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I'm sick of Mexico

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posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by PrplHrt
reply to post by foodstamp

You keep saying that but you don't vanish. When are you going to make good on your promise?

Maybe he's lonely or just likes to argue and assume. In any case, we don't seem to be getting anywhere anyway.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 01:53 AM
Really? you guys are still arguing about this?
wait what am i saying keep going, some of the stuff you guys say to each other is so funny

No one likes to pay for people that do not deserve it, i agree
no one likes the fact that you cant get a job because illegals are taking them, i agree
no one likes the crime that come's along with these illegals, i agree
but you can't say that enforcing laws will fix anything, Laws regarding illegal immigration have been made and enforced since 1875, and we still have a huge problem.
We must remember that the only reason people choose to immigrate here illegally is because they know that American corporations will gladly give them jobs.
Here is something interesting, during the Great Depression illegal immigration dropped sharply, think about it, so many companies laid people off and could not hire anymore that illegals knew they shouldn't even bother risking coming over here because they would just be in the same boat as many Americans, jobless.
My point is, the only reason that we have such an illegal immigration problem is because American corporations choose to hire illegals instead of the qualified citizen just to increase profit's.
For a very long time now we have tried enforcing laws that only effect illegal immigration and have failed.
If you put a bowl of tuna outside your door everyday, cats will come and start to eat, build a fence they jump, scare them, they will come back. What happens when u stop putting the tuna outside your door, they stop coming. So we need to flip the script, we need to start enforcing laws that harshly punish corporations that hire illegals. Cause and Effect, Hire illegal immigrants, you get illegal immigrants and all the problems that come with them. You stop the cause "corporations" and you stop the illegals from coming. Why would that work you ask, well why the hell would they come to the U.S. if they knew they couldn't get a job at all, what reason would they have? To come here and be homeless? Don't think so. Keep ranting about illegals like they are the cause of our problems with immigration, when in reality it is American corporations.
We treat corporations like they are gods, when in fact law say's they are a human entity, so why don't we start treating them like one. I saw a 3 strikes and your out law would get them straight, as in we catch you hiring illegal immigrants 1st a heavy fine 2nd Heavier fine and a year in jail for the owners or people doing the hiring, 3rd offense and the government takes all assets, dismantles the company so it can no longer operate and 5 years in jail for the guilty party and we restrict them from ever operating a business again.
I believe we will see some changes if that ever happens.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:41 PM
The arguing is over and perhaps I went too far. I am sorry if I offended foodstamps as now he has added me as a foe. I actually feel bad about that.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by Sinfulknowledge

yeah seriously mexicans should know how it feels having americans do the same thing but no, i can't beat up my wife in mexico and be a citizen, or have 12 anchor babies in mexico and be a citizen. i can't go to mexico and have the cops be nice to "immigrants" because of hatecrime laws. i can't perform "fast and furious" operations and have guns taken away from freedom loving mexicans because it only works one way. the united states needs to feign a depression to get the immigrants out. i'm calling it the way i see it, mexicans should proudly stay in mexico and change their laws and try to help eachother instead of make a problem worse. also we can just shoot 'em
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