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Social conditioning and the demise of humanity

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 12:13 PM
How to solve the israel war?

Watching the recent events in Israel and Gaza unfold, I’ve realized that, even if the two governments signed a peace treaty. The people of Palestine will never forget how israel "took their property" and was able to legaly keep it. They will live with that in their hearts and in their minds for generations to come. It will strengthen the fact that even though we live by rules, the more powerful can always get away with breaking them, causing further resentment against the system and the Israel people.
Here I will show you how humanity’s social conditioning does not allow for peace to ever occur, no matter what the government or economic system.

Society teaches us that:
A) Everyone has things which they own, property, and
B) Nobody should take another person's property without permission.

Even in communist systems, the means of production belong to the people, or well, the government, and as such, the government does not allow other governments to take that property. So even in a communist regime, the concept of property is widely enforced.
Society also teaches us that if someone wrongs you, you should forgive them, but not forget them. In fact our society encourages us not to forget after forgiving. "Forgive but not forget", "9/11, we will never forget", these are common phrases that people now a days live by. You in fact are practicing this right now, with someone who you forgave, probably a boyfriend or girlfriend, who you can’t help but be suspicious of them ever since they wronged you.

Our world is teaching us the very opposite of what it is trying to achieve. Although adhering to social conditioning has shaped our world into its present state of modernization, the negative consequences of living in such a way have grown to become a huge threat to our existance. In fact it is the ONLY controllable threat to humanity as a whole. And we’re at the breaking point. Never before in the history of the world has power relied on such few hands. A number which is shrinking by the day, as the global wealth and political power gap increases. Never before have so many regions in the world possessed such large stocks of weapons, including nuclear bombs. Never before has the number people murderously hating other people reached the hundreds of millions.
The recipe for a large scale demise of humanity has been cooking for a while, and we’re only getting closer to its completion, not farther away.

Here’s the fact: There will never be peace in the middle east, because our social conditioning, the way society “works”, as mentioned in the first paragraphs, has never, and can never allow for peace to come. The concept of property will not disappear, and we will never forget the actions of those who have wronged us, no matter how much we forgive them.
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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 12:21 PM
The concept of property is a fallacy.

As you may have noticed, the only way for peace to truly exist is by getting rid of the concept of property and of boundaries. But this implies that territories would disappear, and there wouldn’t be my car, my clothes, my family, my land, my SELF. However, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you right now, besides your socially conditioned ego, from destroying the concept of property. You CAN, right now, think of everything not in terms of “MY”, but “THE”. the car, the house, the family, the self. This is all it takes.

The world is a reflection of ourselves, so change can start ONLY from within "I". Thinking that change should start from “you” or from “them” is another fallacy. To prove this I need no more than to point at the last 6,000+ years. Peace never came, and never will, if we expect it to come from the others first. And most certainly not if we try to force it out of them.

We need to recognize and control the ego. Because the ego, as fear, needs property. It fears the prospect of having to change because that means it might lose control. The ego is fear itself. But without property no longer would people feel threatened that someone would take something from them.

There's a part of you that still recognizes the truth, this part is beyond the ego, however, being that you, a socially conditioned human (and therefore mentally healthy human - your great ability to rationalize allows you to follow the rules of society and not end up in jail or killed) are so in tune with your ego (the little voice in your head) that you only hear what the ego has to say. Right now your ego is likely saying "Thats stupid, dont even bother to read this, just some spiritual nut trying to spread his peace and love ideals from fantasy land".

That’s fine, I'm only describing the ego. I’m not calling you bad or good person.

But notice how interesting it is that the voice in your head starts reacting negatively to ideas that are not part of the social norm. There must be a part of you that has been taught to reject ideas and the bearers of ideas that are against this social conditioning. Remember, the ego fears its demise. As such, it has a fully well developed and, thus far, infallible method to prevent its own demise. It uses a simple system of "if end is near then prevent it from arriving". I know, it sounds ridiculous, it SOUNDS ridiculous because your ego is making it sound like that. Your ego is the judge. It is impossible for your ego to read this without feeling some type of emotions. Negative or positive. But these are just words on a screen. Can you perhaps treat them as such? Is it possible for you to not symbolize these words as threats? If you can manage to do so, even to a small degree, then you are becoming what is referred to as "awakened". Yay! Special term for your special self! No ego, you're not special, in fact your days are numbered.

I know, this simple post will not solve any world problems or bring any solutions to conflicts. But perhaps it can open your eyes to what it will take for humanity to ever achieve peace, and so that you stop moving in the wrong direction.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 12:27 PM
This isn't about property or ownership thereof.

It's about PROFIT.

Peace is a non-profit venture.

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