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Civilian flght over the Tonopah Test Range

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 10:18 PM

Even though the routing indicates this was a flight to the TTR, what I believe happened was the plane flew IFR to the TTR, then completed the rest of the trip VFR, falling off the internet tracking. [IFR= instrument flight rules; VFR = visual flight rules; VFR flights are not tracked.]

It is possible for civilian flights to go over the TTR on Sundays if Nellis doesn't need the airspace. In this case, the pilot went over Site-4, the somewhat interesting foreign radar exploitation facility believe to be part of "Have Glib."

Airliners can go over the TTR on Sundays, but the official jet route is more like over highway 6. I don't believe they have much of an incentive to fly further south. However, H365HP was coming from Saint George, so the flight over the range saved him time and fuel. This isn't to say photography as a bonus didn't occur.
Subtract 8 hours to get local time.

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