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Microbullets reveal material strengths

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by ChesterJohn

Originally posted by Philippines
Pretty cool stuff, and scary at the same time. It reminds me of the Indian in the Cupboard book series with micro bullets from small animated plastic military soldiers.Great find, thanks!

It is fascinating to see this kind of thinking going on and I'm sure given the resources and knowledge, anyone of us would probably enjoy "playing", er, experimenting on this scientific hypothesis.

Point aside, it's sad to see that this type of knowledge is being entertained. Fun and all for the ones involved, but of what value is the research, to whom, and to what ends would the knowledge be applied and for what future potential purpose? (Edit, ok yes I realized space travel shielding, but I am talking about Earth applications as they would probably be used more frequently on Earth than space.)
edit on 16-11-2012 by Philippines because: ETA: remembered space applications as edit shows =)

It would help in car panels in an accident it can absorb large amount of impact force and stop the damage to the car and its occupants. Also airplanes, trains, trucks just general transportation. Surfboards, parachutes, hunting vests. Oh here's a good one sports and military helmets. bullet proof street signs or how about baseball bat proof mail boxes. High rise building windows.

I was wondering what the largest size bullet would be. did they stop and 9mm? did they try 50cal? using it as coatings or as whole pieces.

I can't wait to see what the many applications this product will be used for.

Great ideas for applications.

Is there any idea on if it has any tear-resistant properties, and any fire-resistance? This could make an excellent camping tarp if it doesn't tear easy and resists burning embers that may fall on it.

Also I'm not sure I saw anything about a potential cost for this material, which in today's economic environment is a huge factor of coming to market.

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