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Politicians and elections all over the world.

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posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 02:54 AM
No matter what country you live in, whether its the UK, US, Israel or even Narnia ( I know its not a real country), over the years it has become abundantly clear to all of us to such an extent that we now simply argue for no reason.
Politicians at election time become not world leaders, not paragons of virtue, not even politicians, they simply become world class used car salemen.
All the politicians around the globe have a job to do, some do it well ( although not for the people most of the time) some do it poorly ( most of them once they get their foot in the door and their noses in the trough) but as soon as elections come around you watch them sing and dance to the publics delight.
They confuse you with big words, complex syntax and sentences, graphs, charts and all manner of colourful paraphenalia to tell you how great they are, and how much better off you'll be with them rather that the 'other guy'.

Once they get the feet under that table you watch them reneg on their pre-election promises ( Obama's Guantanamo bay anyone?), and once the election is over we, the 'voting' public get to go back to our docile grumblings, car salesmen do the same once they have your ,money, aftersales service is not their concern. You have a problem? your machine not working? call our service hotline and book an appointment is what they'll say, and what do we do about it? nothing we'll dutifully telephone the helpdesk number and wait in line for someone to answer it, how long do you have to wait before you hang up and try again?
Having seen personally the backrooms to both worlds I can say that once the spotlight is off them, the veneer of civility and honesty is shed like an unclean snakeskin and the true unpleasentness is once again the norm.

At least with used car salesmen you can go to their shop and confront them, you have power to either change their ways or if its bad enought to totally ruin their business. but with politicians you have no such luxury, as most if not all surround themselves with bodyguards, security forces, fences, walls, and police and most importantly LAWS.

Laws they make to ensure they have dominion over man, look at laws these days, laws are made to make you out to be a terrorist should you even think about dissentling from government doctrine, you are told what to think, what to buy, how to live, and then they come along and tell you how to vote ( not that voting is accountable, honest or trustworthy anymore), and you and I lap it up if we get a freeby. whether its a phone or lunchvouchers.

Laws are mad by those that have, to protect those that have from those that have not.

We have to abide by them, but they do not do they?

How many poor ( by choice ) politicians are there? in the UK 99.9% of them are multimillionaires and the 0.1% is close to it, they don't have to live in the real world like the rest of us, moiney is of no consequence to them, they know its not real but still they lust after it, feathering their own nests so to speak.

And the US elections showed the people exactly what can be done about putting real men in power, nothing.
Stories abound the web of vote machine rigging, corruption, affairs but still we all vote for the one that shows us the brighter lights, plays on our heart strings the most, the one that has the loudest voice, the one with the most cash for advertising. And still we enjoy the spectacle don't we?.

So what we all going to do? nothing as theres a new show on TV, and a new Iphone to buy, a new pizza to try, and a new get rich quick scheme to believe in.

Even not voting is letting them win, I have heard quite a few people say "I didn't vote as it wouldn't make much difference", I have heard people argue with them saying "You didn't vote, I did and its still the same mess", and I have even heard " You didn't vote, you should have after all that what your grandparents, and forefathers fought to give you the right to do" and even the " Voters who dont vote get what they ask for" line.

The only REAL options we truly have right now is one of two things

1] bring ourselves down to the polticians levels and forcibly remove them from their plush offices therefore ensuring that lives are lost in conflict? with possible lynchings? not a good idea but one some are seriously thinking about ( these 'terrorists' accroding to the politicians get everywhere right?)

2] protest enmasse outside governments headquarters around the world, forcibly getting into and occupying them and MAKING politicians accountable to the people they serve. Making them more like the people they have been placed into power by, and less like the corporations they are paid by, making them have a set wage, no claims to expenses, easily dismissed from their jobs like the rest of us are, not allowing them or their families to accept donations, gifts of any variety , jobs on boards/councils or directorships of corporations or even cash from corporations. THEN they will be living in the real world like the rest of us, and maybe we can get to putting the world right and mature as a society.


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