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'Common Purpose' - The Shadowy organisation attempting to restrict freedom of the press (UK) [Leve

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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 07:57 PM
The Aim of the Leveson Inquiry

The aim of the Leveson inquiry is to restrict the freedom of the press to enable the shadowy 'elite' consisting of polticians / bankers and others in the old boys network to be able to make all of their dodgy deals invariably involved with funneling money from the taxpayer into private pockets.

They set to achieve this by drumming up public support for 'how terrible the press are', by wheeling out the celebs who's lives have been blighted,
such as Floppy haired Hugh Grant, Charlotte Church and Steve Coogan to make the case from their perspective.

To make things even better they wheeled out the Mccann's and Milly Dowler's parents to tell of 'phone hacking' concerns.


All is going very well....

Extraneous variable... Jimmy Saville.

According the media and even Ester Ranthzam, they all knew about Jimmy.
They all stood idley by whilst this happened... public opinion changes.
Why did the press not tell the public and protect the nations children from this predator, that is unacceptable...
It starts to add balance to the Leveson inquiry.....

They threw in a spanner... Released today in the sun of all papers.
Finally a piece of investigative journalism in the manner that the news of the world did well. (on occassion)
Recently its been the telegraph which breaks all the big corruption scandals.. but I will now quote the extract

THE BBC’s false and despicable claim that Lord Alistair McAlpine was a child sex monster could not have come at a worse time for Sir Brian Leveson.
The smear, fed to the Beeb by the grandly-named Bureau of Investigative Journalism, has damaged the BBC’s reputation.
But it has also put a question mark over the long-awaited inquiry on newspaper culture, ethics and practices to which Sir Brian is putting finishing touches.
For it exposes not just the BBC’s own crass errors, but a link between the untrue story, the organisation that peddled it and an influential figure at the heart of the Leveson Inquiry.
Sir David Bell is the most senior member of the six-strong panel appointed to assist the inquiry.
Sir David also has ties with a group of organisations whose aim appears to be to shackle the freedom of the press.
He is a trustee and ex-chairman of influential Common Purpose, a charity which charges £5,000 a time to train rising stars in the police, Whitehall and BBC.
The organisation is backed by big money and, says one observer, is obsessed with what it sees as “the irresponsibility and excessive power of the media”.
Two others on the panel advising Sir Brian Leveson have links with it.
Sir David is also a key player on the Media Standards Trust — set up by supporters of Common Purpose to encourage media “transparency and accountability”.
The Trust was embarrassed recently after awarding its biggest prize to a journalist who was caught stealing his material.
It spawned the Hacked Off campaign, fronted by Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and fetish orgy fan Max Mosley and dedicated to statutory control of the press.
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism — where Sir David is also a trustee — has blown a hole in his strategy.
The BIJ was billed as the “gold standard” of investigative journalism.
The McAlpine fiasco has left it dead in the water, its inflated reputation destroyed and two of its leading figures looking for work.
More worryingly, its activities cast doubt on the quality of advice on offer to Lord Leveson.
Sir David Bell was present throughout the months-long inquiry and spent many hours at the judge’s side between sessions.
Sir Brian Leveson is one of Britain’s most respected judges, welcomed by editors and proprietors to scrutinise the industry’s practices.
The same cannot necessarily be said of the assorted experts appointed to advise him.
None have any direct experience of tabloid newspapers.
We now know some are actively hostile towards them.

Taken from:

Theres more detail in the sun on how they did it but its very interesting reading!
There are also some other strange connections to 'common purpose'
Which you can read here

and also at the website which appears to be a good resource.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by Loopdaloop

Shock, horrror. The Sun bashing the beeb.

Who owns the Sun?,

who wants to end the beebs domination of British media.

Someone called Rupert, perchance?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by Knobby
reply to post by Loopdaloop

Shock, horrror. The Sun bashing the beeb.

Who owns the Sun?,

who wants to end the beebs domination of British media.

Someone called Rupert, perchance?

They're not actually bashing the BBC, they're saying that the BBC was set up by an organisation run by Sir David Bell that sent them a duffer in order to strengthen the mandate of the Leveson inquiry!

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 11:34 AM
I'm not sure if this is legal on ATS but 'BUMP'!

This deserves far more attention than it's been given here.

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