe us. They thought we saw something but not what we described. To be honest in some ways, that bothers me more than the event itself. To this day, my Sons and I stand by what we saw; we all remember the events exactly as I described them. We know what we saw, and it shook us to our core. They don’t talk about what happened much, nor do I, but we recognize that it was a profound experience we will never forget.

Looking back on what happened our fear was more of the unknown and the fact that what we saw was so “alien” to anything we had ever seen or expected to see. The creature we saw, nor the light that I assumed was the craft ever did anything overtly hostile or threatening. The creature simply walked by, and the light did no more than watch us and monitor our leaving the area. Our fear was likely unfounded, but justified given the circumstances.

I fully understand people not believing these types of accounts, if my sons and I had not experienced what we we would likely not believed it as well. Until you experience something that completely shakes your understanding of how the world works and what you” know” to be true and possible you have a difficult time coming to terms with what millions the world over have witnessed. This event completely reshaped me as a person and is largely responsible for my interests and my studies in the paranormal.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by Dutchowl

Sorry I didn't respond sooner - the thread didn't show up in my list!

That sounds very creepy, having it aware of you. At least, if you did get a place there, you would be forewarned of weirdness!

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 04:23 AM
reply to post by TheCloakedHedgehog

I find it interesting that some of your experience included when you were picking berries! According to the Missing 411 books, berry picking is a common factor. All considered, I would listen to that fear, "rational" or not, as there could be a very good reason for it.

reply to post by dudeman351

The color could easily be an orangutan, which would fit those pics from a few years back! A LOT of primates and monkeys were released there some time back, and there are tons of invasive species in the state. Even so, had to be quite a shock!

reply to post by TheCheapster

I would guess none of you went back after that! Creepy stuff! There was a place rumored to be haunted, and to have such activities where I lived as a teen. Went in the daytime, saw nothing, but it felt "off". Some years later, they did a news report about someone sacrificing animals in a Satanic fashion up there. Apparently, that had been going on at the same time we visited. Nothing like your experience, though! Then, you could not have paid be enough to go there at night.

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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by crawdad1914

That sounds like a truly terrifying event! As a parent, I can imagine how much worst it would have been with your kids right there!

The fear you report seems to be common, even when people say nothing overtly threatening happens. With figures like you saw, with Bigfoot, etc. - unexplainable fear. To me, that's a sign that, whatever these things are, they aren't friendly! I had that feeling seeing the flying "whatever" I saw, along with my brother, some years back. Too dark to see it clearly, just enough to tell the wing outline wasn't a bird or bat, and see how big it was. Nothing overtly threatening, either; just swooping back and forth above the telephone lines. But we KNEW it was watching, and felt a clear menace.

Considering how many of these things make us feel, I have to wonder if they aren't related.

Hope and pray there weren't any ill effects from that thing you saw, and that you never see it again!

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by teamcommander

HAHAHA! That's the first creepy story I laughed out loud at in this thread.
I have made so many similar mistakes in my day and I am sure I will make many more.
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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 08:52 PM
Mine was in a small patch of woods barely a block where I lived. I went in to do a little gold panning from the creek in there. I am wandering around, in broad daylight, and suddenly, the WHOLE area was as loud and as noisy as a street fair! It sounded like a large bunch of people were headed my way! I got so scared, I hid in the bushes, and stayed there for 10 minutes. The mess faded out as fast as it came in. I faded out of the woods as fast as my feet would carry me, and never went back in again.
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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 10:49 PM
Here is my story about my woods adventure

last year me and a few friends went to this supposedly haunted place in the woods that we heard about ever since we were kids. There is a bridge there called crybaby bridge that runs over the river where people complained about hearing the cries of babies when they went hear at night. also on the river below this bridge people would say they saw this woman's ghost floating down the river with an umbrella and late 1800 early 1900's aristocrat clothing.

Now to my story of this place. Me and my friends drove here around 9:00 on a school night and stayed about an hour just talking and goofing around walking around the woods and checked out crybaby bridge. We were all pretty creeped out just by the way the place looked and that sense of fear you get for no reason other than thinking about fear itself. We were getting bored so we started to go back to my friends Car. Well when we got back to the Car I swear to god every single Door on the car was opened up and we all swore we shut our doors when we left the vehicle. And to make matters worse my friend couldn't find his keys and his dad had to come out and bring us a spare
Most scared I have ever been!

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:37 AM
Okay this is going to sound really weird, because it is----not just what happened but the adults around me having almost no reaction to it makes it even stranger than the event itself. In my neighborhood there is a wooded area that goes on for a few miles outside of the downtown part of the city connecting many different city and regional parks. There is a specific spot behind my house on top of a hill called lightning rock . I don,t know what if anyhing it,s called today , just that anyone over thirty from this area knows what and where it is. If you see it you can tell that it has been struck by lightning many times, from it,s location , obviously, but there is something very calm and meditative about it yet it is such an eerie place. You could stand there for hours but it was as if something would tell you when your time was up, and there was no mistaking the message. Once when I was nine I went to meet a friend there. She was early and we met on the path leading there . Once there we came upon a dark blue womans nightgown stained with blood. It was hanging on a tree limb near the rock.

I don,t know why but something made me want to get a closer look instead of screaming and running home. My friend wasn't scared either. A few more steps led us to a fresh bloody pile of intestines,various organs, but no body. I saw what I was sure was a heart. I have no idea why (or how...) I did this but I pulled down the nightgown and used it to wrap the heart . My friend looked at me and we both started walking to my house. Throughout this whole bizarre incident neither of us said a word. Especially odd for her because she is very high strung(she reminds me of a mix between bree from desperate housewives and janet from the rocky horror picture show then and now.) It was as if we were being directed. After arriving at my house the first thing I did was show my mom what we had found--I had carried it still wrapped.

Her reaction was so nonchalant and dismissive. She said someone had probably shot a deer and left the guts behind and left the nightgown as a joke. The mother I knew would never say that and do ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. I nagged at her more and more to please call the police. The fog was rapidly lifting and I was more nervous about her reaction than the possibilities at lightning rock. My friend was snapping out of it and started to cry when we went outside. I made her promise to tell no one because I was going to keep it until I could make my mom believe me. She kept her promise and I wrapped it in foil and buried it at the bottom of our huge chest freezer in the basement. My greatgrandma was always buying meat on sale and giving it to my mom, there were four year cuts of meat in there---mom used it only to thro things in and never took stuff out. I knew it would be safe there.

The next week when I saw my other grandmothr I told her what happened. Instead of being concerned she chastised me for picking up such a filthy thing and bringing it home. Not once did she ask what happened to it. She kept going on about diseases,etc. I told her I had it and would show it to her. She didn,t want to see it and didn,t care that it could be human. This also confused and scared me as my moms reaction had because it was so unlike her. I felt like they could only be acting this way because they truly didn,t believe me or maybe thought I was playing a sick joke.(though for a nine year old I would worry about their mental health if I thought they were playing these kinds of "jokes".) But my mom had seen it . So had my friend. I asked her to help me convince my mom or grandma because Bad thoughts had me so shaken I couldn,t think of anything else,or sleep without nightmares. For some reason I was petrified of her telling her mom(probably I was scared that her mom might react like my family had and she might forbid her from being my best friend anymore and then life would be completely unbearable.)

Two weeks later she was over and I started talking to my mom about what happened. She actually claimed she didnt know what happened or remember the heart or the nightgown. I started crying and my friend said "how did you forget? We were both here and I saw you see it. You said it was a deer heart and the nightgown was a joke!" My friend looked at me and started crying too. It felt so unreal. We were too young to have our own complete handle on reality------to that point where you can say piss off and really KNOW without an adults validation that your expereience was valid, and that one certainly was. I felt so bad for my friend. She finally told me that she would never tell her mom because she only had me and my mom would call us both liars and then her mom wouldn,t let us be friends. When I got older I Text tried t find missing persons cases but found nothing. I kept the heart for three years. When I went to Flori,da to visit familyrightbefore I turned thirteen the freezer broke. All the mea was thrown out.To this day I still dont know what caused my family to completely ignore what myy friend and I were telling them. They refused to acknowledge it, didnt get the full scope of the situation and what hurt so bad was my mom dismissing it and then denying it completely. That and my grandmother acting the same way. It is many years ago now and thereis nothing to do but laugh or go crazy. Probably the reason I haven,t is there is a witness who knows what we saw , even now we rarely talk about it-----it,s enough to know that we were there together alone . I guess that was a major bo; if there was
any goodness to this. That and gainingconfidence in our perceptions and experiences . Sorry itas so long , and thanks. that word but if you don't laugh at the weirdness that surrounds sometimes will . sn the otin t

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by bangoli

Sorry for typos in previous post. Cannot get blue arrow on tablet to go where I want it to.
I quit trying out of frustration.
My apologies,

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Thanks for the kind words! No ill effects from the experience for myself or the boys.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by crawdad1914

How strange to see it when there was light out. Almost everyone who sees a grey sees it at night. I've personally never seen one but my daughter said she did when she was five. We were camping and I was asleep.(snake river campground,MN) She was with my neice in an adjacent tent about 8 ft from mine. In the morn she told me a naked very short and bald old man came in the tent to lie down next to her.She said he laid there pretending to sleep but that she knew he was "faking" it and that she just laid there. She said he was bothering her because he was "a liar and a faker." The only part I saw of this was hearing her yell "you faker! Get away! If my mommy sees you she will shoot you!" I saw a small shadow cut accross behind the tents, thinking it was a small animal.

In the morning when she described it to me we packed up and headed home. Gun or not I didn't want to find out whatever this thing had in mind for my little girl. I've got to give her points for gumption . Most adults including me would have wet their pants. She also said he was all "icky brown colored and really wrinkly." I've only heard a few accounts of greys of this type. I wonder what the do in relation to the others. Well'thats it for my stories,have a good one.

posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 03:45 PM
404ed - I probably know you! I grew up in South Berwick as well, work in Rollinsford, and drive right past the Scoutland entrance every day, small world!!!

Nice to see stories relating to the wilderness in Maine. I grew up in south Berwick for most of my life, and lived right next to the border of Rollingsford new Hampshire. Main st in south Berwick ends at a bridge going over the salmon falls river leading onto front street on the Rollingsford side. right after the bridge you can take an immediate right onto a dirt road called scoutland rd with a boat dock at the very begging of the trail. you can take a vehicle down it for a few min, but wont be able to go much further without a dirt bike or other off road vehicle. If i remember correctly it runs through several towns in the area and i believe the road got its name because back when my parents where younger it was used by the boy scouts to go camping and do scout stuff.

me and my friends would go there to drink and do other stuff that is legal now in two states along with swimming and enjoying nature. one night a friend, his girl and myself decide to drive down the road and park and do our thing when a very odd thing acured

the dirt road is fairly hard packed and contains no gravel so you could go along at a comfortable clip without much concern. It was as dark as the night was going to get and We had just started down the road. I was the only person in the back seat and after a good 30 seconds, I looked out the right back passenger window into the woods. Approx 6 to 10 feet into the woods i could barely see what looked like a pair of white legs (2 not 4) running in the woods along side of the car at least keeping pace with the vehicle. I super quick memory scan to try to make sense of what it was and i remembered that we have white geese in the area that are rather large and not very friendly. a few moments later something on 2 legs whitish and approx human sized darted from the same side of the road approx 8 feet in front of the vehicle and to the left side of the road. my friend didn't slow down and no one else seemed to have acted like they noticed anything leaving me wondering if my mind was wigging out on me. I let a good fifteen seconds go by until i finally said out loud, Uh..... guys? did anyone else just see that? And both my friends let out a loud simultaneous YES!

Till this day we still bring it up every so often and go over the whole event to try to understand and refresh the incident. the only thing we can agree on is that it wasn't a goose, that's for sure. not too scary in a vehicle, but had we been walking i probably would have peed myself.

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posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 04:43 PM
when i walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death i shall fear no evil, because i'm the biggest, Baddest, Meanest Mofo in that Valley..

posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by crawdad1914

You should have got out of the car and punched it on it's big fat head then fired it on Ebay...

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 12:33 AM
I'm from Australia and my story occurred in the scrub/bush land.

Myself and four others were camping one night years ago. Myself and a friend were in one tent, the other three in another. We stayed up late, maybe 2am then went to bed. No one had been drinking.

In the morning, I woke up to find our tent zip door was wide open flapping in the wind. My friend woke up a few minutes later and I asked him if he'd opened up the tent and he said no.

I got out of the tent and looked over at the other tent and it's doors were unzipped also. I didnt wake my friends up, but when they all finally got out of bed I asked them if they had opened their tent and they said no.. I asked if they had opened ours and they said no again.

I knew that no one was lying. Our stuff around the camp fire wasn't quite how we remembered it either.
Nothing damaged or really thrown about in anyway, just a little unusual and not how we remembered.

For instance one of our cooking pots was on the dying coals of the fire, when it certainly wasn't on the coals when we went to bed. Someones fold out chair had been folded back up and sitting neatly on the ground, when it was left open before we all went to bed. The beach towel that was hanging over the back of the chair was sitting in a neat clump next to the folded up chair.

When I went to pack up the generator the power cord was unplugged and sitting neatly over the generator. That night before bed I only switched the generator off, not pulled out the power cord.

So that pretty well sums it up. Just little, strange oddities none of us could really explain.
I have never camped there since, not because it scares me, I just haven't. But I have been past the camp site in a car once or twice since and it leaves me feeling a little off
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