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The Palestine-Israel War on Who Controls Fresh Water

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 10:00 AM
In 2003 a highly placed representative from Palestine came to our college to talk about the Palestinian Israeli crisis. He said that the ownership issues with the land had less to do with religious principles than about fresh water. One side has taken over access to the scarce water supplies from the other, he claimed. While the West makes it into a "land right" war from antiquity, the reality is that there are few fresh water sources right now, regardless of what happened long ago.

The U.S. may be experiencing the same kind of conflict while it battles on the basis of principle and tradition. If one "side" has more access to fresh water sources than the other, does it matter what their religious beliefs are? Water is water. Whoever claims ownership of it is in charge of survival.

Should access to fresh water overrule historical precedence based on religion?

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 11:13 AM
I never thought of their conflict over there being based on water rights, but after thinking about it, it makes sense. I mean, they are in a desert, and water is the most important resource in such a region, much more important than oil or other resources.

“A large groundwater aquifer basin underlies the West Bank and supplies high quality water to both Israelis and Palestinians. It is composed of three sub aquifers: the Western, the Eastern and the North-eastern Aquifer Basins.”8 Since Israel controls the water, they allow Palestinians in the West Bank 114 MCM/yr only – they have to purchase another 30-40 MCM/yr for the West Bankers and 4 MCM/yr for Gazans from Mekorot, the Israeli water company.

The Palestinian Hydrology Group established the Water and Sanitation Hygiene Monitoring Project where people conducted field surveys from over 640 Palestinian communities. Their reports reveal that Mekorot “…has seriously reduced the quantities. In many cases Mekorot has completely stopped the provision of water to them altogether. Many of the surveyed Palestinian communities that still get some water from Mekorot receive insufficient quantity, and have expressed their fear that Mekorot will completely stop providing water to them.”9

So, there is a definite water issue which nobody is talking about. The Palestinians are being starved for water:

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for minimal water consumption of 100 liters per capita per day (l/c/d) for a quality level of health6; Attili shared that Palestinians average 50 -70 liters (l/c/d). Moreover, Israeli capita usage averages 400 l/d and Israel settlers in the Palestinian Occupied Territories average 800 l/c/d. Thus, Israelis average almost five times more water consumption than Palestinians.

Seems to me that Israel was just goading the Palestinians on to strike, so they could bomb them out and steal their water without having to share.


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