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facts of life

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 05:53 PM
Hi world! And all that is there in.
I am going to tell you a story and show you the rules. It is about life. It is not religeous although the players involved are caught in that inevitable web called God.
I wasn't there when God first became God. He says he always was but I'll leave that up to the theologians. I do know this much about life as I live it here in America.
I have come to learn from an extensive amount of study
that the people who founded this nation and run it for most of its duration are called Jacob and Israel by God. He named them long ago and this is where many ended up.
They say God is no respector of person. Boy how do they run with this when trying to justify God to other people. But the truth is, there are limitations to that rule. In one sense God is no respector of person when it comes to the shortfalleness of man and the need for salvation and the love of God to any and all who would accept it. In that sense there is no respector of persons with God.
But early on God decided to pick out and choosea people for himself. Now in this respect, God is showing favoritism in the sense that he chose out one group of people and did not choose the others. If you want to take that up with him and question his sovereignty on the subject then be my guest. Nations and people have been doing that since God made the choice. You may not believe this but God figures he has the right to bless one seedline more than another. So it was,that in time God called the hebrews out of Egypt and Blessed the line of Abraham through Isaac above his brother Ishmael. He gave Ishmeal blessings but not as good as Isaac. Then God said, I bless Isreal and all who bless her shall be blessed. There you have it. God offered blessing to all, everyone. As long as they blessed Israel. If the enemies of Isreal had blessed Israelthen they would be as prosperous and happy as Isreal. But they would have to humble themselves to the sovereignty of God. They would have recognize that Israel was Gods chosen people. This is what God calls the “old hatred”. This is the root and prime cause of all the hostility between Israel and their known enemies.Once again a fact of life. Just to keep this out of the relm of religeon. God made these choices and he has the power and right to do it. Because he is God and everyone else isn't.A fact of life, as opposed to religeon.
Now I said in the beginning of this discourse that the people who founded this nation(USA) and run it for most of its duration are considered in God's eyes to be Jacob and Israel. This is because this is where the Ten lost tribes went. So Israel also called Jacob was given this land as promised long ago to Abraham. Another land flowing with milk and honey. A place of rest for God's people. A place of “sanctuary” and blessing.
Remember the words of God.He said he would bless those who blessed Israel and curse those who cursed Israel. Why this may be meant for the nation Israel of today and I believe it is, make no mistake that the people in America who's descendants were given this land, God calls them Israel too. America and Britain and Israel have always been inextricably tied together as allies to one another. This is because we are brother in kind.
Enter Barack Hussein Obama.
Do ya ever wondered how an unregistered alien that claims to be christian but is really muslim, could get into the whitehouse? How could such a thing happen in America?
Well, take one good mixture of wealth and prosperity and add a good dose of deceit and propaganda and, Viola! You have a Muslim foreigner in the whitehouse.
To understand how this happened you have to go back to the facts of life. God gave this land to his people(christians) with the same promise to them that was given before. If you stay true to me and run your nation under my laws I will prosper you but if you fail to keep these commandment then I will curse you.
Well, we failed to keep the commands of God. WE let them take prayer out of the schools. We began killing our young. WE went to sleep in prosperity and did not see when God left. For we had kicked him out. It isn't like God is up there smiting us for our sins. All he has to do is walk away when he's not wanted and the enemies will appear and take over and eventually oppress you for the same reasons they have done it through out the centuries. You are right now trapped in reality. The reality that your enemies are now excercising oppressive control over you. They will bark your fig tree before it is over. They will institute a law that requires you to serve another god in order to survive. And God says he will allow this for a time and then will come with vengence and save Jacob from his captors. The world will see this salvation. They will come to grips with the fact and existance of an almighty God who chooses his people over their enemies. Then this world will continue on into the millenium under Christ and his chosen people at the helm.
Most of the world's population will be destroyed in this struggle against God. But he will prevail and who will let him?
I will not answer posts of argument because there are only two kinds of people who would argue with me here. Either trolls or the ignorant. I have no axe to grind with either.
I do not seek to make you understand this or accept it. It is life and it is sovereign.
I am only required to put it in print for some eyes to see. And I am not looking for flags and such. I am a servant. Just a messenger.
People through the ages have made religeons and sects out of these facts of life.They even made a religeon out of the Savior Jesus but he was a fact also. It's just the way things are.
P.S. When God is done using Israel's enemies to correct her, I am sad to report the fate of those people is dismal and harsh. I wouldn't get to drunk in my success Obama. Infact, I would repent and come to the facts of life.

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by cantyousee

Maybe God will show you how to separate a wall of text, into readable paragraphs.....


posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by Destinyone
reply to post by cantyousee

Maybe God will show you how to separate a wall of text, into readable paragraphs.....


I agree, even if you do have a point it is totally lost in that big unbroken blob of words and letters.

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