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Fire in the sky - The Orange UFO Mystery

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:40 PM
FIRE IN THE SKY – The Orange UFO Mystery
For many years now I have been interested in the UFO phenomenon, with so many people witnessing unexplainable things in our skies, you can’t help wondering if there is some truth to it all.
Are these witness’ really viewing something unknown from this world or maybe even another?
The sightings that occur vary in description, black triangles, silver discs, cigar shaped objects, bright lights of various colours and the list goes on but one type that seems very common here in New Zealand and indeed in many other parts of the world are bright orange/red lights.
Many people describe the orange/red light as firey balls/orbs or “fire in the sky” moving in various ways and directions. At first glance you would be led to believe that these are mearly Chinese lanterns but on further inspection it becomes obvious that many are not.
2012 has seen a spike in this type of UFO and I aim to find out what is going on. I have personally viewed these objects myself and can’t offer an explanation as to what they were. There are some things I do know though.
New Zealand has a lot of coastline and these objects seem to turn up around these regions. A particular region of interest is Auckland’s North Shore which has been a hotspot during 2012 and in previous years.
These objects are often witnessed on their own or in groups between the hours of 9pm-12am and are completely silent.
The purpose of this thread is to discuss and research this phenomenon, I welcome anybody who wants to contribute to this thread by offering their encounters, logic, theory, skills in research, patterns etc. Particularly people who live in New Zealand would be great.
Let’s start with some sightings.

For full list and description go here

Tuesday 13 November 2012
9:45pm Christchurch
“The witness observed a large orange ball of light traversing the sky from east to west. When first sighted the witness estimated its distance to be approximately 2 or 3 km. The light made no noise”.
Wednesday 3 October 2012
9:45pm Motueka
“A witness saw a perfect red/orange globe travelling east across Motueka. It was travelling slowly, low and below cloud cover, and was completely silent”.
Wednesday 3 October 2012
8:20pm Auckland
“The witness was driving home when he observed a large orange light with a reddish tinge moving from above Torbay on an easterly curved flight path out to sea”.
Saturday 22 September 2012
10:00pm Auckland
“The witness observed a light appear that was larger than a light aircraft in the sky. The witness described the light as “fire in the sky”, and being bright red in colour”.
Wednesday, 19 September 2012
8:40pm Wellington
“Looking to the north, the witness observed a very large bright orange/red light, horizontally oval in shape. The intensity of the light was consistent, with no variations in colour or brightness”.
Wednesday 5 September 2012
10:58pm Kapiti Coast
“Two witnesses observed a red pulsing orb of light high in the sky travelling slowly from a north-westerly direction, south east from out at sea well beyond Kapiti Island”.
Friday 31 August 2012
7:16pm Tauranga
“Four witnesses observed a large bright orange light in the north-western sky, which at first they thought was an aircraft on fire, however the light was ascending, rather than descending”.
Sunday 26 August 2012
7:15pm Auckland
“The witness saw an unusual bright orange light in the sky and initially thought it must be an unusual plane. She pulled over to the side of the road to have a closer and longer look at it and tried to ascertain if there were any flashing/strobing lights, but there were none”.
Monday 20 August 2012
6:19pm Wellington
“Several witnesses were outside their house when they saw a glowing orange “burning” light in the sky travelling due west from the Eastern Ranges”.
Friday 17 August 2012
10:30pm Kapiti
“Two witnesses observed an intense bright orange ball of light coming into view and moving very quickly from east to west over Otaki”.
Friday 17 August 2012
11:45pm Auckland
“The witness saw a red/orange single ball of light travelling at speed from west to east. She initially thought it was an aircraft, however there was no noise whatsoever and the colour of the light was sharp, vivid and bright”.
Saturday 4th August 2012
6:15pm Upper Hutt
“The prime witness initially noticed an orange/red light in the sky and initially thought it was an unusually bright view of Venus. However the light was twice the size and brightness of Venus, and was slowly moving up from the horizon, so he thought that it may have been an aircraft”.
Saturday 28 July 2012
8:25pm Wellington
“The witness was in bed with the flu when she experienced the inexplicable urge to get out of bed and look out the window. Coming in over the sea from a north-westerly direction she observed three separate formations of red lights at medium altitude, moving slowly towards her position in the direction of the Tararua Hills”.
Saturday 28 July 2012
7:00pm Ashburton
“The prime witness noticed a small slow moving light similar to a star, traveling in a south to north easterly direction. The object initially appeared low on the horizon, and as it ascended to pass over the witness's house, it increased in brilliance, becoming a big ball of orange/yellow light, brighter than any other object in the sky”.
Monday 16 July 2012
9:33pm Auckland
“At 9.33 pm the witness was out on the street with his dog. Looking back towards his house he noticed a large orange orb of light above and beyond tree-line, moving in the direction of his house (from North east to the south east, towards Rangitoto Island)”.
Sunday 8 July 2012
8:45pm Bay Of Plenty
“The witness was outside his house when he noticed two strange large (Orange/Red) balls of light coming towards him, moving just above the treetops behind the Golden Springs Motor Camp. The lights became stationary and hovered above the trees for around 30 seconds and then continued slowly in a north-easterly direction”.
Friday 22 June 2012
7:05pm Otaki
“The witness was observing the night sky when she noticed a very bright, large round orange ball of light about a kilometre to the west of her position. A few seconds later seven more similar but smaller lights appeared behind the first one”.
Saturday 9 June 2012
12:00am location Unknown
“At about midnight, during a break at a band practice, the witness saw what looked like a light aircraft coming towards land from out to sea. There was a flash of white and red light, and then the object stopped. It moved horizontally to the right, then back to the left and hovered. It then changed colour, becoming an orange glow”.
Thursday, 24 May 2012
6:45pm Auckland
“The witness was driving to work when he noticed a very bright orange blurry ball of light moving slowly in the sky. He stopped and watched it for a bit and noticed another person nearby watching it also”.
Saturday 19 May 2012
8:20pm Timaru
“A witness observed seven slightly elliptical, bright reddish-orange lights at an altitude of approximately 1000 to 2000 feet, in the sky to the south, travelling northwards near the South Beach, towards Timaru”.
Saturday 19 May 2012
9:45pm Auckland
“Two witnesses were driving home approaching an intersection at Braebank Lane and Covil Ave, when they noticed a large rounded (slightly oval) orange-yellow light in the sky, estimated 1 to 2 km away”.
Saturday 12 May 2012
12:00am Whakatane
“Three witnesses observed two large orange lights approaching from over the Whakatane Board Mills, heading north past the Whakatane River mouth. They described the lights as oblong (possibly circular) in shape”.
Saturday 12 May 2012
8:00pm Waikato
“Three witnesses sighted 3 reddish coloured lights very high in the sky, moving much slower than an aircraft would, tracking east to west”.
Saturday 21 April
8:20pm Bay Of Plenty
“A witness sighted two large orange lights over, or east of Matakana Island, Tauranga Harbour. The witness observed the lights as they were rapidly rising vertically in the air, one slightly behind the other, as they disappeared upwards into high cloud”.
Friday 20 April 2012
8:30pm Tauranga
“Three witnesses observed a large orange light moving from west to east, which he described as “about the size of a helicopter” and travelling approximately at the height the witnesses are accustomed to seeing aircraft in the area”.
Friday 20 April 2012
7:30pm Christchurch
“Two witnesses sighted a formation of five bright orange/red lights tracking from north to south at a high altitude. The lights were not flickering, and did not have aircraft navigation/hazard lights. They travelled at a constant speed, similar to that of a jet airliner, in a smooth and level flight path with no associated sound discernible”.
Friday 20 April 2012
7:00pm Christchurch
“The witness noticed a large orange sphere of light appear “out of nowhere”, moving silently across the sky at a relatively low speed. A second light appeared following the same path, followed by further for lights, all moving in a southerly direction”.
Thursday 19 April 2012
7:30pm Auckland
“Two witnesses observed a large orange light moving at speed across the sky from east to west, which at first they thought was a small plane on fire (the light was travelling at a similar speed to a small plane)”.
Tuesday 17 April 2012
10:35pm Auckland
“A witness observed two bright orange egg-shaped lights moving one behind the other, from the south east to the north east, passing from Onehunga towards the Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island”.
Saturday 24 March 2012
1:00pm Kaukapakapa
“Two witnesses were watching TV when they sighted a massive orange orb fly past their floor-to-ceiling windows”.
Friday 23 March 2012
11:00pm Auckland
“Two witnesses were sitting on their deck with a clear view across the harbour to Rangitoto Island. They observed a bright orange light moving from above the central city area, north towards the North Shore. During this time the light changed direction erratically a couple of times, and then moved quickly upwards and out of sight”.
Saturday 10 March 2012
10:00pm Auckland
“The two witnesses were on the beach watching the stars, when they sighted a small orange light that appeared to be about 4km out to sea, just above the horizon”.
Saturday 21 January 2012

4:00am Auckland
“A witness observed a pale orange light travel across the sky at considerable speed and height. The light appeared to ‘bounce around’ as it traversed the sky, and moved away from the observer”.
Friday 20 January 2012
10:30pm Auckland
“Two witnesses saw unusual lights from their lounge window, looking towards Kawau Island. They initially saw 3 bright orange lights moving slowly in a ‘v’ formation”.
Saturday14 January 2012
12:30am Auckland
“The witness was standing on his porch after finishing work late. Looking to the west (Pukekohe/Karaka/Patumahoe area) he noticed a bright yellow light, consistent with the size of a bright star”.
Sunday 8 January 2012
11:45pm Waikato
“The object appears from behind a forested hill 3km to the west (position A on the photos), and maintains a level flight path some 500 feet above ground level. It initially appears as a large bright yellow/orange ball of light, which then decreases in brilliancy”.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:43 PM
There is a lot of activity around Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by ninetysixufo

*Notice the amount of activity around Auckland*

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:56 PM
This was a case in Hawera here in New Zealand which fits the profile.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by ninetysixufo

Another famous case going back to 1978

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:06 PM
In the early 1970's I encountered one of these fire balls, it was almost as bright as our sun. It traveled slowly from the south to north along I-85 near Greenville, SC. It was early in the morning just before sunrise... and even though I was young at the time, about 10 years old; the event is still very vivid in my mind... will never forget it.

This thing was low in the sky, not just a light off in the distance... It was the size of a nickel held at arms length

Skylab was still in orbit at that time also... I remember watching that small dot as it traveled across the night sky on some mornings.

I searched the newspaper for a few days after that event; looking to see if anybody reported seeing it: nothing, not a report anywhere that related to what I had seen.

I wish you luck... I have given up on it. It’s been more than 35+ years now and that is the only time I ever witnessed a UFO.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:14 PM
ouuu! I've been waiting to see someone bring this up. I've seen a UFO like this on 2 occasions within 10 days of each other. Both were in the same location. I was in Southern Ontario Canada. Was a very exciting moment since the first sighting was my first UFO ever

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:16 PM
This footage was taken on the 2nd of August.

This report was made on the 4th of August to UFOCUSNZ website.

Date: Saturday 4th August 2012
Time: 6:15pm
Location: Trentham, Upper Hutt, North Island
Features/characteristics: several orange/red lights
Starlit night with a few clouds and no wind. Duration of sightings approximately 3 minutes.
The prime witness initially noticed an orange/red light in the sky and initially thought it was an unusually bright view of Venus. However the light was twice the size and brightness of Venus, and was slowly moving up from the horizon, so he thought that it may have been an aircraft.
He then noticed a second similar light to the left of the first, and thought the lights were too close to be aircraft. Within a few more seconds, 3 more similar lights came into view over the northern horizon, estimated to be some 30km distant. He called his brother and wife and son outside to look. It became clear to the witnesses that they were not viewing aircraft, as the lights were pulsating orange (not flashing) and made no noise as they moved slowly north. Four of the lights suddenly disappeared or became obscured by cloud, but did not reflect any light on the clouds. Only one visible light was left, and this last light soon disappeared in a similar manner. The witness then telephoned a friend who lived in the same street to describe what he had seen, and while on the phone they both witnessed one more similar object come over the horizon and vanish in the same manner.
All lights moved slowly along the same flight path, and maintained the same size and brilliancy throughout the sighting period. They left no tails, and the witness was positive that the lights were not Chinese lanterns as they were too bright and too far distant.
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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by swoopaloop

It's interesting you say Canada. The research I have started doing is pointing to a lot of activity in Canada?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by Shdak

That sounds like something you'd never forget.Thank you for your comment.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by ninetysixufo

I wouldn't be able to know if there's a lot of activity. One thing that I can tell you is that I've only seen this happen twice in the entire 22 years I've been here. It was a few months ago and the sightings were within 10 days of each other. I also have a friend who claims to have seen the same thing around that same time. But I am unable to verify if it was the same object or not.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:23 PM
You are not alone, OP! There are many sightings of the sort from times ancient as evidenced in Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck's Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times

I've had my own eye-opening up-close and personal OBOL experience:

I was 14 and on a 5-day camp-out with about 20 other Boy Scouts in the foothills of Lookout Mtn in Alabama 20+ years ago. 4 of the 5 days were spent in a relatively safe & easygoing pasture of a scout-friendly citizen. We had some badge classes and spent a lot of our leisure time in fierce competitions of mumblety-peg.

But one night we went to camp in the "mountains," better described as large foothills. After dinner we broke off in pairs and cliques and explored the various trails leading to the top which I estimate to be around 600 ft and situated among many foothills of similar size.

Two scouts had remained at the top longer than the rest of us and it was rather late in the evening when I and a friend were meandering a trail and talking near the top when the two scouts up top called down to us in very excited voices to come up that they had just seen a ufo. We scrambled up to the top and the two scouts indicated an adjacent and taller mount and said they saw a big glowing orange ufo land there.

I was skeptical, but was intrigued by how excited they were, cutting each other off in their zealousness to describe what they saw. We settled in and continued talking all the while steadily looking at the adjacent mount top.

Maybe 20 minutes passed when there appeared a brilliant double-flash that emanated from and illuminated the top of the peak, a second of darkness, and then maybe 100 ft over the tree tops "it" pulsed into life. Perspective wise, I would say it was about high-moon size in appearance.

At full pulse it looked like liquid metal or 'plasma' swirling around inside. Then it would dim at about the same speed it lit. It would dim to nothing. We couldn't see anything and then a good bit higher in the sky it would pulse to light again a few seconds later. Not counting the double-flash of the apparent lift-off it lit and dimmed 6 times, each time higher in the sky and after the 6th nothing. We watched for a long time, but that amazing glimpse was over but for the heavy-duty questions it raised in me.

It was a clear night and a clear phenomena of some kind. I was an Air Force brat that never missed a Blue Angels show or an opportunity to witness various test-flights. I knew it wasn't flares and it doesn't fit with any description of ball lightning that I've come across. Conventional craft was out of the question because of characteristics and size.

Even at that age, I knew what we saw couldn't be easily explained. Since the internet came along, I've searched for folk who have seen the same thing and have now found quite a few.

It's too bad that chinese lanterns do cloud the issue up to a degree. Good thread, OP...I know there are others here at ATS that have seen what seems to be the same phenomenon.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:24 PM
Another video showing an orange UFO.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by The GUT

WOW! That must have been an amazing sight! It's interesting you point out the liquid metal aspect. this has been described in a lot of cases. Very interesting and your writing style made it even better. Thank you.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:43 PM
I have seen two of these orange orbs of light in the same night a few years ago. I know it was not a chinese lanterns because iv seen plenty of those. the lights form these things were like no lights iv seen before.

the first one came down from the clouds and travelled across the sky in my direction and passed right over my head about the hight of a low helicopter.

The 2nd was a few mins later on the same journey home and going in the same direction as the first and about the same hight but faster than the first one.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:55 PM
I don't tell people about this, but this is the type of place where I think I can get away with it. Like others have posted, it was the late 70s. It was evening in the summertime, at my maternal grandparents' house. The Sun was just above the hills, setting. On the other side of the sky there was what looked to me as a 7-year-old to be another Sun in the sky. I remember saying to my parents "Look there's another Sun in the sky". It became bigger, moving toward us. We got in the car to get out of there, the car wouldn't start. The next thing I remember is driving home. My brother and I have talked about this 1 time in all these years. I brought it up out of the blue, because it was bothering me a few years ago. I asked him if he remembered something weird happening once at grandmas. And he said oh yeah that UFO that was chasing us.

I was a kid, he was a kid, it was decades ago -- not a credible report at all as far as being considered evidence of anything. I don't want to present this as evidence of anything. I claim absolutely nothing by posting this.

It was not a feel good experience, at all. I don't know if time was lost or what, my memory and his memory of the event are both disjointed.

Again, this is not something that is even pleasant to remember, the actual emotions and physical feelings invoked are not enjoyable.

I don't think "ET" is our friend. I don't know what happened, I just am glad I'm not the only one who has seen whatever these things are. My experience was not at all positive. I really, really think that we're better off doing whatever we can to avoid whatever or whoever these things are.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by louczar
...We got in the car to get out of there, the car wouldn't start. The next thing I remember is driving home.

...It was not a feel good experience, at all. I don't know if time was lost or what, my memory and his memory of the event are both disjointed.

Thanks for sharing. I don't think being 7 takes away from your story at all. Plus your brother remembered it, too.

Cars going dead, missing time, and OBOL phenomenon that's been recorded time & again throughout history...sounds like a classic case.

p.s. - I don't trust those boogers either.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by ThePeopleParty
Did it make any noise?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by louczar
Thank you for sharing your story. Did you ever ask your parents?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:14 PM

Originally posted by louczar
"Look there's another Sun in the sky".

Thank you for bringing that up, you are the first to say what I had seen in all the years... it is exactly what I thought when I saw the object I described in my post.

My experience was not a bad one... but anyway, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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