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Thoughts for the Faithful

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 06:28 PM
Peace to all,

As I go through my old notebooks of my writings, I find many quotes which I have written down.
I wrote them down because the strike chords in my heart and ring true to my mind and soul, hopefully they will for you.

I did not write the names of any of the writers, so forgive me of that, I think many of you will find these quotes enlightening if you choose to read them.

"The most virtuous and wise see a light Indistinctly, a feeble light in the dark of myths: the light of Truth. It is the remembrance of the Light seen before life, which inspires them with some truth, in which are fragments of the revealed Truth."

"Heroism in faith is to be perfected among difficulties."

"Inconstancy is the face and appearance of ill intentions.
Good men make actions out of good intentions."

"Jesus felt more pain for the hatred of the world than for His Tortures and Death."

"Do always how Jesus would advise and the God of Jacob will always be with you."

"why do you, whom destiny has placed high up, always want to consider yourself perfect?"

"Can a doctor cure a sore if he does not open it and clean it?

" the Spirit needs such freedom and generosity in giving, to be sure that it is not entangled in the cobwebs of affections, habits, considerations, fears, stretched out as many threads by the monstrous spider which is Satan, the robber of souls."

"He hates his life who without fear of losing it or making it sad from a human point of view, uses it to serve Me." - Jesus Christ

"It is wisdom to weigh and judge one's self."

"There is but One God, Who does not originate from anybody else and is not subject to human passions and needs: One Only, Eternal, Perfect God, the Creator of everything."

"you do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven along a flowery road of triumph or on a carpet made purple by enemy blood; but climbing a steep path of sacrifices and a mild staircase of forgiveness and love.
Our victories over ourselves will give us that Kingdom."

These quotes are true and faithful. Some are my own, some are of quotes I have translated, and some are quotes I have written out of books I read. I wrote what I know to be words from God Himself.

Anyone is welcome to put their own, or describe one of the quotes to exercise spiritually, as I always do.
For those who wish to scoff I give this to show how I think of you.

"Love also wicked people. Not because of their wickedness, but because it is through love that mercy is granted to them."

Peace and blessings to all.

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