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Inmate: James Holmes told me he was 'programmed' to kill

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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 02:50 AM
In regards to therapists, I'm sure there are many with a genuine desire to help others, but the main problem is that they can't. I know a marriage therapist who clearly has trouble keeping his own marriage together, they fight often and I've noticed that his wife commonly uses degradation and jealousy tactics to keep him in line with her will. So why does this guy, who's probably not unlike many marriage therapists, think he can give good advice about relationships? Therapists are people too and one reason why so many drugs are being distributed to deal with mental illness is because the so called doctors simply don't know how to fix the problem so they just cover it up instead.

The therapist in this case probably doesn't want to be terribly vocal about it, I would imagine this therapist finds Holmes to be his own failure as a doctor, he's probably ashamed and feeling terribly inadequate.

I do find that there seems to be some oddities to this case, but there simply isn't enough information to arrive at any solid conclusions. What's really interesting though, and not terribly surprising to the ATS membership I'm sure, is the fact that the 'official' account of the incident is easy to discount due to the significant lack of credibility when it comes to main stream media and the government. Personally I agree that a convict is at least as trustworthy as government officials and that's the really interesting part of this story in my opinion.
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Edit: In regards to Mr. Freud, maybe people should be rebellious and destructive when it comes to society and civilization. Maybe their instincts are correct and civilization is something worth rebelling against.
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 03:25 AM
This story never seemed right from the beginning. That much is true.
As for this inmate I'm not convinced he's telling the truth. If he was though , we would hear how its not possible he had this conversation with Holmes, , which is exactly what is being reported. They would discredit this guy.

However I don't dismiss the programmed to kill theory or if he really acted alone either. Lots of things make it plausible, what with the type of studies he was in and the descrepencies of him having a room mate and that news article being edited to remove that detail. We all saw that original article edited to another version. Some of the witness statements didn't add up. Cops saying he was dressed in red underneath the tactical gear, witnesses saying he sat in front row first, then got up to go out exit door and prop it to return dressed up and shooting, yet not one witness said he was dressed in red in the front row. Unless that came out later and i missed it. He was apprehended wearing the gas mask, but a gas mask was photographed laying outside on the ground as evidence. Anyways all this is and much more is in the original ATS threads shortly following the incident. I've forgotten some of the details now.

I would personally never trust any therapist if they know hypnosis. It's also possible it wasn't her ( Fenton) but somebody else and he had confided this to her. Or she was in on it, making sure to diagnos him as mentally ill, so he is never believed.

Some psychiatrists audiotape sessions. Perhaps she did that and FBI seized this evidence?

It's also possible he was mentally ill or on meds and in his mind committing these murders was "programmed" by voices in his head, demons, or govt. Many murderers have claimed they didn't really do it. Somebody or something made them.

He could have been on experimental drugs. Knowingly or not. Or they want to cover up the dangers of the SSRIs meds he could have been on. God knows they seem intent on getting everybody on them eventually.

A bit off topic, I apologize:
I just experienced a strange reaction to drugs myself this week. I had emergency surgery after breaking my hip during a fall in the shower. When I awoke in recovery room, I panicked and asked if we were evacuating, I accused the nurses of being Americans. I just knew the one nurse doing most of the talking was not Canadian. Turns out she was Australian, but sounded American to me at the time. In my mind the Americans were the bad guys taking people. There was still a green sling under my body, so perhaps I had woken up as they were transferring me to the operating table. I don't know. The anesthesiologist said " you read too much".

To get to my point, I thought it was strange this happened to me so I googled if this happens and most of the stories involve people thinking they are involved in a military incident. In a war, or it involves Russians or Israelis. What's with it all being these types of tales? I was also on morphine and have heard other patients telling me they thought they were in a war zone. My dad told me he had a bad reaction on morphine and thought he was in a war on an aircraft carrier. I don't know if it was anesthetic or morphine. What are these drugs really doing to people? It seems the military invented most of them. You take them and think you are in a war zone. I'm still messed up from this morphine or whatever they gave me and they delayed discharging me due to my adverse reaction having it appear I was nuts. I had also woken up in middle of night a few days after surgery in so much pain I was begging them to chop my leg off. It was on fire and i was shivering. They thought that was insane which it is of course, but at the time I thought it could chop the pain away. I've had other surgeries and never had this happen to me.

There's just too many theories with Holmes that could all make sense to any of us who believe in conspiracies.
Whatever comes out during the trial I'm not sure I would believe any of it.

I still question what would the motive be to get him to kill people? At first it was the idea it was to take away guns, but that doesn't seem to fit now.

I think I would lean towards him being on medication that caused him to do this crime.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 04:26 AM
I see a good mix of opinions on the matter of 'programed killers' here.

One has to ask though, what about all the people who go to war and kill others?

Are they/we not then the very definition of 'programmed killers'?

Who told you to kill? God? Your countries leaders? Your Sergeant?

Why did you kill? For God? For country? For your family?

You killed based on your beliefs...Who told you what to believe?

It would seem a person under treatment for mental health would have exhibited some telling signs (dropping out etc) and the onus would be on the doctor to pick up and see these things. Home visits are even warranted for the patients well being in some cases. I remain unconvinced of the OS, let alone theories, but I do lean to the idea of the incident being further catalyst in fomenting more control for the government - whether this was constructed or not, we certainly don't have enough details.

Additionally, given the high level of control over the case, I find it difficult to believe that ANY information is coming out let alone info from a 1st hand conversation with the accused.
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 04:47 AM
GL with this stoy, this is crap that should have come out in court

more time should be spent looking at the people involved in this than the person they set up, the person getting setup doesnt make mistakes, his handlers do.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:00 AM
It is obvious that this whole thing is a manufactured lie. Right down to the actors they had on the scene talking to media.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:01 AM
I think his "therapist" was his handler.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:02 AM
Whether or not the inmate is truthful. I don't believe Holmes was intentionally targeted and programmed. But I do believe there is something to it, but more unintentionally like he was exposed to someone who was probably into occult religions who probably didn't want any harm either but this encounter made impressions in Holmes psyche of which it was unable to process spreading out to other thought processes until it changed everything around him making him respond the way he did.

On one hand I would like to see the government impose rules and regulations on religion, especially new age but that might be an impossible task, to have a psychic police collecting evidence of basically intangible stuff. Not saying it can't be done but educating people might be a good choice, for example high school classes discussing the good and bad about satanism or spiritism or techniques like NLP and how to properly recognize when people are trying to use it on you or others and respond to that without getting drawn into the others' delusion or psychosis. Which might appear extremely mentally weak I admit but some people intentionally try to screw with other peoples' head in such a way the victim is unaware until it is too late and the number of these people seem to be growing especially with an economy where more people are trying to find ways to make money fast instead of trying to build something more people can profit from. If there are occult techniques out there able to screw people mentally over so they either give money or are no longer a nuisance at the office, none of those users would come forward and tell others how they do this. They would either get sued or lynched, or everyone would start doing it and with so much competition it would render the techniques useless as people would be able to recognize the use and be able to defend against it.
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by samcrow

Conspiracy or no conspiracy... those people who were in that theater are f#cking dead, man, and for what? This is like a minor September 11 all over again, except this time there's no obvious motive. 9/11's motives were just as senseless, of course - but at least there was underlying order to the chaos. This is just pure chaos. Innocent people died for no good reason - unless you believe this slaughter is related to gun-control, which it very possibly could be. Our internationally-compromised governments are well-known to commit far worse atrocities both domestically & abroad just in order to further considerably less sinister agendas... or, more often than not - merely to maintain their eternal and unchallenged vice-grip stranglehold on the Control and Profit infrastructure of our corrupt and 'zombified' Great Society. We are not sheep anymore. Sheep are innocent. We are cannibalistic mongrels, some of us are more dangerous than others, but we all have blood on our hands in one way or another, and none of us are bothered by that too much. Which is strange, because in most Courts of Law, if our leaders were slapped with a felony murder - no, genocide - charge - we would all be held accountable as accomplices to their crimes due to our complete and utter failure to make any attempt to stop them or even adequately challenge them.

Our culture, our habits, our trends, our fashion, our technology, our beliefs, our Wars..... sh#t, they decide our entire species' direction! And you call this Free Democracy? We don't even vote for these swine! And we sure as hell can't kick them out! Only the President can do that - and he's as beholden to Them as We are. Hell, 99% of Earth don't even know the first names of the people who pull the strings of the War Machine - and you can be very sure - they are the Boss around here. Not Bush, not Obama, not Romney... not even God. Evil men run this show now. Evil men have run this show for over 2000 years, but now they're so precisely organized and deadly that the only thing that can stop them now is us - all of us.

What will it take to get through to people, to make them see that nothing is coincidence - and even if it is, you can be sure that someone is exploiting it for everything it's worth! Blah! What madness! Some people don't believe in secret societies or Elite groups etc., and frankly, I don't care. To me it doesn't make a difference whether or not our decline is being systematically-engineered or not. The outcome is still the same, and it's not good any way you cut it.

Indeed, life is cheap these days... or at least, cheaper than usual. And war is Gold... Peace doesn't even rank as remotely valuable. Not from the Military-Industrial Conglomerate's point of view, which is far different from our own, or any other animal's for that matter.. and, like it or not, the Military-Industrial Complex does exist, for certain, and it's every bit as powerful and as dangerous as the worst Illuminati or Zionist or Alien or Whatever cult you can dream of - even if no single party is at the helm (which I personally find is unlikely)... But ultimately, that is all irrelevant, because the most alarming part of all is: things continue to worsen and worsen every day all over the world while we each sit on our computers and talk a bunch of self-righteous stagnant nonsense at each other, ultimately doing nothing!

What the f#ck is going on around here? Why the hell are people doing this crazy sh#t? That's what we should be asking humanity. Why aren't more people asking the Big Questions like that - WHY?, not WHO? Why aren't we addressing these issues at their core? You can put a band-aid on a broken spine, but you're only going to look stupid, and you're still going to be paralyzed. Our approach to subjects like these is appalling. The conversation quickly degenerates into "who's to blame". Wake up, you idiots! You're to blame! And so am I! We all are. We perpetuate this poisonous culture. Even if we choose not to participate in it and do nothing else.

"If you are neutral on situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." - Desmond Tutu

The core of these issues which I speak of can all be thrown under the term the "Human Condition" - which is, in a layman's nutshell; all of our inexcusable and irresponsible shortcomings both morally and intellectually, separate and irrespective of our personal belief structures which we have developed for our own selves over our time spent in this cesspool of weird and dark primal behavior in a vein attempt to comfort ourselves. And our moralistic shortcomings should especially be addressed while disregarding our religions... the same "spiritual" institutions which have generally been primarily responsible for dictating our rather illogical and often impracticable morals and petty differences in the past - petty differences which lead to Wars.

And our god-damned intellectualism is being squandered by gimmicks and shallow distractions which are continually forced upon us in a relentless torrent of consumerist advertising to the extent where you cannot escape the Constant Temptation without going a little crazy. We always want more, more, more! - we don't care how we get it or who suffers in our wake, we just act on instinct like good little consumers should, and it's like swimming against the current just to fight this programmed urge. The human mind needs to be nourished, but there's no nourishment to be found here in this fast-food world. Not unless you already know where to look - and the Youth don't! You know how older generations grow apart from the younger generations, and they never have a clue how that happened because they always thought they'd be "hip" enough to understand what the younger people are going through? This is how it happens. I'm 22 years old and I can't even f#cking talk to an 18 year old without feeling like I'm on another planet. People just don't care about anything anymore - the planet's future, their own future, their friend's future, their family's future - they just wanna get loaded while the good times are here, and while that's all well and good, it's killing our planet with a toxic cloud of unapologetic complacency.

Don't get me wrong when I talk about culture in this manner like I'm trying to be cool. I'm as normal as anyone else on here, I assume. Just another dude pissed off with the world trying to make his way through it. I'm not a "non-conformist" for the sake of being "different" or "cool". I'm a non-conformist because conformism is death of the human spirit. I recognize good and honest works of art and fashion when I see them. I don't need a magazine or a radio station to tell me what I'm into this season. But Culture itself is not bad. There is such thing as 'good' Culture... but "fashionable" Culture - this constant shallow flux of accessory-ridden superfluous bullsh#t which we idiots in the modern age pass off as 'culture', is. We don't have a culture anymore. We're aimless wanderers, every one of us, with no idea where we're going or how to get there, and we're all just along for the ride while we get our kicks and forget about how f#cked we are...

...and you're a downright idiot if you think that this blind method of contentious over-indulgent living on a finite environment like ours is harmless. Why must we promote decadance so enthusiastically? Are coins worth so much to us that we would compromise our humanity just to make a quick buck off gullible and exploitable people?... all the money in the world can't buy you peace and happiness when the sh#t inevitably hits the fan and we start running out of stuff... will it happen in our lifetime? Who knows? But it'll happen in someone's lifetime if we don't stand up for ourselves and prevent it - and that should be motivating enough unless your basic human principles have already been compromised. It is a sick and unworthy person indeed who does not care about their children or grandchildren's future.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Morals and empathy and compassion and love are all intrinsic values systems which are inherent in all of us from birth and inbuilt into nature by nature (or God or whatever the hell you wish to call "it")... hence why all animals have this natural moralistic instinct - to protect the ones they love, to feed their families, to share with their friends etc. Humans can expand on these emotions in any way we want, but at their core experience, they are the same as any dog or cat or bird or fish that ever experienced a moralistic reaction. We are the only animal who blatantly and remorselessly beats that inbuilt moral compass out of ourselves with bad parenting techniques, bad education techniques, a horribly unhealthy approach to human competitiveness and "success" (whatever that means) that we each learn as small children from the contagious and failed examples that came before us - be them our parents, role models, or just people we grow up in the vicinity of. Children soak up information good or bad - and there's an abundance of bad information out there and we're doing very little about promoting the good. This will catch up with us very soon.

It is ridiculous to propose that bullies are born bullies, despite what people like Dr. Phil might say on the Television. Sure, some people are born more difficult to deal with than others, but that's the nature of diversity, and meeting that difficulty with intolerance and authoritarianism results in rebellious behavior. I believe rebellious behavior for the right reasons is our god damned duty as sentient beings. Question EVERYTHING! That's why you've got a brain like you do - so you can bloody-well use it. But the "rebels" of today are unhealthy rebels. They lack focus and direction - they're angry, but they don't know what about. And that is a dangerous and volatile energy that should be dealt with carefully by all parties... we employ bad entertainment and escapism techniques (or rather, turn a blind eye to them - for the most part)... and our worst Sin of all... we lead the naive and impressionable Youth that follow in our jaded footsteps into the very same bad direction which our ancestors have been trying to warn us about in all cultures and societies for f#cking centuries!

We gobble up all this ridiculous political rhetoric that ALL OUR POLITICIANS spew out of their mouths, we know it's lies and gibberish, but we beg for more! Our intentional, unfathomably insane and suicidal continuation of ancient (borderline primitive) paranoid religious dogma is killing our Souls instead of setting them free... Our horrible lifestyle choices that every single one of us are guilty of and participate in, including myself, of course - from drugs and alcohol, to fast food and poisonous consumerism/materialism that leads to completely unsustainable waste, to all the other copious subgenres of the 'Human Condition'...

And finally, and especially... our blatant and unrepentant disregard for anything but ourselves in all aspects of our communal existence. There's no respect left on this morally-bankrupt rock of ours, when there should be all means be an overabundance of it. There's plenty to go around, and plenty of purpose to be found, but we're content in wallowing in our own self-pity and self-loathing until the sky falls on us one day - which we all agree will happen eventually - some of us believe it will happen sooner rather than later, and others think that it's not their problem to worry about and go about their daily lives in a decadent haze... Jesus, man... sometimes I wanna take up a gun and start shooting at everything! Of course I won't do it, because it's not their fault. It's not the individual's fault, per se, besides our general self-induced fog of apathy and nihilistic complacency - but if the world can drive a rational mind to the brink of insane frustration... then what effect is it having on the more sensitive minds of the planet?

I had a pretty crappy upbringing, nothing to complain about, but nothing to be happy about either. My parents were great - but my environment wasn't. Bullying, religious superiority, a general sense of not belonging... god damnit, man, sometimes I read these articles and these events unfolding around the planet and I wonder what f#

I've seen drug-addicted parents do a better job at raising their kids than money-addicted greedy slimeballs who have no time for their family! When did we become so hell-bent on self-destruction in exchange for ridiculous trinkets and shiny rubbish? Greed and selfishness is what's causing this crazy bullsh#t. All other issues stem from those two flaws.

I haven't lost hope, and I'm not a gambler, but if this were a betting game... I wouldn't put any of my chips on us to come out of this global social mess peacefully and intact. We are a race of dumb animals now, if we were ever anything else to begin with... and we're completely shallow and desensitized to the preventable suffering that takes place before our very god damned eyes every day of every week, everywhere we go... does nobody care about anything anymore?

All this beating around the bush is a fruitless fear campaign. There's gotta be some form of explanation for this rapid escalation of random outbursts of brutal violence against strangers... it's not normal behavior for any animal let alone a human being, crazy or otherwise, no matter what the eugenicists and fascist powermongers who call the shots tell you on the television.

Indeed. Mark my words all you skeptics and fools: these horrors are just symptoms of a much greater problem than one individual's "failure to assimilate", or "self-esteem deficiencies"... These pychiatrist explanations and police state rhetoric are all just rude cop-outs... cheap and weak excuses designed to avert attention from the ones who are really responsible for this chaos, be it intentional or otherwise. We live in a sick society run by sick people. Is it any surprise that society is beginning to behave in a sickly manner?

It's no raw coincidence that our culture and social institutions are wavering under the pressure of natural human progress at the same time as these unexplainable atrocities against humanity. I say 'natural' human progress as opposed to 'unnatural human progress' - aka "population control". Just because the various power structures of the world were exposed in the 20th century for operations like COINTELPRO does not mean the fascist psychopaths just 'gave up' on their nutcase plans for our planet. The world is out of control, and people are following suit... This is not natural human behavior by any standard, and it's not just happening in isolated places... You can't blame all instances of unanticipated psychotic behavior on bath salts, 'bad' '___' and socialists. I suppose you can try, but you'll look (and sound) like an idiot.

I'm admittedly prone to outlandish ideas and theories, but I'm stumped on this one. I have no wisdom to offer. If he was set up or brainwashed... that's f#cked. And if he wasn't, it's still f#cked! Either way, something's gotta give, and conspiracy or no conspiracy, society is becoming sicker by the day and this crap is only gonna get worse until we degenerate into barbaric violence or do something about these swine who are corrupting the world with evil. And no, I'm not talking about video games or movies or any stupid nonsense like that... I'm talking about the System we live in which perpetuates violence and instability among human beings. We can't live like this for much longer, no matter how far you bury your head in the sand.

The problems we're faced with are many, and the solutions aren't simple. It's gonna take a group effort to repair the Human Condition... and no one wants to commit themselves to any real strategy for Change. And I'm talking about differential change, not Obama Change. We all know how differential Obama's Change was (and continues to be not). And yes, I hate Romney too, for the record, not that anyone cares since I'm Australian...

How long, O Lord? How f#cking long...

Sorry for the long post, I don't care if no body reads it. TL;DR: we're all f#cked and it's our fault. What are we gonna do about it? Give up? We gave up a long time ago... and we should be ashamed of ourselves for doing so. We only deserve out of life what we're willing to put back into it. And we give back nothing. I'm not a cynical person - but I'm not under any false illusions, either. Our fate rests in our hands - and our hands are full of blood money, cigarettes and cheap gimmicks... and our fate is rapidly falling out our hands now, but we don't wanna drop all our crap in order to catch it. That's unforgivable, humanity. Have we no shame?

Peace be with you, ATS and the free world. You're gonna need it more than ever soon enough.

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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by samcrow

I don't believe this guy at all. It sounds like MSM is putting out there what's been said all along on sites like this, and they're finding questionable inmates to put it out there so it sounds like nothing but crazy talk.

This inmate mentioned what happened when James first the other prisoners were shouting at him. How did they even know who he was?
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 06:43 AM
It could be true. He could have been progammed. But then again ... a paranoid delusional person could easily come up with a story like that and think that is reality as well. I don't think we'll ever know. At any rate, the guy is dangerous and needs to be locked up forever.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 06:56 AM
Sounds like a clear case of schizophrenia to me. Schizophrenics often claim to have their teeth bugged or that the CIA is watching them or that they've been brain washed. I've experianced it first hand I have schizophrenia.

When I came down with schizophrenia 17 years ago I almost went over the edge because of it. Thankfully I got treatment and didn't do any of the things I was thinking about. I've been symptom free for 10 years.

Schizophrenia is a devastating illness and people ill with it can do some severely irrrational things. Schizophrenia is highly treatable. Most people with it recover to a digree. Schizophrenia causes brain damage and the longer left untreated the harder it is to recover. Some people never recover.

This dude will probobly get treatment in prison and might snap out of it. Either way he slid down a razor blade into a river of alcohol.
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:03 AM
I could write a page long comment about this, but Im going to keep it short.

As time goes by, more and more people are realizing that this whole story stinks to high heaven. Too many unexplained angles, too many holes in the mainstream story, too many coincidences.

You only have to look at the behaviour of the police chief and the FBI spook standing behind him at the big press conference the day after the atrocity to see the lies, the refusal to answer direct questions, the smirk on the spooks face when the chief bats away another awkward question- it turns my stomach.

People are outraged, and rightly so, but I dont believe this zombified mess we see in court is solely responsible for all those deaths. I read a post recently about special forces combat hit and kill percentages, and Holmes exceded the hit and kill ratio of a Navy Seal with his supermarket arsenal, with a jamming rifle, in a darkened movie theatre full of smoke on his first attempt- this college dweeb turned ice cold killer? I think not.

Motive? Its all about the fear, people- keeping us scared, suspicious of your neighbour, of strangers, then when the sh$%£ goes down, we will get picked off one at a time, because just as you dont want to get involved when someone else is in trouble, no-one is going to help you when your're getting dragged off.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by Xoanon

About that other 'inmate' story. See:

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by Symbiot

Actually therapists can help people, who want to be helped. Marriage therapy only works when two people genuinely want to save the marriage and heal their childhoods and their relationship, because your relationshiops are your imago, the recording of the worst problems you had with your difficult parent or caretaker to the largest extent and the parts of that were repressed, that you weren't able to develop as well. So most relationships are an attempt to heal and a battleground. Most of the time one person wants the therapy and the other doesn't and that doesn't work, then it just becomes caretaking someone, when the other should let them go and find their own healing at that point if things are bad enough they're being harmed staying in the relationship.

A good counselor is something just about everyone would benefit from by the way.

Most counselors and therapists are not working for the Shadow Gov, and their programs, but if you're a Bankers son or some special category, I don't think you'd be seeing the normal kind.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:50 AM
I don't know what this all means. With James all one can do is theorize. I don't even believe he pulled a trigger, there seem to be others involved. And with the confusion he had, and what looked like being drugged, and with the black ops ability to erase memories or give altered memories, he may have accepted he did it due to waking up in this situation, and being told he did it, without actually remembering doing it.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by samcrow
Greetings Sam Crow; one must only Goggle "The Greenbaum Speech" to have a clearer understanding as to the whys and how of the Manchurian Candidate. There appears to be a group on planet earth that believe they are the only bloodline that has a clear enough view to lead the peoples of planet earth, and apparently use such tactics to make sure;

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by samcrow

thanks for the heads up... interesting info to a crazy story..

contrary to what most are saying you can communicate in a jail. even with the "war on drugs" there's drugs in every jail.

does anyone know if there was any truth to Holmes father having an algorithm to show fraud in the bank bailouts?

what do you folks think about the other inmate who is a corrections officer plant?

one says he is NLP mind controlled, the other fully sane & faking it..

anyway this adds to the pile of information..

regardless of what you think of DallasGoldBug..

he has a few of the "witnesses" nailed..

so we know there is an effort to skew info by professionals..

what is the motive though..

bank bailouts?

Holmes work?

Gun control?

someone in the theater?

and where are the videos from the night of the premiere?

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by samcrow

The most convenient item in a trial ever? So you must be a savant then and can recite to me every single case ever and tell me that better evidence has never been found for any case? Ever? Again lets blow this thing more out of proportion then it already is, the kid had a HISTORY of mental illness and now clearly see's where his actions got him. He wished they killed him, they didn't, now it's time for some suicide. Also if the Twilight shooter from last week that was foiled by his mother, was able to carry out his plot would we be discussing government involvement in that too? I think so and clearly it shows the straw graspers are always in full swing here on ATS.
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by reeferman

That 2nd video made me laugh like crazy. The bomber picture made me laugh so hard that clearly isn't him in the news photo. Geez craziness...

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by TheAnarchist

That was some of the awesomest writing I've ever seen on this site, and one of the most right-on rants I've read anywhere. Your consciousness is such that I was surprised when you mentioned that you're just 22. And it sounds like you've probably got enough fortitude to handle being the sane minority. I hope you keep writing, I sense greatness. I'd read your long posts anytime.

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