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Beauty and the Beast

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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 02:45 PM
I put this in the Dreams category because of a reoccurring dream I had for awhile. The brain is the organ they know the least about and some believe dreams to be supernatural and beyond. Life often imitates art and that is the case here, what I mean is the popular series by Konami called Silent Hill. A place resembling purgatory or hell, and like the saying says to hell and back. So let's get started.

A story as old as time, da da daaaaaa , a song as old as rhyme , da da daaaaaa, Beauty and the Beast.

It all started innocently enough in high school as a simple crush. A beautiful young lady who was in my class. She was petite and fragile, I heard that these girls used to make her cry because she was so skinny. A beautiful voice and a self esteem problem, I assume it was a long time ago and I am not sure where I remember that from. Anyway years pass and I still think of her, me just a kid immature and younger than my age out of touch with reality and surely I would never see her again.

And this is where the story gets weird call it jumping through a K-hole in my mind or Journey into the Minds Eye. I saw her again, I was waiting outside of 711 for hours looking up at all the helicopters circling around and felt I had to do something very important. She looked even more beautiful now 6 years after high school. That night when I went home the dreams started. At times she was all alone, the spotlight on her taking center stage . I could hear her talking something soft and cute and flirtatious . She would talk like a cartoon character overly cute and always did something to her voice to make her sound " hot ". A little like Tron Bonne from mega man legends. So this went on night after night and eventually became normal, at night I would look forward to her singing me to sleep.

So months and even years pass and I would still see her in my dreams. At times I was walking around in the dark, and I would hear her calling out to me, and I would always be chasing her. Some of my dreams would take the form of Silent Hill 2 in the dark or a foggy area and the place would look condemned and I would hear her voice guiding me. She was like an angel in this hellish landscape and I had to find her.

I remember this one time I was near a gas station , pacing back and forth not knowing what to do next and I heard this voice say " Jenni, Jenni" like I was Forest Gump or something. This was normal that other interference was at play, after all it was supposed to be like purgatory so there were a lot of persecutory monsters making fun of me. Most of the time it was just her talking over sometimes this headset I had and sometimes I would see her.

Sometimes I would be on the road driving and she would be following me like she was Boba Fett and I was in the Millenium Falcon. Anyway the dreams ended about 9 months ago and I was left in awe of this beautiful girl I thought I was falling in love with. They went on for almost 4 full years and must've looked like an obsession to the outside world. It was sort of comforting whatever was going on in my life that got me down I could always turn to my dreams for relief.

This thread is called Beauty and the Beast, because I was sorta like the Beast in the Disney movie. It was like when Neo looked into the broken mirror and then the mirror healed itself, now imagine that was your mind. Act like savage or wild animal. Anyway the dreams stopped 9 months ago and the girl I don't know how to find her, I wouldn't even know where to look. I saw her a little over a year ago on the 9 th of November but screwed up my chance to talk to her.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 10:01 AM
It got so bad that while it was happening to me I saw a doctor and got medicine prescribed . But since I don't see her anymore I am left with a question , do I stop takin the medication so I can see her again or do I move on with my life?

I know it's just my subconscious playing games with me (or something supernatural) and I don't really have anything else in my life going for me. So do I send myself to sleep and take the blue pill or do I stay awake in the real world and take the red pill?

I quoted Silent Hill 2 because that was sorta an inside joke after awhile when I would see her. In the game James gets a letter from his dead wife asking him to come to Silent Hill, but she has been dead for three years. He goes and discovers the town there is something wrong with it it's deserted and full of hell monsters. He also discovers this town is a place where hell envelopes a town. And he was brought here to be punished. He remembers that he killed his wife after she was dying of a disease like cancer that took its toll on both of them. There is all this crazy symbolism throughout the game, like a baby carriage in an empty pool with a serpent coin inside and this graveyard with his tombstone in an empty grave you have to jump through as your falling through all these holes when you get to a prison that's beneath a lake. The game has three endings and two extra ones. One of him he commits suicide, one he leaves with the kid she was going to adopt and one he leaves with the evil twin of his wife. One of the extra endings is he gathers artifacts found in the town to perform a ceremony to bring her back to life and one joke ending.

So do I take the blue pill and retreat on this twisted romance or do I take the red pill and come back to the real world?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 05:38 PM
That was a marvelous game. I was disappointed with 3 and never gave it a chance after... I did find a gamecube game called Sanity's Requiem that gave me a similar feel. And some Resident Evil games are pretty decent. But nothing has been able to match the spooky factor of SH2... They should have called Silent Hill 3 "Silent Hill: Insane Trilogy... At least then the anagram would have made sense... Then my friends could've asked me if I played the new S.H.I.T., and I could say... Something supremely clever! Oooh yeah! Alllllright!

Hey bro, from one SH2 fan to another... If you went to the Dr. because of the problems it caused you...then, why bring back the problem? Who knows what it might morph into? It could cause you to do something dangerous. It might change based on your state of mind, or chemical balance in your brain.

You don't necessarily have to think of it as "staying asleep" or "going back to reality". You're in reality now. You're reading this and you made this thread that I replied to. You just think that SOME of reality is being hidden from you, and that it will be revealed if you stop your medication...right? Well there will still be tho.Fs hidden from you. We all have mysteries in our lives, and some things may be better hidden from us.

What would be better than having the dream girl, would be having a real girl sing to you. A girl you can introduce to friends and family. So I would focus on finding a real girl and try to impress her with manners, respect, and charming compliments. And maybe a small display of willingness to spend money on her dem time to time would help... Oh, who am I kidding, that is 99% of the whole courting ritual! Hahahaaa....(is he kidding around? I dunno...) And if you ever fart around her, let it slip out quietly, and then without attracting too much attention, breathe it all in quickly with deep breaths before she has a chance to smell it. Cause if one nasty little tendril of your wicked creation reaches her nose... It's pretty much over for you as far as your chances of gettin any tonight buddy. Your best chance at that point is to try to make her laugh and forget about it. What I usually do any time I know I've "screwed up bigtime", is I will give her my I'm-a-little-kid-who-just-got-caught-with-my-hand-in-the-cookie-jar-look and I'll say something outrageous like "so I guess a blowjob's out of the question??" So that takes my mind off of the situation and makes me laugh it off. Oh, wait... I was trying to give you advice on how to take HER mind off of what you did so SHE will laugh... Ummmm, yeah... Sorry, I got nothin... Good luck though!

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:23 PM
Thank you for replying , no one else did
. I played Silent Hill 2 20 times from beginning to end since it came out in 2001. It's my favorite game of all time. I liked it was aimed at older audiences and had mature topics. My memory cards are packed from the PS2 version and I just got the re release on PS3 with better graphics. I used to be in love with that game. When I played Silent Hill shattered memories he looks at a map of Silent hill against a wall or a welcome sign to the town and he said something like " back here again" and I burst out laughing.

I have all of the Resident evil games for GameCube and PS3 they are good but to me nothing compares to Silent Hill . I bought Eternal Darkness sanitys requiem but never got around to playing it. That's a problem for me finishing games or what I started.

I went and got medicine because I was worried , that my dreams were consuming my life. I haven't had a girlfriend for eight years and I am only 29 . It can be depressing at times. I went to the movies with a friend who was a girl kissed her a few times and lots of strip bars. My dreams would be incredibly clear and I would remember them , it wouldn't be every night but I started looking forward to my dreams as escapism from a life that wasn't fulfilling . I saw symbolism in my head with Vanilla sky the movie with Tom Cruise where do you want to wake up and deal with life with all it's imperfections or do you want to stay asleep in a perfect love. I don't know if you saw the movie but at the end of the movie he has to make a choice he became self aware that he was lucid dreaming and a company had put him in this dream because he died he has to leave his wife behind and jump off a building to get out. And sometimes I think don't take the pills just take a swig of liquor and try to fall asleep.

I realized awhile ago she was like a vampire sucking the life out of me and the picture I saw in my head as I was writing take a swig of liquor and fall asleep I saw Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky when he is downing all those pills to OD to put himself in the lucid dream. It's just been a very strange personal journey for a few years asking myself some serious questions and seeing with my own eyes something few of the population see my own mind communicating with me and giving me what I want.

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